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TERRY COOK -29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 6th) IT LOOKED LIKE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO FINISH IN THE TOP FIVE. "We were just down on our motor program all day long. I don't know what happened there. The truck was real good, but we were...

TERRY COOK -29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)
IT LOOKED LIKE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO FINISH IN THE TOP FIVE. "We were just down on our motor program all day long. I don't know what happened there. The truck was real good, but we were struggling on the motor all day long. On the last restart, we got a good restart, we went down into 1 and 2 and the truck let up a little bit. It wasn't any worse than it was all day and the 3 truck got a run at us, and just out-drug us down the backstretch. We wanted to win and if you can win you want to finish solidly in the top five. I sound like a repeat from Phoenix. If it would have gone green the whole, we would have had two top-five finishes and that's disappointing. I guess we should be happy we brought it home in one piece and ended the season with a good finish. Hopefully we finish the season in the seventh position in the points and that would be a good way to end the season."

YOU DIDN'T TAKE ANY TIRES ON YOUR FIRST PIT STOP. "It was pretty gutsy, but the tire wear we were was pretty good. The thing we were struggling with was the fact that we were strictly aero tight. I would be by myself and we were pretty good. With clean air on the front nose, we were good and we could get it to turn. We brought a high downforce truck here and we didn't quite have our speedway program together, so we played the cards we were dealt. I think we ran good, but we didn't have enough for the big two-mile speedway."

JON WOOD -50-Eldon Ford F-150 (Finished 3rd)
"Considering where we've been finishing lately, I guess that's a good finish. We had a great truck all day long. We actually messed up on one of our pit stops and it turned out to be good. We were going to pit and then we decided not to, and as it turned out, we pitted with one to go by ourselves and that made it to where we could all the way on gas. That enabled us to have good track position and put us in a position to win at the end. All in all, it was a really good day."

WHAT DOES THIS DO FOR YOUR OUTLOOK NEXT YEAR? "The first thing I look to is trying to find a sponsor. That's our main objective right now. We know we're capable of running good. It's just trying to find money to do this."

YOU WERE THE TOP FINISHING ROOKIE TODAY. THAT'S THE LAST TIME YOU CAN SAY THAT. "That's something good, but the only unfortunate thing is that we don't have another race for me to take the award on the stage before the race."

DID THE TEAMMATE SWITCH HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOUR TEAM THIS WEEKEND? "It's an unfortunate deal for Kyle, but he would have had as good of a truck as I did and it's really good to run this good." THIS WAS YOUR CAREER-BEST FINISH. "We had a great truck, and for the past couple of weeks, I've felt like I've let the team down. We've had better trucks than where we've been finishing. It's good to end the year this way. It looks on the team and the whole organization. I've got to thank all my guys because we had some outstanding pit stops today."

YOU SAID YOU COULD RUN WITH EVERYBODY, BUT THAT YOU HAD NO ONE HELPING YOU. COULD YOU HAVE GOTTEN TO THE FRONT WITH SOME HELP? "This place is more aero than anything and the top three were pretty even. If there was another truck up there, there could have been a big wreck, that's all I could really say. It was a great race and I look forward to going to Daytona."

RICK CRAWFORD -14-Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford F-150 (Finished 2nd) -
"That was a perfect race for us. We made no mistakes and it was a great Ernie Elliott motor and a great chassis built by Ray Stonkus and the Milwaukee boys. What a way to end the season. I truly believe that we're in a situation where we can be where Jack is this year. What a way to do. My hat's off to my guys; they did a great job in the pits all day."

DID YOU FEEL YOU HAD SOMETHING FOR TED MUSGRAVE ON THE LAST RESTART? "He didn't pull away much. I think if it went a little longer, we might have had something for Ted. But it didn't, and this race was 100 laps long and we finished second."

