Daytona: Toyota teams qualifying quotes

TERRY COOK, No. 59 Melling Engine Parts Toyota Tundra, HT Motorsports: Starting 7th 50.830 seconds, 177.061 mph On his qualifying run: "We've had some cooling issues since we've been here and we don't know what the problem is, but I see it crept...

TERRY COOK, No. 59 Melling Engine Parts Toyota Tundra, HT Motorsports:
Starting 7th 50.830 seconds, 177.061 mph

On his qualifying run: "We've had some cooling issues since we've been here and we don't know what the problem is, but I see it crept up here again in qualifying. Hopefully it's nothing that will cause any concern and we will be okay for the race. The truck is driving good and we made some changes before qualifying that will really help for the race. I thought it might hurt us a little in qualifying, but we're really not too concerned about that. We're really here for the race so we'll just have to see how it all shakes out."

On positioning for the race: "It is pretty important, I think we started 30th here last year and we made it up to 10th. Its really not too big of a deal, but you do want to stay away from the 'crazies' out there so to have a good starting spot is a pretty big deal here."


TED MUSGRAVE, No. 9 Team ASE Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing:
Starting 8th 50.977 seconds, 176.550 mph

On his qualifying run: "Don't get me wrong, I'm elated that it would run that fast, I didn't dream that truck would run that fast because all last year it never did but it ran real good in the race and finished third both times. I just hope I can rethink that type of a situation. With this new tire and everything else, this truck might come around as the race comes on."

On the cooler weather for Friday's race: "The biggest thing is when the tires are cold with restarts or the very beginning of the race. As the race goes on it will not hurt us at all -- this is a taped configuration, we'll just adjust a little bit on that. The set up will not change a lot."


MIKE SKINNER, No. 5 Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing: Starting 9th
50.978 seconds, 176.547 mph

On his qualifying run: "It was eventful. Normally this is the most boring place, here and Talladega are the two most boring places on the planet to qualify because every driver in the race goes out there and holds it wide open and they turn four corners and handlings not an issue. It's all about how slick your car or truck is and how fast your stuff is. We went out there and I went into (turn) three coming up to speed and Jeff (Hensley, Crew Chief) said, 'Mike, it's raining hard over here,' and I was thinking to myself, if it doesn't get any worse than this, I'm going to go ahead and go. I came around here and I don't think I saw the green, thought I saw the yellow light -- at that point in time it had covered the windshield and I let off the gas -- they never threw the caution. I said, 'I have no choice, I have to go.' So, I just got up real close to the wall so if I slipped I wasn't going to hit so hard and went on out there. I decided on the second lap that I would suck it up or start in the back. Water out here really kills the horsepower."


JOHNNY BENSON, No. 23 Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing:
Starting 10th 51.019 seconds, 176.405 mph

On his qualifying run: "It's raining a little bit, not too bad. Our Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Tundra is in pretty good shape. It was good in practice. Probably not one of the top two or three, but good enough to run top ten for sure. We just need to be in the right place at the right time as the night goes. Qualifying was decent, I mean I'm not going to complain about that. We'll be good for the race though."

On looking forward to the 2007 season: "Absolutely, we've been getting prepared over the winter and we brought Trip Bruce on board as the crew chief. It wasn't a fair deal because he just started about three days before we came down to Daytona for the test. We're fairly close to where we need to be. We only went about a tenth and a half faster than we did in the test and I guess I thought we would be a little faster. But we'll be fine and we'll see where we start. We're looking forward to this season for sure."


AJ ALLMENDINGER, No. 00 Red Bull Toyota Tundra, Darrell Waltrip Motorsports:
Starting 11th 51.020 seconds, 176.401 mph

On his qualifying run: "The truck is good. I thought we'd be a little bit quicker on the qualifying, but it's not a big deal. It's been driving well and has been drafting good. The truck is very consistent and that's the most important thing. We've really been working towards a good race setup and good balance. The trucks move a lot in the draft, so we're just trying to get stability."

AARON FIKE, No. 1 Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing:
Starting 12th 51.065 seconds, 176.246 mph

On his qualifying run: "I figured we would run faster now. We ran like a 50.90 in practice and I figured we'd run at least a seven, but everything is cold, the air and the oil and everything. I'm a little disappointed with the lap, but it's alright, we should be in there -- in the top 15, around there to get a good pit box, that's all that matters."

On the second lap being quicker than the first: "I think they are just running out of RPM's. You are already up to maximum RPM on your first lap and you kind of just run out of steam with out any help. The Roush trucks seem to pick up on the second lap, everyone else seems not to pick up that much."

-credit: toyota motorsports

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