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ERIK DARNELL-99-Woolrich Ford F-150 (Finished 11th) "Our Woolrich Ford F-150 was good tonight. We were real good in the middle of the race and just not as good at the end when we needed to be and I think it cost us. We got caught up a little...

ERIK DARNELL-99-Woolrich Ford F-150 (Finished 11th)

"Our Woolrich Ford F-150 was good tonight. We were real good in the middle of the race and just not as good at the end when we needed to be and I think it cost us. We got caught up a little bit there after our pit stop, we were pretty far back, and it was tough to pass out there. I didn't think the draft would be working as much as it does, but then again, I don't have that much experience in these trucks. I was just out there learning and making some laps. All in all, not a bad run. I don't know where we ended, but we'll build on this for the rest of the year."

TALK ABOUT THE RACING IN THE CLOSING LAPS. "It was getting exciting out there. I had a heck of a race with Joey Miller and Dennis Setzer toward the end. Like I said, with that draft it's tough to pass. You get a run on somebody and you stick your nose out there and it's like hitting a brick wall and it's real hard to get by somebody unless you get a real good run or you get a little help. These are all things I need to learn and I am learning and I'm looking to build on for the rest of the year."

WITH MARK WINNING THE FIRST TWO RACES, HOW MUCH HAS HE BEEN ABLE TO HELP YOU? "Just advice. When I got here I first asked Mark what the track was like and how to run it, and he told me that it was similar to Michigan but it drives different. I quickly found that out as soon as I got out there. I just listen to the things he says and I followed him out there in practice. I couldn't keep up with him the first time out there - he was bad fast - but anything you can get from these veterans, whether you following them or talking to them, you're going to learn from them and that's important."


RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 9th)

"Track position was a big key, but our key to a successful night tonight was adjustments. We started out pretty good and got shuffled back in track position. We kept coming back, but then the truck lost the handle on it. We made an extra pit stop to adjust and Kevin Starland and everybody did another super job and didn't give up and had a top-10 finish. This is the best start that we've had in a couple of years."

WERE THERE TWO GROOVES OF RACING OUT THERE TONIGHT? "You had to have your equipment set up for the two grooves. When you're practicing or whatever, you need to be set up for the second groove, or wherever you think you need to race. If you look during the race there were a few trucks - I know Hamilton, Sr., the 88 truck and Sprague - were running up top and passing people with ease, but mine never would. I tried to follow Hamilton a couple of times up there in his groove and mine wouldn't go there, so I knew we weren't set up for that, so we needed to make adjustments for where it wanted to run."


STACY COMPTON-21-Dreyer's Ford F-150 (Finished 26th)

"We just can't catch a break right now. We had to pit under green one time for a tear-off on the grille, and we didn't lose a lap, and then we had to pit again for a tear-off and it hurt the motor the second time. We weren't as good after that as we were early. Early on we had a great race truck, and right there at the end I got loose and chased it up the race track and Chad was there and it didn't work out. It's disappointing because every week we have good trucks and good cars, and I think I've tore up more stuff in the last two weeks than I've tore up in a whole season and it's frustrating. To know that we've got vehicles that good and the guys work so hard to put them together, and tonight I just screwed up. I got loose and couldn't get away form Chad. Instead of him lifting or me being able to get away from, I got turned head-on into the outside wall. I don't guess I should have been running that hard for 15th or wherever we were running. It's disappointing and I hate it for the guys. They worked awful hard on these things and we've got a lot of work to do before Atlanta now."


JON WOOD-20-Wood Brothers/JTG Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 8th)

"We did have a good truck, and you can't put too high of expectations on this bunch just yet. It's still in the early stages of this race team, and to come out here and run the way it did is pretty remarkable. The way I look at it, Roush Racing has been racing trucks since the series started and we've got two races now. To consider ourselves in Mark's league is a little bit early, but to outrun 26 other trucks was pretty cool."

HOW WAS THE RACING TONIGHT COMPARED TO THE LAST TIME YOU RAN A TRUCK HERE? "The last time I ran trucks here I was fighting for 36th, so I can't really answer that."

DO YOU EXPECT SIMILAR TRACK CONDITIONS TOMORROW IN THE BUSCH RACE? "Yeah, maybe slicker. This track is losing grip from year to year, and I know it was very slick for me. I don't know how it was for everybody else, but I was a little on the loose side."


TERRY COOK-10-Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l F-150 (Finished 14th)

"We had an aero issue this weekend with our particular truck. It's not a Ford issue and it's something internally that we need to work through with our race trucks. Having a new crew chief on board and having not the truck we ran so good with last year, and not having good notes off of it for various reasons, it kind of put us in a box where we had to build something and basically race it to figure out where we needed to be. Unfortunately, this truck here is not where we needed to be. Again, we're looking at the big picture and we wanted to come out of here with the best effort that we could give tonight. We were dealt the cards that we had and had to play them, so to come out of here with a top-15 effort after the way the weekend was going, I think that's a good effort."

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