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David Starr Puts Chevrolet Silverado on the Pole at Dover No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado Driver Wins First 2005 Bud Pole Award DOVER, DE - David Starr captured his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series pole of the 2005 season and the...

David Starr Puts Chevrolet Silverado on the Pole at Dover
No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado Driver Wins First 2005 Bud Pole Award

DOVER, DE - David Starr captured his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series pole of the 2005 season and the fourth of his career at Dover International Speedway. Starr's lap of 22.846 seconds, 157.577 mph bested Terry Cook for the top starting spot in Friday's MBNA RacePoints 200.

Starr took his No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado out for his qualifying attempt 33rd of the 36 trucks attempting to make the field for Friday's race.

Ron Hornaday put the No. 6 GM Goodwrench Silverado third in the starting order. Kyle Busch qualified the No. 15 Silverado fifth in the starting order. Tony Stewart will start the No. 47 Makita Chevrolet Silverado 11th followed by Jack Sprague in the No. 16 Chevy Trucks Silverado in the 12th spot. Dennis Setzer qualified the No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado in the 27th position.


"First of all I have to thank Ron Hornaday and his crew chief Wally (Rogers) for helping us. We trade notes, Ron Hornaday, Jack Sprague, Dennis Setzer and our Spears team are all part of the Chevrolet Team Silverado, we work close together. Talking to Ron earlier helped us a little bit. I had the right truck to qualify; my Chevy Silverado was pretty awesome during qualifying. It is quite an honor to be on the pole here at Dover. I have been watching racing here for a long time.

"Dave McCarty (crew chief) and I after our meeting with our GM Racing teammates, we sat down and made a couple changes that will help us for the race. We are excited to have our Spears Silverado on the pole. Dave and the guys gave me a good truck and here we are with our first pole of the year. I am just excited and looking forward to the race tomorrow.

"The most important thing about having the pole because of the pit selection but I leave all of that up to McCarty. What ever he picks, I will be right behind him cheering him on. Any time you can start on the pole, it is quite an honor and it gives you a little bit of an advantage when the race starts. But the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is such a competitive series, it doesn't matter really matter where you start, especially at a track like Dover, because we have had so many different winners starting everywhere in the field. It is hard to get an advantage any more with the fields so tight. But I will take the pole.

"I have won from the pole before and I know Craftsman pays us a nice bonus but I am not about the money, I am just glad to be here racing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and happy to be here at Dover. I love this series. We thought in 2004 it couldn't get more competitive than it was but it is. The competition level is so fierce. There are about 25 different trucks that can win any given race.

"You saw that two weeks ago at Lowe's Motor Speedway - you saw 24, 25 people break the track record and I think we'll continue to see that as the year goes on. A lot of it has to do with the new tire and that is what your seeing week in and week out. This tire is incredible. It has a lot of grip and the teams are getting better and better and everybody keeps making more horsepower. You're seeing all the hard work being displayed on the racetrack times today were just incredible. Anytime you are running wide open on these racetracks you have to have plenty of horses under the hood.

"NASCAR gave us an extra set of tires and when the first practice session started there was no grip for my Chevy Silverado. I complained about no grip - tight, no grip and when you got into the corner you lost the nose; the nose slides off the corners because there was no grip. As that practice session ended and we went into the second practice session we made some changes to try to get more grip in the truck and I told Dave McCarty man I'm wicked loose. It seemed like the racetrack went on we got more rubber in the racetrack the racetrack kept getting more grip. We kept having to do what we had to do from the first practice session I was wicked loose and still loose during the second practice and we made some more changes. Historically at this track as the race rolls on the track gets tighter and tighter. This race has the tendency to be tight as the race goes on. Hopefully we made the right adjustments with this impounding and hit on the right thing for the race. It's one thing to run two fast laps its another to run forty fast laps."

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