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Richmond, VA (September 22, 2000) - The Roush Killer B's finished 1-2 for the fourth time in the 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck series, in a race that featured another classic green-white-checker finish. Rick Crawford claimed the third spot in his...

Richmond, VA (September 22, 2000) - The Roush Killer B's finished 1-2 for the fourth time in the 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck series, in a race that featured another classic green-white-checker finish. Rick Crawford claimed the third spot in his 100th consecutive race in the series, giving Roush engines a 1-2-3 finish here at Dover.

#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Finished 2nd) - "We had the fastest truck here today and I proved it two or three times by passing Wallace without any effort at all. It's real unfortunate that these small things continue to keep us from winning. We had some trouble on that last pitstop and it probably cost us the win. But we're happy with second and we'll go to Texas and see if we can't officially lock this thing up."

#02 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Finished 12th)-"We really had a great truck out there today and were going to be tough to beat. We really hit on the set-up in practice yesterday and the truck was really easy to drive and really fast. I don't really know what happened there with Kurt at the end. Had we not gotten into each other there at the end of the race, I think that it would have been a great finish. I don't think that it would have been my choice on how to win the race, but that's how it goes."

#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Finished 1st)-"Unbelievable. I knew that we had a shot at getting around Mike, but I had to wait for the right time. He was loose off of turn four for about three or four laps before we got into each other. That's not the way I would have chosen to win, but that's racing. We were racing hard every lap. It's unfortunate that the race had to turn out like it did. It's a great win though for all of the guys on the Exide team and we're really happy to get win number three here at Dover."

#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Finished 3rd)- "You've got to say this in the right order now: the pit crew, Jack Roush engines, Milwaukee Electric Tools/ Circle Bar Motel & RV Park, and Ford. It was just an awesome job by this pit crew. I think that this will go a long way toward putting a little higher bounce in our step. These guys were absolutely awesome all weekend."

#66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150 - (Finished 8th) - "It really was a good run for us. We started out way too loose. The guys kept working on it and then when the sun went down it really started to tighten up there at the end. I'm happy though, we made up a lap there at the end and the guys really did a great job in the pits all day. They were the one's that allowed us to run up front all day."

Greg Biffle

It looks like all you have to do is show up in Texas to lock up the championship this year; congratulations.

"We had a really good run for the Grainger Ford today. I'm a little upset because I wanted to have more races this year. We have really just lost a few races this year to little things. We had a bad pitstop in Chicago and then here too and they both probably cost is the win. I think Jack Sprague showed everybody what can happen when you run the right front tire too hard here and I didn't want to risk that. We shredded a tire in Happy hour yesterday and then Kurt did it and destroyed his truck. So we had to be really careful about that in the race, so I didn't want to keep up that pace and risk a tire problem. But I think we clearly had the fastest truck here and I proved that a couple of times on the track by passing Wallace with no problem. It was just one of those races. These guys practice pit stops every day and I feel bad for these guys. We just got a lug nut stuck in the gun and that's what happens. Now all we have to do is take the green flag in Texas and we will lock up the championship. We can't celebrate yet, because I could technically still loose it if I decided to take a vacation right now and just not show up for the last two races, but I think I'll probably be there."

Rick Crawford

"Yeah, it was a great day for the Milwaukee Electric Tools race team. You've got to start with your pit crew first. They gained me about twenty spots and were awesome all day. They did a super job. The Jack Roush engine was awesome today too. I didn't win this race today, but I showed 'em how that thing would run down the straightaway after the race was over. My hat's off to Ray Stonkus. He came in this weekend as a new crewchief and we were awesome all weekend. We have been together for seven years then I lost him for five and now I'm going to see if I can keep him this time."

"All in all I'd like to congratulate Kurt, but to answer your question as if we had any close calls, yeah. In a place like Dover, you've got to be conscious of what's going on around you. You always have something going on out there that could cause a wreck, so you just have to respect the track and the other competitors and everything will work out ok."

Does the controversial finish help the series?

"I think that everyone who was here today will be back to watch us again. I think that a promoter really likes to see some controversy because it creates excitement. When you look down the pit road here you have to realize that these are NASCAR prepared trucks that benefit from all of the technology of the Winston Cup cars and are nearly as fast. They really create some excitement."

Kurt Busch

Describe the race, especially your take on what happened there at the end with Mike Wallace.

"Right there towards the end when we came out of the pits 1-2, we knew it was going to be a dog fight right to the end. I knew it was going to be like that and I asked Chambers to let me know when there was ten to go and I would make a move. I think that we had a better truck. He wasn't able to take any downforce away from me and we could stay up on him. He slipped a few time, I slipped a few times and the end there he slipped a little bit too much coming out of four. He tried to block me low and I went high and he tried to come back up and close the hole. I hated to see that end that way, but I really have to thank my crew for giving me a great truck that gave me the chance to get there for a chance to win. The set-up goes away fast here at the Monster Mile and I think that if I were able to get by him, I don't think that he could have been able to keep up with me. We started from the back of the pack and took the $10,000 from Craftsman, I think that there should be an extra $10,000 bonus for that. The guys really did an awesome job."

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