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MARK MARTIN-21-Bad Boy Mowers Ford F-150 (Finished 23rd) WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END? "I don't know. All of a sudden my motor kinda revved up, the wheels starting spinning and I got behind in the steering." YOU'RE STILL ABLE TO MANAGE A SMILE...

MARK MARTIN-21-Bad Boy Mowers Ford F-150 (Finished 23rd)

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END? "I don't know. All of a sudden my motor kinda revved up, the wheels starting spinning and I got behind in the steering."

YOU'RE STILL ABLE TO MANAGE A SMILE AFTER THAT FINISH. "Yeah, I want to thank these guys for giving me a chance. That was a lot of fun. It was awesome. They've got to have cautions at the end."

DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD HAVE WON IF IT WENT CAUTION-FREE? "We were looking pretty good. But, they have a caution for just about anything. We get them when we don't need one, and we don't get them when we do. But that's OK; we had a good race. That truck was really fast. It was good and I had some fun."

HORNADAY ADMITTED TO GETTING INTO YOUR REAR ON THE RESTART. "You know, the thing just kinda lifted up, started spinning its wheels and I got behind on the steering. I just got behind on the steering."


STACY COMPTON-09-Zaxby's Ford F-150 (Finished 12th)

"We had a great race truck tonight. I don't know what happened right there at the end. We were charging up, and got as high as eighth, and we were passing on the outside and the inside. We were moving, and for whatever reason, the right front gave up and we got tight with 10 to go and we couldn't hold them off. Those restarts helped a little bit because we were able to cool the tires. I'm a little puzzled as to what happened because we were running our fastest laps of the day, and then all of a sudden it got tight and we were done. It's not a bad weekend. We felt like we had a top-seven truck, and I still feel like we did. It's a little frustrating to end up where we did, but Gary (Cogswell, crew chief) made some great calls and these guys made some good calls alls weekend and we got the truck better from the time we unloaded; it was a night and day difference. It's a good strong team and it's just a matter of time that this team is going to be up there battling for a win."


TRAVIS Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 16th)

"We were loose qualifying and I thought that it would be all right once we took some tape off the truck and took some front downforce away from it, but it just seemed like when it cooled off here tonight, the thing just turned better and better and our looseness was compounded. The first part of the race there, we were just terrible. We came in and made some huge adjustments to the truck to get it tightened up. We got it close and then we just kinda fought it for there. We never really could get it to where we needed to be. I'm just disappointed. We were trying some different stuff tonight and we just need to get our act together before we go to Atlanta. This truck is not as good as some of our best stuff, so we need to take a better truck and look at our notes before we go to Atlanta, and we need to get a top-five and a strong finish for this team."

IS COMMUNICATION AN ISSUE RIGHT NOW? "I don't think so. I think more than anything, we're trying stuff that this team has never tried before. Without a lot of practice and no testing really - you get an hour or hour and a half of practice and one set of tires to figure it out - and it's just tough to do. We're trying to move forward and get us to the next kevel, but for tonight, it put us a step back."


ERIK DARNELL-99-Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 (Finished 13th)

"We were just fighting the thing all day long. I knew from qualifying on that we were going to be struggling. We just didn't make the right choice for springs, I don't think, for the race. We were decent and we made some adjustments on the pit stops and got it better, but then it'd get worse and we'd make another adjustment. We got it rolling decent, but we were back there, and track position is big here with the way the draft works. I got on the outside of Benson at the end, and we were in the top 10 with seven or eight to go and stalled out and got split by some other trucks and lost a couple of spots. Our Northern Tool + Equipment Ford was decent, but I don't think we got the finish that we deserved. But at the same time, we didn't really have the setup we needed either."


CARL EDWARDS-50-Roush Fenway Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 4th)

"It was a lot of fun. It was just real loose the whole night. It was some wild racing. That was crazy. I couldn't believe it when I saw Mark get turned right there. That was a crazy finish. Congratulations to Mike Skinner and those guys, but mostly I just had a really good time and can't wait to race tomorrow night."

A LOT OF DRIVERS COMMENTED THAT THEIR TRUCKS LOST THE HANDLE AT THE END OF THE RACE. DID YOURS GO AWAY FROM YOU? "It went away bad. It just got looser and looser the whole time. We tried everything we could, but I really had a good time. Just one more time, I want to say that we're thinking about Bobby Hudson back at home and enjoying our time out here."


RICK CRAWFORD-14-Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l F-150 (Finished 9th)

"It was a quiet run for the Ford, but on the last few laps we made some bold moves for our F-Series pickup. The Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l had a top-10 finish. It wasn't a top-10 truck, but we fought hard all night long. The Power Stroke Diesels are fun to drive and the Circle Bar Truck Corral keeps servicing them out in Ozona, Texas. We're built Ford tough."

WERE YOU SURPRISED BY THE LONG GREEN-FLAG RUN AT THE START OF THE RACE? "No, this race is commonly known for a long green flags. I'm surprised that we didn't have a green-flag pit stop at one point in time. This race track is wide and the guys that drive, I think they drove each other clean; there wasn't a lot of wrecking. You can see some scratches on the trucks because they got in the wall. It's like what I told Kevin (Starland, crew chief): to me, it felt like I was running Bristol. I was half on the steering wheel, from one half of the steering wheel to the other. It just wasn't a real smooth ride."

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