Fort Worth: Dodge Motorsports qualifying quotes

ROBERT PRESSLEY (No. 18 Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram) NOTE: Pressley will start third in Friday's O'Reilly 400 -- tying the career-high qualifying position that he earned at Darlington "We picked up about six-tenths, I think. The truck in...

ROBERT PRESSLEY (No. 18 Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram)

NOTE: Pressley will start third in Friday's O'Reilly 400 -- tying the career-high qualifying position that he earned at Darlington

"We picked up about six-tenths, I think. The truck in front of us blew an engine and dropped some oil out on the track. Although I think I slowed down and actually went faster. It scared me qualifying, usually I'm about 10th or 11th. In third place, heck, I'm excited."

"Well, we never got to run a clean lap out there in practice, so we really didn't know we had out here. But, if that guy before us didn't blow, I think we really would've had something for Leffler. Our first lap should've been the good one. On that second lap we were just holding on.

"I like to go out there and race, and it seems like right now we're going to be running wide-open. My experience in the Winston Cup is that every time you're wide-open or close to it, you're just following the leader. You just sit right there at the mercy of somebody else. You're hoping somebody makes a mistake so you can pass them. The aero is just so important. I think you're going to see that tomorrow night - a lot of aero push.

"I believe that if these blades are going to do what NASCAR wants them to do and bunch the field up, it will be a good race. The second groove has already come in. I've gotten out of the groove a couple times there making qualifying runs, and it's good and tacky up there. So it might be that we can run side-by-side, and if we can run side-by-side running wide-open here it's going to be one heck of a race.

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Performance Parts Dodge Ram) -- Qualified fourth

"We're just focusing on the race each and every week now, but it all depends. My teammate had a nice time to go out. We thought early would be bad, but it wasn't. There was cloud cover, and it was a little cool. After he ran, a few more trucks later the sunshine came out and cooked the race track on us. The racetrack was a little slick. It's very temperature-sensitive with the sunshine. But that's all we had for right now.

"It's hard to say how the track has changed from last year, because the Dodge Ram has a whole different body style and there are a lot of things different like the different tires we're running this year. It'll be all right, though. It'll make for some good racing tomorrow.

BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 62 NAPA Auto Parts Dodge Ram) -- Qualified 10th

"The NAPA Dodge gang has been struggling in qualifying this year, and two races in a row now we've picked up some speed. The Dodge we've got here has got a lot of tunnel time on it, so we knew we had a good piece here. The guys made it stick great, so we couldn't be happier. We knew we weren't a threat for the pole, but we're happy to stay in the top-10.

"We finished second year last year, and we know this Dodge is going to be a heck of a truck tomorrow, so the whole team confidence is going through the roof at this point. It helps knowing that our Dodge is working when we show up, and except for when we've bitten ourselves in the butt a little bit, we've had pretty solid runs."

LANCE HOOPER (No. Diamond Cut Jeans/ Dodge Ram)

"The track was fast. Every time we go out, we pick up a little here and a little there. So, every time we go out I'm looking forward to get out there and pick up a little more time. We've got a really good race truck, so we'll see. The truck feels good. It's running real stable."

CARLOS CONTRERAS (No. 43 Hot Wheels Dodge Ram)

"We were loose all day, and with this spoiler we should be tight. We're trying to find the problem in the springs and shocks, but I don't like being this loose. I think we've found a good setup for the race, just not for qualifying. We think we'll be okay for the race."


"We had a good qualifying run. Before the run the track clouded over cooling the track by 10 degrees, and the truck got pretty loose. I missed my goal of qualifying in the top 15 by two spots. My race day goal is to get the truck into the top 15 and run consistently there in a position to charge toward the top 10 toward the end of the race."

DONNIE NEUENBERGER (No. 81 IHOP / Simply Gourmet Dodge Ram)

"We had two plug wires burn out right on the warm up lap. We basically made the whole qualifying run on 6 and ½ cylinders. All things considered, the lap we turned in the qualifying run was not too bad. I'm looking for better things come race day, and with a truck running the full 8 cylinders I'm in a good position to pick up the hard charger award.


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