Dover: Winning team interview

RON HORNADAY, JR. AND RICK REN, CREW CHIEF, NO. 33 CAMPING WORLD SILVERADO HORNADAY: "I don't know where to start. I was really, really made at Rick Ren this morning after qualifying. We had a problem with the front shocks on this thing; in...


HORNADAY: "I don't know where to start. I was really, really made at Rick Ren this morning after qualifying. We had a problem with the front shocks on this thing; in fact yesterday we changed a bunch of stuff on it. Rick said, well that didn't work, we have to put it back and told me 'Trust me, we will be fine.' In qualifying that thing got so loose going down in to one, I scared myself, I am done. I am going home now. After qualifying Rick said don't worry, I will make some changes. Start of the race, I thought we were going to be pretty good and I drove off down in there after that first lap crash, about the fifth or sixth time; I got looser and looser, I lost a couple of spots. Luckily Rick made the right call on that pit stop and the changes he made on my Camping World Chevrolet were unbelievable. It tightened it up just enough. We thought we had a wheel coming loose but it wasn't, it was a piece of rubber or something that got stuck in the caliper and it finally came out after about fifty laps. Then we started moving forward and running them down. We got around (Rick) Crawford and a couple of those guys and next thing I know we are leading it. Then the yellow came out I thought, hey, this is cool. I just didn't think the truck was that good. We started off and a couple of those guys got by me because the truck was so loose, then we put those tires on there. We got by (Todd) Bodine and some of the guys went a lap down. After Mansfield, when we were running back up through the field there, I said I would take a top-10 at Mansfield to win Dover. I have always run good here at the Monster Mile, it is one of my favorite race tracks and until today, I have never won here. It is one of my milestones and it is pretty awesome."

REN: "I told Ron that I thought we were going to be good today, I really did feel that way. I had a good feeling about this thing. In my heart, I knew this was going to be a good day. It goes back to Mansfield when he said to me lets go over to Dover and win the thing. I wanted to win Dover bad. I met my wife here back in 1990. We didn't get married until '94, but I met her here back then. She had never been to a race before, she came with a mutual friend of ours who was doing PR for Johnny Sauter then. So I told Ron it would be awesome to win here at Dover, I wanted to really bad. So here we are, we have won two races so far this year together and neither one of us had won before at either track. I personally been trying for 18 years. I have a lot of top-five finishes here but never won at this race track. It is just so cool. I called my wife from the top of the pit box and she though I was lying to her. We made some major adjustments on the first pit stop. Air pressure, wedge, spring rubber out and I saw the lap times pick right up and he started moving forward. I had seen the truck wiggling coming off turn four and I knew it wasn't fun to be sitting in there because it wasn't fun from where I was watching it. He kept coming forward and coming forward and the cautions fell right for us, and some guys got a lap down. I knew we would be in good shape if we could get a caution lane by lap 135. I had already told the guys if we didn't get one, we were coming in on lap 135, but I was hoping we got one so we could keep a lot of those guys a lap down. I put a little bit tighter set of tires on that stop and that thing picked up tremendously. That truck just rolled in the corner. When Kyle Busch passed Ron and he passed him back for the lead, I thought man, we must be pretty good. Kyle got a good run going and got back to within one second of us, we just waded through traffic and built a good lead. The cautions just fell right, I didn't want any more cautions, I wanted it to stay green, it did and we were in victory lane."

REN - ON WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE SHOCK: "We really don't know. We did an experiment on that shock this morning, changes some stuff in it and the shock still reacted the same way. So I made the call to change four complete shocks and not take a chance. That is the great thing about Kevin Harvick, Inc., having the Busch program here and the Busch guys willing to work with us, I could go down to the Busch garage and ask to borrow the shocks I wanted and they were happy to help because they all know we were trying to win a race and run for a championship. That is just one part of our team situation that is good."

HORNADAY - ON WORKING WITH RICK REN: "When we were looking for a crew chief and I heard that Rick was coming up, I thought that a few years ago, we couldn't have done this. Rick Carelli (KHI General Manager) and Ren go way back. He and I laughed about it that we probably done this 10 years ago. I knew what I wanted and he knew what he wanted. When I went to KHI to work with Wally Rogers, I knew nothing about him and we made it clear to each other, he was the crew chief and I was the driver. I told him what it was doing and he fixed it. That is what Rick and I are doing right now. I tell him what it is doing, not what changes I think we need and he fixes it. If he goes to far, I tell him it was too far but I think our relationship is as good as it gets. We trust each other, we have grown up a lot, both of us, and today proved that this team can go for a championship right now.

"I did have my doubts this morning and I have to show my concern when I feel that I know. I wasn't wrong, I told him what it was going to do and it did it, but I respect him, he had a plan and knew what he wanted to do so I told him if he wanted it that way, ok, then we would work with it and it worked. What we have done the last three races is pretty cool."

REN - ON WORKING WITH HORNADAY: "Every time you change jobs and go with a different driver, it is easy to have preconceived notions going in. I try not to do this. I know this guy has won championships, I know he has won races, I know how hard he drove a race car. I guarantee you 10 years ago we couldn't have done this. We have both matured and right now, I think we could have easily had five wins by now. We are putting ourselves in position to win races and that is what is happening. I think our trust in each other in what we do, being in position to win races and the support from all of our teams is what is going to keep this going. Having won a race our sixth race together speaks highly of how hard we are working with each other to make this happen. There are not a lot of crew chiefs and drivers that can change and in six races be in victory lane.

"It is real simple, he drives harder than anybody I have ever worked with. That isn't even a competition. I have worked with some pretty good guys and won some races with some guys that aren't even in the sport any more because they really weren't very good.

"This guy, when he buckles the belt in the seat, game is on."

HORNADAY - ON WORRYING ABOUT POINTS: "I don't even know where we are or how far behind, we will worry about that with five races to go or so. We are going to keep doing what we are doing. Racing hard and make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight on our Chevrolet and concentrate on the job at hand, keep my nose clean and race hard, and do what I know how to do."

-credit: gm racing

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