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Four Dodge Rams Finish in the Top Ten, Setzer Third in Points FONTANA, CA (October 30, 1999): When the green flag dropped at the California Speedway, emotions were on the edge around the ...

Four Dodge Rams Finish in the Top Ten, Setzer Third in Points

FONTANA, CA (October 30, 1999): When the green flag dropped at the California Speedway, emotions were on the edge around the #1 Mopar Dodge as Dennis Setzer prepared to battle for the driver championship. On lap 17, those championships went away as Setzer tried to avoid a spinning truck and was tapped from behind by another truck. That put Setzer behind the wall for lengthy repairs. Setzer made it back on the track to maintain third in the points.

Joe Ruttman finished third after starting fourth and running in the top eight all afternoon.

Stacy Compton finished fourth after starting fifth and charging to the front on the last lap.

Bobby Hamilton finished fourth after starting 23rd and running all the way to the front to lead part of the event.

Jimmy Hensley finished eighth after starting 14th. Hensley received damage to the truck on the first lap causing a push in the truck.

Randy Tolsma finished 12th after starting 19th and adjusting on the truck all afternoon.

Carlos Contreras finished 14th after starting seventh at his first truck series event.

Randy Renfrow finished 17th after starting ninth and running up front much of the day.

Dennis Setzer finished 29th after starting eighth.

Bob Keselowski finished 30th after starting 22nd after burning a wheel bearing.

Joe Ruttman, #IS Dana Dodge, finished second: "That was fun and I am so proud of these guys. They worked real hard on this truck and to finish second means a lot to me. The motor was like a bullet. The cautions helped us, especially the one at the end of the race because we were able to cool the right front tire on the truck. I am happy with Dana and I am happy with Dodge. Now we can all go home and get ready for the 2000 season."

Stacy Compton, #86 RC Dodge, finished third: "That was a real exciting finish and we knew that we had a shot at the win. They were three wide on the re-start and I just could not draft with any of them. We really wanted to win this thing, but it was another top-five for the Royal Crown Dodge and I am proud of everything that this team has done all season. Regardless it has been a good year. The switch to Dodge was a great move and we really wanted to win races this season. We have had a lot of top-fives and six poles so we can't complain."

Bobby Hamilton, #04 Dana Dodge, finished fourth "It was a great run for the Chelsea Dodge and for Joe in the Dana Dodge. We have had a tough weekend with both of the trucks, but today is the one that counts so we are proud of these guys. Now we will all be able to prepare for a championship run in 2000."

Jimmy Hensley, #43 Dodge By Petty, finished eighth: "We got messed up on the first lap and that bent the left front fender in. That gave me quite a push that we had to adjust on. We have had our ups and downs this season and a lot of motor problems. But overall we are happy with the season and happy that we had the win at Martinsville earlier in the season."

Randy Tolsma, #25 Supergard Motor Oil Dodge, finished 12th: "After having so much success in practice on the previous days, I had hoped that we would run a little better than we did. Gary (Showalter) gave me great trucks all season and gave me another one today. We finally got the truck right where we wanted it on that last stop, but there were only three laps to go so you couldn't really see the changes. We brought the truck home in one piece and this program will all be back next year with Gary, myself and Impact Motorsports. We are looking for even better things in our second full season. We are sad that Dodge did not win the driver's championship and I saw the bad luck that Dennis (Setzer) had at the beginning of the race. That is the tough part of the sport, But it has been a great year for Dodge and I am proud to be associated with them in the truck series. I am really looking forward to 2000."

Carlos Contreras, #44 Hot Wheels Dodge, finished 14th: "I have had a lot of fun this weekend running in the truck series. Today I wanted to run and learn about the truck and we were able to have a great run. I look forward to running even more truck races in the coming year. I want to thank Impact Motorsports and Dodge for this chance and I hope we can run again with them soon."

Randy Renfrow, #41 TKO Motorsports Dodge, finished 17th: "I really hated to see Dennis not win that championship by getting involved in that accident in turn four. I was behind him early in the race and he was fast. But we were able to run up front much of the day until the truck just went away from me. We are already preparing for next season With this team. We are just trying to nail down the final sponsor details. I am excited about working with TKO Motorsports, Todd Meyers and Dodge in 2000."

Dennis Setzer, #1 Mopar Dodge, finished 29th. "It was an unfortunate deal for us. I got tagged from behind as Schrader was spinning in front of us. I had him cleared until I got bumped and that sent me into the other trucks. This has been a great year for this Mopar team and next year we will be even better. This team has worked hard all year and today they worked hard to keep us third in the points. I am awfully proud of this race team, the Keselowskis and Dodge. We will start working on the 2000 season tonight over dinner."

Bob Keselowski, #29 Mopar Dodge, finished 30th: "It was a tough day for both of the Mopar Dodge Rams. Dennis really had no control over what happened to him on the track. He got tagged from behind and that really knocked him out of the championship. As far as my truck, we were running great and we were in our own pit window for track position. Then we burnt a wheel bearing. It is just one of those freak things that happen. But I am proud of both of these race teams and what they have been able to accomplish this season. Next year we will go for the championship just as hard and hopefully there will be a different outcome."

Qualifying Quotes

Jimmy Hensley, #43 Dodge By Petty, starting 14th: "The wind moved us around and then knocked us down the front stretch. It is a real strong wind and it is tough to keep the truck under you out there. Trying to draft in this wind is going to be tough if it is like this tomorrow."

Randy Tolsma, #25 Supergard Motor Oil Dodge, starting 19th: "All weekend we have had a great truck and the wind just bit us when we went out to qualify. Went down the back straight and the Wind would just take the truck and move it all over the track. I had no feel of the truck in three and four and had trouble controlling the truck. We will race good, but we have a long way to come through the pack. I am disappointed for Supergard and Dodge because I think we could have sat on the pole or the front row. One minute the truck was good and the next it was out of control. I could feel the gusts of wind hit the truck on entry."

Bob Keselowski, #29 Mopar Dodge, starting 22nd: "The wind is just horrible on these trucks. We lost all of our power going down the front stretch because we were being blown so hard in the opposite direction. I waited too long to turn into turn three and then when I tried to turn, I could not get the truck to turn with me."

Bobby Hamilton, #04 Dane Dodge, starting 23rd: "The wind was bad in three and four and it just blew me all over the place. But I brought a short track truck and that will have more downforce and I could probably feel the wind more than the teams with the speedway packages. I feel good about the truck for the race because of the down force, we just have to get rid of this wind."

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