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</pre> Dearborn, MI (October 3, 2000)- With yet another 1-2-3 sweep the inaugural race at Dover Downs International Raceway, the teams and drivers of the Ford F-150's in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series confirmed what everyone knew was a...


Dearborn, MI (October 3, 2000)- With yet another 1-2-3 sweep the inaugural race at Dover Downs International Raceway, the teams and drivers of the Ford F-150's in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series confirmed what everyone knew was a dominant 2000 season. The win at Dover solidified the 2000 Manufacturers Championship for Ford, the world's largest manufacturer of trucks, and also made strides toward clinching a 1-2-3 finish for Ford F-150 drivers Greg Biffle, Mike Wallace, and Kurt Busch.

Leading second place Mike Wallace by 290 points and having only to finish 27th or better at Texas, points leader Greg Biffle in the #50 Grainger Ford F-150 looks to have the 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck championship in the bag. But, after last year's finish, you can bet that it will take NASCAR and the world to assure him that it's over before it's time to celebrate. Coming off of a second place finish at Dover, you can bet that Greg will do whatever it takes to leave Texas as the champion.

Roush teammate and fellow "Killer B" Kurt Busch is also making a run for the top. Coming off of a win from the pole at Dover, Kurt finds himself only 37 points behind Mike Wallace. Don't count out a 1-2 Roush finish in points, as Kurt was clearly the fastest truck at Texas in the spring and will surely be the one to beat there next weekend. Kurt has also all but clinched the race for Rookie of the Year; dominating second place Carlos Contreras. Not being one to sit back and watch, Kurt is sure to be running in the front for the remainder of the 2000 NCTS campaign. By the time he races in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series race in Texas on October 13, Kurt will also have his first three Winston Cup races under his belt in the Jack Roush owned #97 Ford Taurus, where he will spend the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup season as the driver.

Not one to be left out, Mike Wallace remains second in the points race, and still has a mathematical chance at catching Biffle for the championship. Wallace clearly dominated the race in Dover leading 167 of 200 laps only to get into a late race incident with Kurt Busch relegating him to a twelfth place finish. Mike and the Team ASE/ Ultra Wheels crew clearly showed that they belong at the top of the points chase, and will look to make any moves possible to keep Biffle from locking up the championship in Texas.

If the race in Dover was any indication of the abilities of the #14 Milwaukee Tools/ Circle Bar Motel & RV Park crew, Rick Crawford and the gang are ready to make a strong run at the top-ten. Rick finished third at Dover giving Roush engines a 1-2-3 sweep and Crawford his best finish of the year in the team's 100th start in the series. Rick is still eleventh in the points race, and having always run strong at Texas will look to stretch the team and the legs of that Roush engine to their limits for the last two races hunting to solidify a top-ten finish for 2000.

Rob Morgan and the #46 Acxiom/ AbiliTec Racing team have been making a slow but steady move into some decent consistency of late. They qualified twelfth at Dover and ran strong the entire race. Bill Ingle and the crew look for a good run at Texas after qualifying on the outside of the front row there in June.

The NASCAR Craftsman Trucks will run race #23 of 24 in the 2000 campaign on Friday, October 13, 2000 at the Texas Motor Speedway. The race will be run at 8pm and televised at on ESPN and broadcast live on MRN Racing Radio worldwide.


#2 - MIKE WALLACE, Team ASE/Ultra Motorsports Ford F-150 Owner: Jim & Marlene Smith Crew Chief: Tim Kohuth

2000 Texas- Qualified 11th; Finished 2nd

2000 Season - 2nd in points...1st at Daytona, 2nd at Homestead, 9th at Phoenix, 1st at Bakersfield, 2nd at Martinsville, 4th at Portland, 7th at Gateway, 4th at Memphis, 33rd at Pikes Peak, 16th at Monroe, 2nd at Texas, 3rd at Kentucky, 4th at Watkins Glen, 22nd at Milwaukee, 2nd at New Hampshire, 10th at Nazareth, 3rd at Michigan, 4th at IRP, 13th at Nashville, 3rd at Chicago, 15th at Richmond, 12th at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 7.68 1999 Season - 25 starts - finished 6th in points with 12 top 5's and 14 top 10 finishes

