Dover: Ford teams race quotes

T.J. Bell -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 -- (qualified 8, contact on lap 12) I feel bad because I ruined this great F-150. People were racing a little too hard at the beginning of the race; they are a little eager. Some people...

T.J. Bell -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 -- (qualified 8, contact on lap 12)

I feel bad because I ruined this great F-150. People were racing a little too hard at the beginning of the race; they are a little eager. Some people lost control. We were racing hard and definitely got hit a little bit, but that wasn't the only problem. We were a little too loose in the beginning. The crew worked really hard this weekend and gave me a great truck, I just feel bad that it ended this way."


SCOTT LYNCH -- No. 63 Cooper Bussman Ford F-150 -- (qualified 34)

"We blew a motor in the first practice session which didn't let us get any practice time in, so we're off pace that way. For some reason this motor is not running right either, it's just real flat. So, we decided to bring it in before we hurt it anymore and find out what the problem is. If we find anything, we'll try to fix it and get back out there and run some laps."


STACY COMPTON -- No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 (finished 2nd)

A GREAT RUN FOR YOU, YOU MUST BE EXCITED. "I tell you what, I'm so proud of these guys on the Zaxby's Ford. They work so hard all year long. I'm a part-timer and they gave me a truck that can go out and win races and it's a lot of fun. These guys at Wood Brothers/JTG, they never stop digging and every week that I've been in this truck, we've had awesome race trucks. It's a shame we can't win them all. It was a great run for us. It's going to be a big weekend; we'll have a baby come Sunday, if hasn't already happened. I'm awfully proud of these guys. You don't know how hard these guys work; week in and week out and every time I get it in, it's really good.

HOW WAS THE TRACK HERE? THERE WAS CONCERN ABOUT IT NOT TAKING RUBBER. WHAT WERE THE RACE TRACK CONDITIONS? "It was good, I mean this place usually gets tight and I stayed loose the whole day and we didn't get the rubber build up like we normally get, which I think makes for better racing. There were two and three grooves out there; we went three wide a couple times and there was grip out there. A lot of people talked about scuffed tires and they did rubber up and there were a couple of grooves out there. I think we did a good job."


Travis Kvapil -- No. 6 K&N Engineering Ford F-150 (finished 3rd)

YOU HAD A GOOD RUN HERE AT THE END WITH STACY (COMPTON) THE FINAL COUPLE OF LAPS, BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR RUN OVERALL? "I'm really proud of my K&N Ford. We had a good day. We didn't qualify good, but it felt really good; it was a good balance. They said Mark Martin did the same thing with the truck last year; it didn't qualify very good, but it raced really well. It was fun. We had a good truck, a good handling truck. Our pit strategy was good. I just messed up a little bit one time getting into turn three around a lapper and Stacy got under me, but he was able to a run little higher and I wanted the bottom, so it was neat racing, but just fell a little short."

HOW MUCH DOES HELP THIS TEAM GET BACK ON TRACK. "This is where we should be and this is what we planned on doing all along. For two or three races we kind of stumbled, we didn't really have the set-ups right for the new 07 F-150, once we were able to get past that, we were able to figure some stuff out. We're building on it. This is a new truck; the first time we ever had this one out truck, with the new body I should say. We're just trying to figure it out. Last week we had a decent run; this week we had a good run. Hopefully, we keep it in the top-10 all year."


MARK MARTIN No. 21 Bush's Baked Beans Ford F-150 (finished 6th) -- WHAT CAUSED THE HOOD TO PEEL UP, AND DID THAT CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS? "Yeah, it hurt it. It was a pretty good truck, we just hurt it a lot with the hood coming up."

HOW HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE BEEN RUNNING FOR THE 21 TEAM? "We've had some good runs every time. And I was real proud to see Stacy have a great run today. It was awesome."



ERIK DARNELL-- No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 (finished 18th)

IT SEEMED LIKE A RACE THAT IF YOU COULD SURVIVE, YOU'D BE OKAY. IS THAT ACCURATE? "Yeah, and we didn't survive it. I don't know what happened. First lap, I guess some guys all got stacked up in the front row and it was just kind of an accordion-effect from there back. Guys were checking up in front of me, I got in the back of the 15 truck, and the 10 truck got into the back of me and we ended up right-front in the wall and smashed the truck up pretty good. And, from there on out our Northern Tool-Equipment Ford was just along for the ride. Tried to make some repairs and go out there and get the best finish we could out of it."

WITH ONLY ONE LAP BEFORE THE WRECK, DID YOU HAVE ANY INDICATION WHETHER YOU HAD A GOOD TRUCK? "I don't know. We were decent in practice yesterday. Through just the first corner I couldn't really tell you -- we never even really got up to speed. It was a pretty frustrating day, and our last three weeks have been pretty frustrating, and we need to get this turned around pretty quick."

-credit: ford racing

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