Daytona Preseason Thunder - Toyota afternoon notes 2008-01-12

TOYOTA NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) Test Day 2 PM Daytona International Speedway January 12, 2008 TERRY COOK, No. 60 Wyler Racing Toyota Tundra, Wyler Racing Do you feel the pressure of repeating the Daytona victory for Wyler Racing...

TOYOTA NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) Test
Day 2 PM
Daytona International Speedway
January 12, 2008

TERRY COOK, No. 60 Wyler Racing Toyota Tundra, Wyler Racing

Do you feel the pressure of repeating the Daytona victory for Wyler Racing this season? "Jack (Sprague) and the Wyler Racing team did a great job here at Daytona last year. They sat on the pole and won the race. It was a phenomenal race effort. We want to live up to those expectations and come back and repeat, but there are a lot of good teams that can win. It's hard to repeat year after year, especially with virtually a new crew. We're going to have a new crew chief, a new spotter, a new team manager and a lot of new crew guys. I think most of the over-the-wall guys will be new. Even though it is still Wyler Racing, there are a lot of big changes. It is all positive stuff, though. There is no reason we can't come back and defend the race win for this team."

What will it take for you to consistently run up front in 2008? "I definitely think it's the team. The opportunity at Wyler Racing is great. They have a lot of great employees. TRD (Toyota Racing Development) has made sure we have all the resources we need to be competitive week-in and week- out at our disposal. We're just looking for great things this year. We're going to cram in a lot of testing to try and shorten up the learning curve between myself and the crew chief and the guys. We want to come out of the box strong and run each week in the top-10. If we can get running consistently in the top-five, we can contend for some wins. I think we're capable of that."


JASON OVERSTREET, Crew Chief, No. 9 Crocs/Construct Corps Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing

Does your mentality as a crew chief change when you're working with a rookie driver? "It changes it some. Not for calling races, but from a setup standpoint during practice, there's a lot. We work quite a bit at the shop comparing with Todd Bodine. We're depending on Todd to really get the trucks at the shop to his driving style to help Justin."

Has the team encouraged Todd to work a lot with Justin or has he reached out on his own? "That's just Todd. He's always out to help everybody. He'll help everybody in the garage - whether it's a teammate or not. This is one team with two trucks and a Nationwide Series car. We're just trying to get everybody to work together and have good communication across the board -- from the drivers, to the crew chiefs to the crew. We want everybody on the same page."

How is the communication between you and Justin working thus far? "I think our first race at Atlanta last fall, we didn't have very good communication. Just because he didn't know me and I didn't really know him. I think the races we did together, ending on a high note at Homestead, our communication got better. I don't think he's changed anything, I just think we know what each other are saying. Those races were an unbelievable help to us and it will only get better this season."


MIKE SKINNER, No. 5 Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing

How has the test gone for your team? "It's been a good learning experience. We chose to bring a truck with a little bit more rear down force and I think that's going to pay dividends late in the race. We've put that thing in every position you can put a truck in. We're going to try a different setup tomorrow, and I think we can come back and be pretty good. We're not quite as good as we'd like to be, but we're not bad."

How important is it to get your truck working on all parts of the race track? "Like it or not, that's going to happen as soon as the green flag drops. You're going to be in the front. You're going to be in the back. You're going to be the guy on the inside, the guy in the middle and the guy three- or four-wide. I've tried to put our truck through every scenario I can think of. Sometimes it's hard when there's only five or six trucks drafting to do all of that, but we've been fairly successful. I think our truck is pretty respectable."

Do you pay attention to the other competitors during a test session? "I pay attention to everybody. I want to know everybody's strengths and everybody's weaknesses. If I don't know you're weaknesses, I can't beat you. If I know your strengths, I can work to get mine better in those areas, but I need to know your strengths."

-credit: toyota motorsports

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