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Timothy Peters Racing New Dodge in First CA Speedway Race * Timothy Peters will make his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series start in the 200 at California Speedway this Friday in the No. 4 Dodge Motorsports Dodge Ram prepared...

Timothy Peters Racing New Dodge in First CA Speedway Race

* Timothy Peters will make his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series start in the 200 at California Speedway this Friday in the No. 4 Dodge Motorsports Dodge Ram prepared by Bobby Hamilton Racing.

* Peters is coming off of an impressive 12th place finish at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend.

* He currently stands 12th in the NCTS driver's point standings, a scant 8 points out of the top ten.

Timothy Peters on racing at California Speedway for the first time:

"I am pretty optimistic about California this weekend. We are taking a brand new piece there, one that we haven't tested because of the new testing policy. I am just really pumped up about the opportunity that I have this year with this Dodge Motorsports team, not only at California but the whole 25-race season. Even though I haven't raced at California I have at least seen the place. I went there last year to spot for Casey Atwood and I got to watch both Casey and Bobby Hamilton, and I learned from that experience. I watched Bobby and watched the body angle of the truck, how he used the draft to his advantage and how he handled the truck in traffic so all of that was a big help to me. It helps to have a former champion in my corner schooling me here at Bobby Hamilton Racing. I think that once we get there and get the truck up to speed, we will be okay because I have a lot of confidence in this team, this truck and all the support from Dodge Motorsports. I am looking forward to having the chance to win some races this year. All of these guys are pretty pumped up right now and so am I."

His impression of California Speedway's two mile oval: "As far as the racetrack at California, it looks just like Michigan but until I drive it I really couldn't tell you if it drives like Michigan or not. Check back with me in a few days on that. It is a pretty wide open racetrack and the draft plays a big part of the action. I watched Bobby very carefully there last year and he was able to utilize the draft going high, going low, and basically just anywhere he wanted to go on his way to a second place finish. We need to get a good starting position with a good qualifying effort and then settle in and try and make a run during the closing laps. I am just anxious to get there, unload this new truck and see what we can do."

Learning on the intermediate tracks: "I have learned a lot about these intermediate racetracks over the last 12 months and I have a whole lot more to learn. We haven't had the best of runs on these intermediate tracks. I had a good run going at Charlotte last year but we got taken out when another truck lost control. It seemed like it went downhill from there. We were tight at Atlanta but still came away with a top 20 finish -- at the time that felt like a win. I have learned just a third of what I need to learn about these mile and a half and two mile racetracks, but a third is better than nothing. I am looking forward to getting back to these tracks and improving my performance, getting it up to where it needs to be. I'm looking forward to running good for the whole season. This is a coming out year for me and for this Dodge Motorsports team. Just expect us to be in Victory Lane a couple of times I hope. We want to get some top fives and some top tens."

Crew Chief Kip McCord on California Speedway: "California is altogether different from Daytona. It presents a more significant challenge. The biggest thing is handling, so you have to work really hard on your handling package, keeping the nose down. You have issues like aero push, things like that you have to recover from. The biggest challenge is to get your truck driving good so you can maneuver and work your way around traffic. I know that Timothy Peters has never raced there but Timothy will do just fine. We will just approach it as if it was a Michigan or some other track he has competed on. It is just a place, just a racetrack. I won't approach it any different than any other race we go to."

Kip McCord on the newest chassis for the No. 4 Dodge Motorsports team: "Our new chassis is named Duster. We are taking a retro approach to our new chassis this year and naming them after old Chrysler products that were made years ago. I am pretty excited about the new truck, it came out really well. This truck and the one we built for Bobby are probably two of the best trucks we have ever built at Bobby Hamilton Racing. I can't wait to start working on it. We are all going to start with our chassis set ups very similar. We have tremendous help from Dodge Engineering. Bobby Sr. has a lot of Cup experience there and Bobby Jr. has a lot of Cup experience there, so we have a lot of feedback that we can work with."


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