Fountain: Greg Biffle snaps losing streak

By: Owen Kearns Jr. FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Greg Biffle led a one-two sweep for Roush Racing, breaking an 11-race victory drought in the process as he stormed to an emphatic win in Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 200 at...

By: Owen Kearns Jr.

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Greg Biffle led a one-two sweep for Roush Racing, breaking an 11-race victory drought in the process as he stormed to an emphatic win in Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 200 at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Starting third, Biffle dominated the 200-mile race, leading 170 of the 200 laps around the one-mile superspeedway. His Grainger Ford took the lead for good on the 150th lap passing Randy Tolsma's CITGO SUPERGARD Dodge in heavy traffic at the start-finish stripe. Teammate Kurt Busch, at the helm of the Exide Batteries Ford, followed Biffle around Tolsma to take second. He cut the margin to less than a second with 16 laps remaining but Biffle - using a set-up he "borrowed" from Busch's team - effortlessly stepped up the pace and extended the final margin of victory to 4.281 seconds. Five caution periods held Biffle's winning average speed to 99.778 mph, although it was a record for the first, 200-lap event the series has run at PPIR . He won $46,235 for his 10th victory on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Biffle's last win came Sept. 24, 1999 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Busch, the series rookie-of-the-year leader, finished second for the third time in the season's nine events. Pole starter Andy Houston, whose CAT Rental Stores Chevrolet led the race's first six laps, finished third. Jack Sprague, with owner Rick Hendrick in attendance, pushed the GMAC Financial Services Chevrolet to fourth-place despite spotting the field an extra pit stop He was trailed to the line by Dennis Setzer's Mopar Performance Dodge. Ricky Hendrick, Sprague's teammate and the owner's son, finished sixth in his series debut. Randy Renfrow, Bryan Reffner, Scott Riggs and Marty Houston completed the top-10. Sprague, whose eighth consecutive top-five finish matched a series record, moved into the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series point lead for the first time in 2000. The defending and two-time champion holds a 56-point lead over former leader Mike Wallace, who had entered the race with a 40- point advantage. Wallace had a disastrous afternoon, dropping out after 53 laps after making an unscheduled pit stop for a flat tire then hitting the Turn 2 wall to trigger the race's second caution. His Team ASE Racing Ford logged its first DNF of the campaign and finished 33rd in a field of 35 drivers. "I think this track really owed me one," said Biffle who had a truck capable of winning last year's race before breaking a transmission. "I knew we were getting close to this win and it's really a relief - not really to the team but it relieves some of the emphasis the media has put on the fact that we haven't won." Biffle, the season's sixth different winner, moved up two positions in the points - fifth to third - and trails leader Sprague by 72 points. Tire wear proved to be the story of the race as teams wore out right side tires and suffered flats. The latter ended Wallace's day early, three times struck Joe Ruttman, knocked out Steve Grissom five laps short of the checkered flag and deprived top-five qualifier Rob Morgan of his first top-10 finish of the season. Biffle, Busch and the other leading finishers drove a conservative pace but Tolsma, who looked like a possible winner at one juncture, faded in the waning laps to finish 12th - the next-to-final driver to complete all 200 laps. "It is sad that we have to take chances with tires and overshadow how the truck actually performs," complained Tolsma. "Greg Biffle had a great truck all day but so did we and I don't think the people got to see two great trucks race for the win." Sprague made the biggest move at the end, pitting for left side tires during a lap 156 caution, then raced back into fourth-place. There were four lead changes among three drivers, racing before the largest crowd to witness a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event at the Colorado Springs-area venue. Next event is the June 3 Sears 200 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash. <pre> The results: Bud Pole Award - Andy Houston, Chevrolet, 26.978 seconds, 133.442 mph (record, old, Mike Bliss, 1999, 132.827 mph 200 (200 laps) - 1. (3)Greg Biffle, Ford, 200, 99.778 mph, $46,235; 2. (7)Kurt Busch, Ford, 200, $30,725; 3. (1)Andy Houston, Chevrolet, 200, $21,755; 4. (6)Jack Sprague, Chevrolet, 200, $13,550; 5. (9)Dennis Setzer, Dodge, 200, $14,130; 6. (11)Ricky Hendrick, Chevrolet, 200, $9,700; 7. (16)Randy Renfrow, Dodge, 200, $11,050; 8. (8)Bryan Reffner, Chevrolet, 200, $11,050; 9. (17)Scott Riggs, Dodge, 200, $9,625; 10. (32)Marty Houston, Chevrolet, 200, $11,575; 11. (22)Jimmy Hensley, Chevrolet, 200, $10,525; 12. (2)Randy Tolsma, Dodge, 200, $10,190; 13. (12)Rick Crawford, Ford, 199, $10,115; 14. (5)B.A. Wilson, Chevrolet, 199, $10,065; 15. (26)Randy MacDonald, Chevrolet, 199, $10,315; 16. (25)Chris Horn, Chevrolet, 198, $8,940; 17. (21)Terry Cook, Chevrolet, 198, $9,890; 18. (19)Jim Inglebright, Chevrolet, 198, $8,840; 19. (29)Coy Gibbs, Chevrolet, 197, $8,790; 20. (10)Rick Carelli, Ford, 196, $8,990; 21. (18)Steve Grissom, Dodge, 195, accident, $9,715; 22. (14)Joe Ruttman, Dodge, 195, $9,690; 23. (27)Ryan McGlynn, Chevrolet, 192, $8,665; 24. (30)Andy Genzman, Ford, 192, $8,640; 25. (31)Wayne Edwards, Chevrolet, 189, $8,615; 26. (23)Lance Norick, Chevrolet, 185, engine, $9,590; 27. (20)Lance Hooper, Ford, 184, engine, $8,565; 28. (4)Rob Morgan, Ford, 178, $9,540; 29. (34)Billy Kann, Chevrolet, 168, $8,490; 30. (13)Carlos Contreras, Dodge, 134, accident, $9,465; 31. (28)Rick Ware, Chevrolet, 132, engine, $8,440; 32. (24)Jamie McMurray, Ford, 82, engine, $8,415; 33. (15)Mike Wallace, Ford, 53, accident, $9,390; 34. (35)Bobby Hillis, Chevrolet, 47, carburetor, $8,365; 35. (33)Phil Bonifield, Chevrolet, 31, handling, $8,340 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series standings - 1. Jack Sprague 1,434; 2. Mike Wallace 1,378; 3. Greg Biffle 1,362; 4. Andy Houston 1,353; 5. Steve Grissom 1,282; 6. Dennis Setzer 1,281; 7. Kurt Busch 1,276; 8. Joe Ruttman 1,191; 9. Jimmy Hensley 1,165; 10. Rick Crawford 1,153

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