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Terry Cook was involved in a single-truck incident early in this afternoon's first practice session, the apparent cause of an oil leak on the No. 29 Ford. Cook scraped the wall in Turn 2 and rode along the outside wall creating enough right-side...

Terry Cook was involved in a single-truck incident early in this afternoon's first practice session, the apparent cause of an oil leak on the No. 29 Ford. Cook scraped the wall in Turn 2 and rode along the outside wall creating enough right-side damage to force the team to bring out the back-up truck.

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150

WHAT HAPPENED? "Something broke. We're not sure if it was an oil line or what. We were just getting up to speed and going into Turn 1, fluid got on the tires and the truck wouldn't turn and that put us into the wall. We fired the truck up when we got it back in the garage, but we couldn't find a leak, but, obviously, there's oil everywhere. We'll just have to get the back-up truck ready to qualify and race."

WHAT TRUCK WAS INVOLVED IN THE INCIDENT? "That was Bob, the same truck we raced at Daytona. We took it to Michigan a couple of week's ago for a manufacturer's test and we were really excited about racing it here this weekend. Now, we had to unload Lucky Dog, the truck we won with at Gateway. It has a little too much downforce for a track like this, but we'll find out soon enough if it lives up to its name."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Qualified 18th)

CONSIDERING THE FACT YOU ONLY HAD A FEW HOURS TO GET THE BACK-UP TRUCK RACE-READY, WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN? "We're in the show and that's the important thing at this points. We're definitely a little disappointed about the qualifying effort, though. We ran faster with a wore out motor and not enough gear in it. To come right back at it, we didn't change anything chassis-wise and put a brand-new motor in it and changed the gear and went slower. About the only thing we may have done differently, we went out on sticker tires, and I'm thinking at this point, maybe the scuff tires would have been the better way to go. The sticker tires had too much grip. I held it flat on the floor for two laps. It didn't have any more; it was wide open for two laps in a row. To run that speed, it just wasn't what we wanted. My guess is that the sticker tires probably had too much grip, where we needed to be on scuffs at this point."

YOU MENTIONED EARLIER THAT THIS TRUCK HAD MORE DRAG THAN YOU WOULD LIKE. WHAT CAN YOU DO BETWEEN NOW AND THE RACE TOMORROW TO TAKE AWAY SOME OF THAT DRAG? "About all we're probably going to be able to do is we're going to be able to pull the front fenders in a little bit. This truck makes a tremendous amount of front downforce. Again, that's why we run on the flat, one-mile tracks. We need to trim out a little bit of front downforce and try to add a little bit of rear to come up with a little better balance. Hopefully we'll be able to do that, just by working on the front fenders a little bit before race time. And, again, I think that's a product of qualifying slower, but racing very well. If we get out through the draft and these guys start losing their tires, we're still going to have a ton of downforce, giving us grip. We'll have to wait and see when the race plays itself out, but I think we'll be pretty good for the race."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Qualified 9th)

"We're the quickest Ford here and we're ninth? I can't say how I feel about that. We'll have to let it settle down over at the tech trailer and then I'll ask Mr. Auton if he's pleased with the way things stack up against the Fords right now. I said it from the beginning of the year, I wasn't go to sit around like I did last year. The only thing the Dodges haven't done that they did last year was win the first sixth races. At least they had some problems at some tracks that allowed the Chevrolets and Terry (Cook) to win three of the first sixth. Anyway, it was a good lap, I guess. It was the quickest lap we made today. We were the best Ford here, but I want to win. I'd like to be in class among the Chevys and the Dodges, much less the Ford camp. My team puts out the best Ford week-in and week-out; it's a shame we're doing the best we can and can't win. It's disheartening."

JON WOOD-50-U.S. Navy Racing Ford F-150 (Qualified 12th)

"It felt like a good lap, but it just wasn't fast. I think we're a lot better in race trim than we are in qualifying anyway, so we'll just get what we can get right and I guess that will be about it."

YOU RACED HERE ONCE LAST SEASON, ONE OF THE FEW TRACKS WHERE YOU HAVE PREVIOUS RACING EXPERIENCE. HOW HAS THAT AFFECTED YOUR COMFORT LEVEL? "I'm really glad that I was able to race here last year after they re-paved the track. I like these mile-and-a-half tracks, and to have raced here before, it was a lot easier to unload and know what to expect. The track hasn't changed much since last year, so we didn't need to spend most of the practice session trying to get used to the track. We just need to figure out how to pick up more speed because the truck is handling great. All in all, it wasn't bad."

YOU HAD AN EARLY QUALIFYING DRAW TODAY. HOW MUCH OF A DISADVANTAGE WAS THAT? "I definitely think that you're going to see the guys that go out later have an advantage. It's starting to cool off right now, and that will only help the guys that go later. Even if we had a late draw, I don't think it would have helped us close the gap to the Dodges. They're running half-a-second faster even before the temperature cools down."

TRENT OWENS-15-Dickies Ford F-150 (Qualified 25th)

"I just didn't have the speed for some reason. We didn't back up our practice speed, that's for sure. We were 12th quick in practice and I thought that we could run that pretty comfortably. I don't what happened. The truck ran good, but the time didn't show it."

THE TEAM ANNOUNCED EARLIER IN THE WEEK THE APPOINTMENT OF BILLY RHINE AS THE NEW CHIEF. HAS THAT CHANGE HAD ANY IMMEDIATE IMPACTS? "It's working pretty good right now. With anything, you have to give it time. I like all the personnel in place, and I think the communication gaps have been closed somewhat, but I'm disappointed with qualifying today."

YOU'RE A ROOKIE IN THE SERIES, BUT YOU RACED AT THIS EVENT LAST YEAR. "This will by my second truck race here. I raced here before they re-paved it, and the track has gotten easier to drive now. I raced it when it was more difficult, but I need to figure out why we didn't qualify well, and then we can move forward."


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