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Dover, DE: Ron Hornaday, No. 33 VFW Silverado, maintained the point standings lead in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) despite finishing 26th after suffering tire failure on lap 34 of the 200-lap AAA Insurance 200. Dennis Setzer, No.

Dover, DE: Ron Hornaday, No. 33 VFW Silverado, maintained the point standings lead in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) despite finishing 26th after suffering tire failure on lap 34 of the 200-lap AAA Insurance 200.

Dennis Setzer, No. 8 Malcolmson Construction Silverado, scored his best finish of the 2009 season with a runner-up finish at Dover International Speedway.

Johnny Sauter, No. 13 Fun Sand/Rodney Atkins/Curb Records Silverado finished fifth, Matt Crafton, No. 88 Australian Gold Silverado finished sixth and Chad McCumbee, No. 07 Tiwi Silverado, finished seventh to give Team Chevy four of the top-10 finishers.

Brian Scott (Toyota) won the seventh NCWTS race of the season. David Starr (Toyota) was third and Jason White (Dodge) finishes fourth.

The next event on the NCWTS schedule will be at Texas Motor Speedway on June 5, 2009.



WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "I don't know, no vibration no nothing. We were just a little snug, but I mean, not too bad. I knew Kyle was fast so I let him go and just run with that brake. It just popped, I didn't even lift yet. As soon I lifted, it popped and I went straight. Awesome job by these guys on the VFW Chevrolet. Mark Smith and everyone with the motors. This is how a championship goes. Whoever gets out front has problems. That is the way it goes."



"It was a long and eventful day; we broke a left front shock. That is why we had to keep coming down pit road. When we first fired off, I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I knew this thing was a really good race track, I mean it was horrible tight. About 30 laps I knew there was something wrong with the front end, not sure whether it was right front or left front. Then once I really started diagnosing it, I knew it was a left front shock. That was unbelievable for these guys to change a left front shock and come up from the back. We did it twice, went from the back to the front, back to the front. I can't thank these guys enough. Our Australian Gold Silverado wasn't too bad at the end of the race and if we had track position at the end of the race, I definitely think we had something for them.

"We saw Hornaday have his problem and I hate to see that, then we saw Bodine and everybody around us in the standings, I kept telling my crew chief, we have to win the war, not the battle. Today we knew we could go fast, but we had to take care of our stuff and be there at the end. You could see, I was running third, fourth groove up. I mean I just didn't want to burn the right front tire off of it. At any point, I could run faster than the leader. Just really sad that you have to race like that and sit there and ride around and wait for your tires to blow. All-in-all a pretty good day."

YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T QUALIFY WELL BUT RACE WELL, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THAT? "Yeah, we're happy with it. This Australian Gold truck, we had a lot of problems today. We broke something on the left front and we came in and changed it. We came in two different times and finally got the thing where it was very fast at the end. It's a shame we just had to sit there and ride and take car of our stuff hoping we weren't going to blow a right-front tire. That's kind of the way we had to race all day. I had to come from the back at the end. All in all a pretty good day for the Australian Gold Chevy."



"Up and down day, holy cow. First of all, I have thank the folks at Tiwi for coming on board here. We didn't think we were going to make it this weekend and here we are with another top-10 with their support. I was really worried at the start, we dropped back, I was super loose. Bobby Dotter has been the man on top of the pitbox all year long and he made some great adjustments. If we had ever got out front, this was our race. I really think we were the best truck, especially on long runs. If I really pushed the issue, we could run as fast of laps as anybody. I would have never thought the tires would have held on there at the end, you question staying out. But for us, we have taken some aggressive routes during the year and it has gotten us some spots. This time we took the same route and hopefully we increased our points position just a little bit. We have to keep trying to find some funding to keep this thing going. Hopefully we are closer to the top-five in points and maybe a contender at the end of the year."



TALK ABOUT YOUR WEEKEND. "We kind of struggled in practice all weekend. We changed the thing right before qualifying the last run out. Got on something pretty good and then kept adjusting on it all day. I"m just really proud of these guys. They had great stops, great strategy all day. You know Dave Malcolmson has brought this truck again, been here two to three years now. He has a great team together just looking for sponsorship. We've got a great team assembled and Dave's a great racer. He races out of his heart. That's a dying breed in this series now. A lot of them have gone on out of the series. Dave Malcolmson is right up there with some of the best owners in the series. We need to get him a sponsor on this truck so we can continue on for the rest of the year."

TALK ABOUT YOUR SECOND-PLACE RUN HERE TODAY. "He (Randy Dean, crew chief) had great calls since right before the last run before practice. Put a different set up underneath this thing. Made a wild guess at it, used knowledge that he's had in the past and then adjusted on it all day. We kind of started blind on this thing and adjusted all day. I didn't qualify like I needed to. The big guy in this thing in Dave Malcomson. He's done such a great job keeping this team here, trying to keep it going, look for sponsorship. He'd like to get a little bit of sponsorship to try to keep this thing continued the rest of the year. He's one of the great owners in this series right now we need to keep him in this thing."



FIFTH-PLACE RUN TALK ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF TODAY HERE AT DOVER. "I'm just really proud of Thorsport. the Funsand Chevrolet was really good. Crazy race man. I mean at one point in the race we were running about 65 percent just afraid of the inevitable. Just proud of everybody. We had a really good restart that last restart and I thought boy I've got a shot at this one and I just made the wrong call. We got some damage early on. Me and I think it was Crawford got together a little bit and it bent the splitter down and I just was on the splitter all the way around the turn and I just pushed, pushed, pushed. All in all a good day for us and hopefully we take this truck to Texas and keep going."

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