#14 - RICK CRAWFORD, Milwaukee Electric Tools/ Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 Owner: Tom Mitchell Crew Chief: Ray Stonkus

2000 at Texas- Qualified 12th; Finished 8th

2000 Season - 11th in points...34th at Daytona, 7th at Homestead, 10th at Phoenix, 9th at Bakersfield, 15th at Martinsville, 5th at Portland, 12th at Gateway, 6th at Memphis, 13th at Pikes Peak, 14th at Monroe, 8th at Texas, 10th at Kentucky, 9th at Watkins Glen, 14th at Milwaukee, 13th at New Hampshire, 13th at Nazareth, 7th at Michigan, 31st at IRP, 10th at Nashville, 28th at Chicago, 16th at Richmond, 3rd at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 13.34 1999 Season - 25 Starts - finished 14th in points with 3 top 5's and 10 top 10 finishes

#31 - LARRY GUNSELMAN, Brevak Racing Ford F-150 Owner: Shelly Brevak Crew Chief: Jerry Hand

2000 at Texas- Qualified 26th; Finished 36th (John Young)

2000 Season - 32nd in points...21st at Daytona, 23rd at Homestead, 30th at Phoenix (Sean Woodside driving 1st NCTS Race replacing John Young), 24th at Bakersfield (Sean Woodside), 24th at Martinsville, 10th at Portland, 28th at Gateway, 24th at Memphis, Did not compete at Pikes Peak, 29th at Monroe, 36th at Texas, 27th at Kentucky (Stevie Reeves), Did not compete at Watkins Glen, 30th at Milwaukee (Stevie Reeves), 26th at New Hampshire (Robbie Thompson), Did not Compete at Nazareth. 24th at Michigan, DNQ at IRP, DNQ at Nashville, 32nd at Chicago (Larry Gunselman), 26th at Richmond (Larry Gunselman), DNQ at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 28.03 1999 Season - 25 Starts - finished 16th in points with Kevin Cywinski as driver.

#46 - ROB MORGAN, Acxiom Ford F-150 Owner: David Dollar Crew Chief: Bill Ingle

2000 at Texas- Qualified 2nd; Finished 29th

2000 Season - 18th in points...23rd at Daytona, 35th at Homestead, 12th at Phoenix, 15th at Bakersfield, 21st at Martinsville, 27th at Portland, 19th at Gateway, 22nd at Memphis, 28th at Pikes Peak, 27th at Monroe, 29th at Texas, 8th at Kentucky, 26th at Watkins Glen, 18th at Milwaukee, 23rd at New Hampshire, 16th at Nazareth, 18th at Michigan, 33rd at IRP, 17th at Nashville, 23rd at Chicago, 20th at Richmond, 20th at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 22.06 1999 Season - 25 Starts - 19th in points

#50 - GREG BIFFLE, Grainger Ford F-150 Owner: Jack Roush Crew Chief: Randy Goss

2000 at Texas- Qualified 1st; Finished 1st

2000 Season - 1st in points...11th at Daytona, 5th at Homestead, 5th at Phoenix, 12th at Bakersfield, 14th at Martinsville, 13th at Portland, 4th at Gateway, 2nd at Memphis, 1st at Pikes Peak, 4th at Monroe, 1st at Texas, 1st at Kentucky, 1st at Watkins Glen, 3rd at Milwaukee, 4th at New Hampshire, 3rd at Nazareth, 1st at Michigan, 5th at IRP, 14th at Nashville, 2nd at Chicago, 2nd at Richmond, 2nd at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 5.33 1999 Season - 25 Starts - 2nd in points with 9 wins, 14 top 5's, and 19 top 10 finishes

#66 - RICK CARELLI, Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150 Owner: Dale Phelon Crew Chief: John Monsam

