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SCOTT TAMES MONSTER MILE, SCORES FIRST NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES WIN; IDAHO NATIVE VAULTS TO FIFTH IN NCWTS POINTS DOVER, DE (May 30, 2009) -- Brian Scott tamed the Monster Mile and in the process scored a breakthrough first career win...


DOVER, DE (May 30, 2009) -- Brian Scott tamed the Monster Mile and in the process scored a breakthrough first career win in Saturday's AAA Insurance 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Dover International Speedway. Scott did a masterful job of tire management, and Xpress Motorsports crew chief Jeff Hensley made a crucial call to leave the No. 16 Albertsons Toyota on the racetrack instead of pitting for tires. That decision put the 21 year-old Idaho native in the front of the pack for a restart with 10 laps to go. Scott took care of the rest, pulling away from veteran Dennis Setzer to secure his first NASCAR Touring Series win in "Monster" fashion.

"It feels great," a jubilant Scott said in Victory Lane after the event. "It's been a long time coming. I gotta thank everybody in Idaho. I gotta thank my Dad. Thank you Dad. Thanks Mom. Thanks everybody. This is awesome. Thank the fans for coming out. God, that was awesome. I'm so happy to win with this team. These guys are like my brothers. I love it. They've been so supportive. It's been so great. I wish my family and everybody could be here because this is just an awesome feeling."

Scott had one of the fastest trucks throughout the course of the race. He qualified third on Friday morning then had to wait an extra day to see if he could secure his inaugural win when inclement weather Friday afternoon forced postponement of the event. Over the last 50 laps Scott consistently ran laps faster than the leaders and hovered in the top five for a majority of the race. Scott got his big break with 15 laps to go when the three trucks in front of him all developed tire problems seemingly simultaneously. Kyle Busch felt a vibration and backed off before his tire exploded. Colin Braun was not as fortunate and ran hard into the retaining wall. David Starr, running third was able to keep control of his Toyota Tundra but was forced to pit. That set the stage for a 10 lap dash, followed by a wet, wild and soggy celebration by Scott and his Xpress Motorsports teammates.

"I can't take any credit," Scott added during the melee in Victory Lane. "It's all these guys. Everybody standing behind me. All the support -- Albertson's, Toyota -- oh man it's great. Man, it's awesome. I can't thank everybody for sticking with me through the years. Everybody who's now my fan, thank you. I watched all those tires blow. It's kind of scary. My crew chief Jeff Hensley kept me calm and kept saying that we were getting really good tire wear. Tr ack position at the end -- we played the game perfectly. I commend him. At times I didn't think it was the right call or we were going to be in position, but it all worked out and now we are in victory lane."

The trip to Victory Lane came in Scott's 39th NASCAR Camping World start, and he was the 10th different winner in 10 NCWTS races at the Monster Mile. The last few laps however weren't without anxious moments for the youngster from Boise, Idaho. Even as he crossed the finish line on the last lap reality had not set in.

"I'll tell you, first off I didn't even think I'd won once I took the checkered flag," Scott said in the media center during the winner's press conference. "I've seen so many times when the leaders have been leading getting to the white -- especially with all of the tires problems that had happened. All I was thinking was, 'Oh great, I'm going to get to the white and then I'm going to blow a tire going into one. Then I made it through (turns) one and two and then I thought it's going to take a little longer for me to ruin this thing. So, I went into (turns) three and four and sure enough I came around and hit the checkered. I was beside myself. I didn't know what to think. My heart was pumping. I don't think I breathed the last ten laps. I think Jeff Hensley said it the=2 0best right when I got done doing the burnout and he said, 'Somebody pinch me.' So, I reached over to pinch myself to make sure to make sure I wasn't dreaming, too. It's just an awesome feeling. You're exuberant. You're ecstatic. You have every emotion because your whole life goes into this. You work day in and day out. The guys bust their backs. Everybody is putting in so many hours. There's so much money and there's so much sponsorship and there's so much stress on the driver, especially an up-and-coming driver like myself that's trying to make it to the next stage. Once you feel like the monkey is off your back and the burden is washed away it's a great feeling to let yourself release. Toyota's support has meant everything to us and it has allowed us to be competitive as a single truck team because of all their support, all their engineering, all of their data and all of their team sharing between other Toyotas. That's really the reason why we're in victory lane if it all boiled down to something I believe."

For Hensley, a veteran NASCAR crew chief who has won a championship in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and nine NCWTS events, this win was one for the ages.

"It's special," Hensley said in the media center. "You can't really put it into words -- I can't. All these guys at Xpress Motorsports work reall y hard and the Scott family gives us everything we need to get the job done. Brian (Scott) has done a heck of a job. I'm fortunate to be here. Our first race together last year was Las Vegas in September and we just kind of clicked. I have a lot of respect for his ability and I think he had a lot of respect for my ability and whenever you can get that, it's pretty special. This sport has so many mechanical pieces and all of the technology that we have but it's still about people. This is a pretty special deal. One thing that I haven't forgot about, because I live and breathe it every day, is the amount of help we get from Toyota. I don't know the last time -- it might have been last week -- that a single truck has won a race. As I told Brian and his dad, us being a single truck team with Toyota's help and support -- it's not near as critical as it would be if you were with another manufacturer. A lot of the success that we had, we owe a bit of gratitude to Toyota and what they've done there. You can't even put a price tag on that and that alone makes our single truck team as competitive week in and week out as anybody out there."

Scott was followed to the finish line by Setzer, Starr, Jason White and Johnny Sauter in the top-five. The win catapulted Scott to 5th in the NCWTS points chase, only 107 points out of the lead. The next race for the NCWTS is the Windstar World Casino 400 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX.

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