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Loudon, NH (July 8, 2000)- Lightning can strike twice. Bees can sting twice. Kurt Busch, the rookie-sensation of the Roush Racing "Killer B's" proved it here at New Hampshire International Speedway today by becoming only the second rookie in the...

Loudon, NH (July 8, 2000)- Lightning can strike twice. Bees can sting twice. Kurt Busch, the rookie-sensation of the Roush Racing "Killer B's" proved it here at New Hampshire International Speedway today by becoming only the second rookie in the series to win two-in-a-row. Ironically, the other rookie to accomplish this feat was Kenny Irwin, who was killed in a Winston Cup practice accident here on Friday. Teammate Greg Biffle finished fourth, extending his points lead over Jack Sprague to 142 points. Mike Wallace also looks to be back on the assault as well, finishing second to Busch in a signature NASCAR Craftsman Truck series "Green-White-Checker" finish.

#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Finished 4th)-"We had a really good truck out there today. We were just aero-stuck out there behind the #25 truck. We gave him a break there early in the race and he just wouldn't return the favor. It was unfortunate because I believe that we had a truck that would have run up there with the leaders for the win and that was really tough on us. We got our break there at the end when Wallace and the #99 got sideways. I ran out around the outside there in (turns) 3 & 4. When the #25 saw me out there he ran into the #2 and he ran into me and got me out into the marbles and, you know that's just racing. Everybody was dog-fighting for their position, I just wish that we would have ended up a little bit better. We were a little bit tight out there behind the #25 at the end. We probably had the fastest truck out there at the end of the top-four that crossed the stripe. It was really unfortunate that we got held up for all of those laps but what are you going to do? We are in a points race and unfortunately we have to race kind of conservative. We also have to be conservative on pitstops and just run a good clean race. We knew Jack (Sprague) was out and that we were in a good position to really extend our lead with a good finish so that's what we were shooting for. Fourth isn't really that bad, is it?"

#02 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Finished 2nd)-" It all came down to the final restart. Kurt did a good job of coming down and blocking me through one and two. I got a run on him on the white flag lap and we both came off of two sideways and here come the #25 and the #50 and it's like "Oh my God". From that point on it was just a matter of hanging on. We're really happy with the way the Team ASE Ford F-150 ran today. We were running terrible last week and we didn't run all that well in practice. Then Timmy and the guys made some educated changes and the guys gave me awesome pit stops all day and here we are. I'm sorry to see Jack had some problems early but that allowed us to gain some points on him and get a grip back on the points race. All in all it was a great day for the entire team."


"I think that it's great. It's great for the fans and for the race. I think that it really makes the finishes interesting. No, if Randy (Tolsma) had gotten by me I probably would have told you something completely different. And had I gotten by Kurt (Busch) for the win, I'm sure that my answer would have even been more positive. But all in all I think that it's a great way to finish a race; especially for the fans and that's what we're here for."


"It's kind of a good/bad deal. I really tried to get underneath Kurt on the restart and make him drive too deep into the corner; and he did but he really jumped on the brakes and got the truck slowed down. Then I looked in my mirror and saw what looked like a big black and orange train coming and figured I had better get going. Then Kurt and I both got sideways and I though Biffle was going to get by both of us. Fortunately we were both able to hold on and keep our positions to the checker."

#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Finished 1st)-"Once again, the team did an absolutely awesome job today. Without these guys and this incredible Roush equipment I'd just be another driver. The way these guys get me in and out of the pits really gives me a lot of confidence to just go out there and drive. I can't believe that we have won two-in-a-row. This is just awesome."


"I thought it was one of those NASCAR restart deals but there was a truck in turn two and I had to put it together on the restart. On the restart I struggled a little bit. I slipped two gears and really didn't get a good start at all. I just parked it there in the middle. It's something my teammate taught me. He got bumped out of a win a couple of years ago and I didn't want to let that happen to me."


"I had no idea that I would be this successful this quickly. These are the one's that I had questions in my mind about. We really had an awesome truck both in Milwaukee and here today. I think that it was really help from above. I think that Kenny (Irwin) was up there helping me through today. I probably threw a bunch away today going through that area just thinking about it. There wasn't really any of the fender banging out there for me today until those last two laps. That was just typical short track racing and I'm used to that."

#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Finished 13th)-"We really had a good truck today. I think that we are really on the verge of something great here. Today we just ran out of tires on the long green run. We waited as long as we could for a caution, but it never came and we had to pit under green and it hurt us. Then a caution came out just a few laps later but we had to make a decision weather to wait and potentially tear -up a truck or pit and I think it's always the right decision not to tear up your equipment, so that's what we did. It was just really unfortunate timing for the Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150."

#46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150-(Finished 23rd)-"I think that we really had a good truck today. Getting caught up in the Jack Sprague accident was really unfortunate and put us out of contention after having to fix the truck and go so many laps down. If we can ever shake this bad race luck we'll really be in good shape."

#66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150-(Finished 11th)-"Not a bad run for us today. The truck was pretty good all day and the guys did a good job getting us out of the pits. We're pretty happy with our finish today."

#31 Brevak Racing Ford F-150-(Finished 26th)-"It was a tough weekend. We were really sneaking up on having a good truck. I really enjoyed running in the truck this weekend and we'll see if maybe we can run some more races."

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