2000 at Texas- Qualified 19th; Finished 31st

2000 Season - 15th in points...7th at Daytona, 34th at Homestead, 26th at Phoenix, 20th at Bakersfield, 33rd at Martinsville, 17th at Portland, 29th at Gateway, 34th at Memphis, 20th at Pikes Peak, 7th at Monroe, 31st at Texas, 7th at Kentucky, 32nd at Watkins Glen, 13th at Milwaukee, 11th at New Hampshire, 8th at Nazareth, 31st at Michigan, 24th at IRP, 23rd at Nashville, 5th at Chicago, 1st at Richmond, 8th at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 19.72 1999 Season - 6 Starts - 33rd in points with 1 win, 1 top 5, and 4 top 10 finishes

#99 - KURT BUSCH*, Exide Batteries Ford F-150 Owner: Jack Roush Crew Chief: Matt Chambers

2000 at Texas- Qualified 5th; Finished 6th

2000 Season - 3rd in points...2nd at Daytona, 9th at Homestead, 4th at Phoenix, 2nd at Bakersfield, 23rd at Martinsville, 11th at Portland, 21st at Gateway, 13th at Memphis, 2nd at Pikes Peak, 5th at Monroe, 6th at Texas, 29th at Kentucky, 2nd at Watkins Glen, 1st at Milwaukee, 1st at New Hampshire, 14th at Nazareth, 2nd at Michigan, 6th at IRP, 12th at Nashville, 19th at Chicago, 3rd at Richmond, 1st at Dover

2000 Average Finish- 8.23 1999 Season - Did Not Compete in NCTS

*- Rookie of the Year Contender



02/18 DAYTONA WALLACE BUSCH Houston Ruttman Defending Champion: Inaugural Event

02/28 HOMESTEAD Houston WALLACE Sprague Ruttman Defending Champion: Mike Wallace

03/18 PHOENIX Ruttman Sprague Houston Ruttman Defending Champion: Ron Hornaday

03/26 MESA MARIN WALLACE BUSCH Sprague WALLACE Defending Champion: Rick Carelli

04/08 MARTINSVILLE Hamilton WALLACE Sprague WALLACE Defending Champion: Jimmy Hensley

04/22 PORTLAND Houston Setzer Sprague BIFFLE Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

05/07 GATEWAY Sprague Hensley Tolsma BIFFLE Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

05/13 MEMPHIS Sprague BIFFLE Setzer Hamilton Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

05/21 PIKES PEAK BIFFLE BUSCH Houston Houston Defending Champion: Mike Wallace

06/03 EVERGREEN Sprague Tolsma Ruttman Ruttman Defending Champion: Ron Hornaday

06/09 TEXAS (1) BIFFLE WALLACE Tolsma BIFFLE Defending Champion: Dennis Setzer

06/17 KENTUCKY BIFFLE Sprague WALLACE Reffner Defending Champion: Inaugural Event

06/24 WATKINS GLEN BIFFLE BUSCH Fellows BIFFLE Defending Champion: Ron Fellows

07/01 MILWAUKEE BUSCH Tolsma BIFFLE BUSCH Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

07/08 LOUDON BUSCH WALLACE Tolsma Ruttman Defending Champion: Dennis Setzer

07/15 NAZARETH Setzer Ruttman BIFFLE Ruttman Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

07/22 MICHIGAN BIFFLE BUSCH WALLACE McMurray Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

08/03 INDIANAPOLIS Ruttman Amick McMurray Ruttman Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

08/12 NASHVILLE Tolsma Grissom CHAFFIN McMurray Defending Champion: Dennis Setzer

08/27 CHICAGO Ruttman BIFFLE WALLACE Ruttman Defending Champion: Inaugural Event

09/07 RICHMOND CARELLI BIFFLE BUSCH BUSCH Defending Champion: Greg Biffle

09/22 DOVER BUSCH BIFFLE CRAWFORD BUSCH Defending Champion: Inaugural Event

10/13 TEXAS (2) Defending Champion: Jay Sauter

10/28 CALIFORNIA Defending Champion: Jack Sprague

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