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Indianapolis, IN (August 3, 2000) - Qualifying went well for the Ford F-150's as the Roush Racing "Killer B's" qualified second and third with the exact same lap times, with Biffle taking second and Busch taking third based on series points ...

Indianapolis, IN (August 3, 2000) - Qualifying went well for the Ford F-150's as the Roush Racing "Killer B's" qualified second and third with the exact same lap times, with Biffle taking second and Busch taking third based on series points standings. Mike Wallace and teammate Jason Leffler qualified sixth and seventh respectively with Rick Crawford rounding out the top ten for Ford in the eighth position.

The race started out on typical short-track fashion with the bumping and banging starting right out of the box. Rick Crawford was involved in a race-ending wreck on lap 96 while passing slower traffic, but was able to re-enter the race after repairs on lap 138. Rob Morgan, after contact with Kurt Bush on lap 118, hit the wall in turn one ending his night. Jason Leffler's night ended when he made contact with the wall in turn two after an earlier incident caused some damage to the truck.

Once the caution-fest had ended, Mike Wallace was in the fourth position followed closely by the "Killer B's" with Biffle in Fifth and Busch in sixth. Ford now holds the top-three positions in the points race with Biffle in first, Wallace in second, and Busch moving into third.

#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Qualified 2nd/Finished 5th)-"I really think that the pit stop with 75 to go was a good call. The bad call was the chassis adjustment that I made the call on. I went the wrong way. I tightened it up because I thought that the truck was loose. What was really happening was that it was so tight it felt loose. I probably cost us a second place finish tonight, but that's why I'm here, to learn. That way I won't make the same type of mistakes in the future. The guys did a really good job tonight and we're happy with a fifth place finish. We didn't lose any ground to Mike (Wallace) and Kurt moved up to third so it was a good night overall for the Grainger team."

#2 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Qualified 6th/Finished 4th)-"We went down into the pits at that time with nothing to lose so we went down in. I think that it was the right thing to do for us. I thin that the real turning point in the race was when NASCAR didn't open the pits until about the tenth place truck. We really got stuck behind the guys that were able to pit on the first stop and it was hard to race by them. But that's just racing. We are content with fourth. It's another top-five finish for us. We zero'd up with Greg on points but gained some on Andy and Jack so we're pretty happy with tonight. We'll just keep top-five'n 'em and try to be there at the end."

#5 Team ASE/NATEF Ford F-150- (Qualified 7th/Finished 29th)---"I think something in the motor let go and we got tangled up there and we're done for tonight. These trucks are really a blast to drive and I hope that we can come back and do this again some time. It's really unfortunate that the night had to end like this, I was looking forward to a god finish tonight."

#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Qualified 3rd/Finished 6th)-"That's what we have to do is finish races. We lost a little bit on the second place guy but hey we're third in points now and that's the big picture. It was just a little tough. The truck was really inconsistent all night on the long runs. We worked on it the best we could with our limited track time in practice. We worked on it, tinkered with it, and played with it and we're happy with a sixth place finish. We made a few good passes and also a few bad judgement calls, but we're pretty happy with coming home sixth. Big Picture."

#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Qualified 8th/Finished 31st)- "The Milwaukee Electric Tools/ Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 was really running well. The Roush Racing Ford engine was really making good power and we were looking forward to a good finish today. I was lapping some slower trucks and was just trying to give some guys some room. When the slower truck got loose he just landed right in my lap and I had nowhere to go. I think it did some damage to the steering and the radiator, but the team worked really hard to get me back out there to make some laps and get some points. Mike Cheek and all of the guys did a great job today and we really had a good qualifying lap and were running very well. It's really disappointing for the whole team."

#46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150-(Qualified 31st/Finished 30th)-"We were really struggling all day here. The truck was running better than it had all day and even though we were a lap down we were running as quick or quicker than the leaders until I got wrecked. I got hit in the left rear by the #99 truck on the back straight after he got hit in the rear by the #24, but kept the truck in ok shape. Then it just wouldn't turn and I got into the wall in turn one. It's just a rough way to finish what has been a very difficult day. The guys on the team really worked hard today to get the truck better and it was really a struggle. Having to take a provisional to get in the field should give you an idea what kind of day it has been for us. We have really been qualifying well."

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