THIS WAS YOUR SECOND SECOND-PLACE FINISH OF THE SEASON. "We were best in class, but we finished second. It was a perfect race for us, but we just didn't have enough. You're looking at the Dodges in Victory Lane, and they've won the most races this year. Maybe we'll be celebrating there next year. The way we ended the season, there's no doubt in my mind."

TIM WOODS -99-Eldon Ford F-150 (Finished 25th)
YOU WERE MOVING THROUGH THE PACK, BUT CONTACT ON A RESTART HAS PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL. "First of all, there was a restart, and we were coming up the pack pretty good there and some guys checked up in front of me and I don't know what happened, but we got hit from the back and it pretty much ruined our day."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR FIRST EXPERIENCE HERE IN THE TRUCK SERIES? "It was a dream come true and an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I want to thank Mr. Roush and Eldon. Things don't always work out as you like them, but we gave it a good run and we'll be back again hopefully."

DID YOU TURN INTO THE WALL BECAUSE OF CONTACT FORM THE REAR? "Yeah, I think somebody missed a shift in front of us and I checked up, but I got hit." WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE RACING PLANS? "If we can find a major sponsor to come to Mr. Roush and bring him the money to run a full-time truck deal, we'll do that. But if we can't, we'll possibility look at running a few truck races and stay full-time in Winston West."

YOU'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE N THE WINSTON WEST SERIES. TALK ABOUT YOUR GAMEPLAN. "We came here and ran the Winston West race in April, qualified second and finished second, so I think we had a really firm grasp on the track. When we came back here, we were in the top 10 all weekend, in practice and in qualifying. Then in the race, it seemed like the truck was outstanding. It was like everybody else was not even moving. We got to the front pretty quick, and then got in a little scuffle with Riggs. I don't know what happened there, and it's still kind of a touchy subject. Anyway, we had great pit stops; the team did really good in the pits and kept me up front. They did their jobs and we were there at the end."

DID YOU HAVE EXTRA INCENTIVE TODAY? "Unfortunately, we're looking for sponsorship for next year and I think that with the win last week and our top-five finish today, I think that speaks a lot about this team and Roush Racing. That might have put more incentive to run in the top five."

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU TOUCHED RIGGS BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE CLEARED YOU. "I knew he was on the inside because whenever you've got a truck behind you and he pulls out, it's just like somebody pulling you backwards. I knew he pulled out and I looked to the left and saw him coming. I held my ground and I was right at Sprague's door. Then when we came up, he needed to clear to me by three inches, that's all it would have taken, but that's the three inches that cost him the race, I guess. Luckily we weren't in that wreck, and if anything, it helped our chassis because it knocked the left front in and gave us more downforce on the left side and made the truck turn better. I hate to admit that, but it's a good thing to happen."

ARE YOU SET FOR NEXT YEAR? "Yeah, I'm in the 50 truck next and Kyle is in the 99."

YOU'VE HAD SOLID FINISHES ON THE SPEEDWAYS THIS YEAR. "Yeah, if you look at how I finish, it looks like I can run a speedway and lose my head on the short tracks. I don't know what the deal is, but we're going to work on that and try to improve our short-track deal next year. Roush Racing, as a team, is always good on the superspeedways; they just have a good package."

YOU WERE A CONTENDER ALL DAY LONG. "I hope we can be considered a factor in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series; it's a great series to run. Earlier today, after seeing Jon Wood and Travis, the rookie class has brought an education to racing. It's a great group of rookies we have here. But for us, it was a perfect race for the Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford. It's probably been my best year in racing at this level, finishing eighth in the points. We're losing Milwaukee at the end of this year. They're stepping drown from a primary to an associate level, so what a way to end the season."

THIS YEAR'S RACE SEEMED TO HAVE A LOT MORE DRAFTING AND DICING THAN LAST YEAR. WHAT DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR THAT? "I think it's because of the 390 carburetors. With the big carburetors on the truck, you can make the complete pass, and this year you had to use the draft, just like old time Winston Cup. That's the most exciting racing that you'll see. We have blunt front ends and we make a lot of horsepower, so you see good racing out there."

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