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Scott Speed earned his career-first NCTS victory in just his sixth career start in the Friday's 200-mile race at Dover International Speedway -- giving Toyota its 42nd NCTS win. SCOTT SPEED, No. 22 Red Bull Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis ...

Scott Speed earned his career-first NCTS victory in just his sixth career start in the Friday's 200-mile race at Dover International Speedway -- giving Toyota its 42nd NCTS win.

SCOTT SPEED, No. 22 Red Bull Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing Finished: 1st

Are you surprised to end your day in victory lane?

"The first time I saw the trophy before the race and I thought this one was pretty cool and I wanted to have it.  The guys did an
awesome job and the truck was unbelievable.  I did what I could do, but it was the team that won that one."

Can you talk about the call to take two tires?

"I was telling them since the beginning to do something crazy.  Our car was blistering fast and I was driving at 80 percent and
pulling away.  It was the call to take two tires that put us in that position so hats off to the team."

What were your thoughts going into the last few laps with Ron Hornaday behind you?

"It was time to get a little aggressive."

Can you talk about your first NASCAR victory?

"We're going to start with the nice, lovely pedicure that I got on my feet -- I got my little toe nails done on the plane. There is a little blue on the tip. That's going to become a tradition. The truck itself was definitely good. I think the biggest achievement that we've actually made this weekend is again working with Doug (Wolcott, crew chief) and Slugger (Labbe, Red Bull team) and the guys on the BDR (Bill Davis Racing) team to make our truck better because when we unloaded we definitely weren't right, but we made it there. Especially what we did with the truck during the race -- it's the biggest challenge I have for myself -- to get in the front and drive the truck when it's fast isn't difficult, to be fair, but the racing and to make the truck what it is to go fast is where I'm learning the most. The fact that we can do that and progress -- it's awesome and it's really given me a lot of confidence that one day I'll be able to make it successful over here."

How important is your confidence in your development?

"To be honest, whether we win or not, it doesn't really affect my confidence. I don't let results control how I feel about myself - - I have said it a thousand times. Today we had a good strategy and we had an awesome truck. We got everything we could out of it. If our truck was a fifth place truck and we did the race and finished fifth, I would be just as happy with myself. The hats off to the team, they're really the ones that won this race. I'm pretty confident that anyone in this truck at the last 50 laps after the pit stop would have done exactly the same thing. For me, I'm learning step by step -- it's going to be a long process and just to have the experience to know what to do on the trucks or on the cars when I go to the COT (Car of Tomorrow), you can't just learn it right away. It's something you have to feel and something you have to learn. The learning curve I've had has been amazing and I've learned a ton everywhere. Every time I go out onto the track for a race, I definitely come away feeling a lot of experience and knowledge. I'm certainly looking forward to continuing on and of course looking forward to my first Cup race, but I'm not in any rush. I'm having the time of my life just coming over here and trying to learn this sport. It's awesome and Red Bull is giving me an incredible opportunity to do this and my hats off to them. Without them, none of this would have been possible."

Do you think you had anything for Ron Hornaday if he had not had engine problems?

"It's hard to say because he took four tires at the beginning and I expected him to be quite a bit stronger than he was. It really didn't take much for us to pull away from the field so I'm assuming or it wouldn't surprise me if someone did have a problem. That's how it plays out. It's not this win that makes me feel good about myself because it just happens -- it's circumstance -- today was our day."

Can you elaborate on having the time of your life?

"Honestly I think it just comes down to the fact that I have nothing to prove. I've done what I set out since I was a kid to do -- I've raced in Formula 1 -- I've achieved the biggest goal of my life. This for me is a huge goal, but it's a personal goal. It's something I challenge myself, but if things go wrong or if things don't go well over here, it's not going to kill me and I'm not going to be devastated. I'm giving it an honest effort and am giving it an honest shot. I have amazing backing from Red Bull and everyone is making decisions on what I've done since I've come over from Europe from racing ARCA to racing the truck -- every decision we've made has been very calculated and it's been right. For me, it's just an amazing opportunity."

DOUG WOLCOTT, Crew Chief, No. 22 Red Bull Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing

Can you talk about your strategy today?

"We started off just trying to see what we had there because it's always a crap shoot when you first start. Started off a little tight and made some adjustments as we went. What really set the tone for the day was when we saw our teammate, Mike Skinner, come in earlier and have some problems in the pits. He took two tires and was able to come back out and run pretty strong laps. From that point on, I kept thinking that if we could get into that last stop -- we could get two tires and go and get some track position. Slugger (Labbe) was up top all day saying that if we could just get track position to make this work. It was a pretty easy call. So far every race we've been in with Scott (Speed), he's done a fabulous job and I'm just proud to be a part of what he's doing here. It's pretty cool to watch it unfold today."

Do you think you had anything for Ron Hornaday if he had not had engine problems?

"The restart was the only thing we were really worried about. Looking at the lap times -- I have the benefit of looking at the screen and most of that time during that last run, Scott (Speed) had two to three tenths on (Ron) Hornaday and a bunch more on everybody else. Really the only thing we were worried about was the restart and we heard right before the restart that he was having trouble with his transmission so that kind of eased my pain there a little bit. Right after that I figured it was just a matter of everything holding together and not having anything go bad for us."

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