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Ram Tough 200 Saturday Quotebook MADISON, Ill. (Sept. 19, 1998) Quotes from selected drivers following Saturday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Ram Tough 200 presented by Pepsi at Gateway International Raceway: RICK CARELLI No. 6 RE/MAX...

Ram Tough 200 Saturday Quotebook

MADISON, Ill. (Sept. 19, 1998) Quotes from selected drivers following Saturday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Ram Tough 200 presented by Pepsi at Gateway International Raceway:

RICK CARELLI No. 6 RE/MAX International Chevrolet "We had a great truck and we made the adjustments and made some calls in the pits. We talked earlier about going with just two tires -- we made two tires 'cause we knew we'd be tight. We made adjustments and I'll tell you what, the RE/MAX Chevrolet was great and my Goodyears were great. I found a line in one and two that I don't think anyone else had found. I knew if I went in the middle the truck would be great coming off the corner.

"Hornaday raced me clean and all them raced clean all day. You just don't know how good this feels to win. You know, I've been kicked and I've been called balloon foot can't drive and all this other stuff, but I'll tell you, I know how to drive these things and I've just been in a deep freeze or whatever. You're going to see this Chevrolet up front the rest of the year."

RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet "If it had been anybody but Rick Carelli, I'da got 'im sideways to get past. He had a great truck today. I didn't wait too long to make my move there at the end. Fred Graves has this NAPA Chevy set up for long runs. When we'd put tires on it, it was unbelievable. Excuse me, I gotta go congratulate Rick. He had an awesome run."

JAY SAUTER No. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet "This Chevy truck and the Richard Childress crew were great all day. Track position was key to winning this race and my hat's off to Rick Carelli. We made a good run at them but when Hornaday tucked up behind me and got behind me, I got a little sideways and he got by me. I gave it all I had. I'll take third and go on down the road to Martinsville."

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 GMAC Financial Chevrolet "It wasn't bad. The Team GMAC Chevrolet ran pretty good. I didn't need that last yellow. I think we might have had this one if that wouldn't have come out. "The truck's full of oil. I don't know when we lost something in the motor or rear end. It did it fairly early and the truck vibrated something terribly bad all day. I guess fourth was a present."

TOM HUBERT No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford "I can't thank this Phelon Motorsports team enough for this opportunity. I've got the road race specialist name on me, and hopefully this will show I can turn left all day, even if I did turn right a couple of times. It was an awesome race truck. These guys did one heck of a job for not knowing what I like, and getting it figured out and giving me what I want and great pit stops. Emory Donaldson, Dale Phelon and everybody on the whole team did a great job."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Dodge "This morning we practiced 23rd -- that's 22 trucks faster than us on the track. So it really didn't look good. Even so, underneath I was hoping for a top-10 -- but to finish sixth was more than I could dream for. We knew we had to run all day, cause that's about all we could do, stay out of trouble and wait for the race to come back to us. It was a long race -- we got in a bump or two but generally stayed clean -- we were running pretty decent at the end. "The main thing is that we got another good finish and a bunch of points. Both Stacy (Compton) and Tony (Raines) had trouble. We're still seventh in the points race, but only three points out of sixth. I'm looking forward to Martinsville next week. That's home! I can sleep in my own bed and I can drive the track with my eyes closed."

RICK CRAWFORD No. 14 Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford "I run all day and made up one spot. I started eighth and finished seventh. I didn't know I had to work that hard for $500. The crew did an excellent job today with the Circle Bar RV F-150. This is the Texas truck with the lone star on the hood, and my favorite truck. Here we go again with it. Another top-10 finish. You never can tell. Some of those guys may back up in the points while it looks like we're going forward."

MIKE WALLACE No. 52 Purolator PureONE Chevrolet "We struggled with performance all day. The No. 52 PureOne race team keept us in the race all day with their pit stops. They were awesome in the pits today. We got another top-10 finish and moved up in points."

BRYAN REFFNER No. 84 Porter-Cable Power Tools Ford "I thought I was going to have Scot (Walters) on the last lap. I had him beat. I went into Turn 3 just a little too hard. I had to get on the brakes hard. I was going to slide up, and I didn't want to make contact and have something awful happen on the last corner. So I just broke it down so I could hold my own line. For having a flat tire we did okay. I haven't had enough flat tires with these inner liners to really realize what was going on. For coming from all the way back, I'm really happy with it. I'll take that. Everybody ran clean and stayed out of trouble. That was probably the key thing today, and we accomplished it."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford "We had a right front go down, and that got us behind. Probably what hurt truly more than anything else was not being able to get that lap back. I thought we made up the lap legitimately, and then to have it taken back. I'd run 20 laps against those guys, and given Sprague a free pass when he asked for it. That's what probably what hurt the most. I could have stayed in there and blocked, and then I would have been in a position to get my lap back. Sprague was running for the win, and I didn't want to interfere with the race. Being a good sport kept me a lap down."

GREG BIFFLE No. 50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford "We got a flat tire first off. We were running okay. The guys were doing a good job. We had a good pit stop. We got a flat tire, got a lap down, and the truck started loosening up a little bit. We made some changes to the wing and did some track bar adjustments and just couldn't get it to come around the way I wanted it. I couldn't get back in the lead lap. Carelli got me sideways back there, and I hit the wall, and that screwed up the aero package. It just started going down hill from there. The Grainger Ford was awesome when I was out front, and the guys did a great job on pit stops. We'll pick up the pieces and go to Martinsville."

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