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September 6, 2001 Richmond International Raceway JON WOOD-50-Eldon Ford F-150 (Finished 13th) - "We're getting there. We struggled tonight, but we were very fortunate to finish where we did. My crew chief Dan Binks fought the truck all...

September 6, 2001 Richmond International Raceway

JON WOOD-50-Eldon Ford F-150 (Finished 13th) - "We're getting there. We struggled tonight, but we were very fortunate to finish where we did. My crew chief Dan Binks fought the truck all day and really got it good near the end. It's tough coming here as a rookie and that's a disadvantage that we have. Jack (Roush) was just telling me a few minutes ago that it takes three complete years to get good and that's six times at each track, so I'm glad that he looked at it like that. The truck came home in one piece and I think we'll have something for those boys up front at Texas."

THIS TRACK ISN'T TOO FAR FROM HOME AND YOU HAD ELLIOTT SADLER RUNNING IN THIS RACE. HOW SPECIAL WAS THAT? "I'm just glad I beat him (laughs). This is the second year in a row that he has had car problems when he was going to end up with a good finish."

HOW WERE THE TRACK CONDITIONS? "It was the same all night and pretty close to the way it was this afternoon. I hope you Busch guys paid attention."

KYLE BUSCH-99-Eldon Ford F-150 (Finished 22nd)
DID JACK ROUSH GIVE YOU SOME ENCOURAGING WORDS AFTER TONIGHT'S RACE? "It's an old, slick race track. It was a pretty fun race. I had a lot of fun driving it even though we didn't do so well. I think we could have finished in the top 10 easy if we stayed on the lead lap and I didn't have that early spin. The truck only came back with a few scratches, and we'll try to come back more prepared next year."

WHAT HAPPENED TO CAUSE THAT EARLY SPIN? "I was coming up on a slower truck and Tom Carey was on the outside and I got into him and didn't want to turn him into the lapped truck and then cause a big pileup, so I thought I had it saved and it woke up the polar bear too much in the back trunk. It went around and couldn't get it fired up quick enough, so we went a lap down and that's when our whole night started right there."

DO YOU THINK YOU EARNED A CHANCE TO RACE AT TEXAS? "I wouldn't say that we did good enough in our eyes, but we managed to stay out of major trouble and come him in one piece. We'll have to see what they say."

WAS IT INTIMIDATING HAVING ALL OF THOSE CUP DRIVERS IN THE RACE? "I got a little rubbed on the 4 of Bobby Hamilton. He just about turned me in 1 and that woke me up a little bit, but we had a lot of fun racing with them. Kevin Harvick was on the lead lap for a long time and Bobby Hamilton. I never got to race side-by-side with many of them, but hopefully we'll have this truck ready for the next time we come here."

JACK ROUSH, Owner-Roush Racing- "I guess this was a little bit of a humbling experience for us. We didn't run quite as good as we had thought we were able to based on the way we we've running. This is a hard place; it will be hit and miss with the guys seeing that they're not familiar with the tracks. We had a good event. We went all the laps minus being lapped a little, and it's a building race and we'll be ready to come back in the spring and hopefully do better. It takes a while to get a handle on these short tracks, but we got as much as we might have."

last week and I got some encouragement.  We'll se what happens."

ELLIOTT SADLER-84-Motorcraft Ford F-150 (Finished 30th) - "I think we had a top-five truck easy. We got behind some slow traffic that one time and lost a lot of track position. But our brakes drug the entire race and you can't race like that. We made some changes before the race the our brakes drug the whole entire time and that killed us."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford F-150 (Finished 5th)
YOU MADE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE FIELD EARLY IN THE RACE. "We had a good truck. We worked really hard on that truck today to get it comfortable for me to drive. It's not a brand-new truck, but you can consider it that way because it's been a while since we ran it. We used the Milwaukee Sawzall on it to cut it up at one point and Ray Stonkus put this thing back together and it's really sensitive to any of the moves we make on it, the chassis setup and so forth. We had to work hard on it today, but it was a great truck for the race. We gambled and tried to beat the 24 by his strategy and he almost lost it, but I lost it. But, that's another top five and we head to our home track in our home state of Texas for Tom Mitchell and we need to get a win for him."

DID THE GUYS WHO TOOK LEFT-SIDE TIRES HAVE AN ADVANTAGE AT THE END? "Actually, I think I was faster than Sprague through the center of the corner at one time. It made me feel real good and I kept looking in the mirror as the race wore down and the guys who took on left-side tires were catching us. It was just one of those things. I've been beat before by not putting on lefts, and I've been beat before because I've put on left when others didn't."

DID YOU LET HARVICK GO BY AT THE END HOPING THAT HE COULD GET PAST SPRAGUE AND TAKE YOU WITH HIM? "I don't let anybody by. I try to race everybody hard. I raced Sprague hard, Harvick, Setzer, Riggs and Musgrave all night long. No, I might have pulled over and let Booby Hamilton by because he was a couple of laps down and that didn't really matter. I'll just keep the Milwaukee Electric Tool For in one piece, but doggoned, I wish we could have won."

MORGAN SHEPHERD-21-Shepherd Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 21st)
A SOLID FINISH TONIGHT. "Well, we broke our header off right at the start. The head port and that hurt us, but we missed it on the chassis, too. We were big-time loose."

YOU'VE HAD YOUR SHARE OF WINSTON CUP SUCCESS HERE IN THE PAST. DID THAT PAY OFF IN A FIELD WITH SOME YOUNGSTERS? "No, but that's because I wasn't keeping up. We don't have the money to run it with, but we're supposed to have a sponsor coming and we're going to get back to Winston Cup and get back to racing seriously. This isn't any fun racing like this."

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