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Dennis Setzer, No 46, SILVERADO, Finished 6th "Man we just could not get any help out there tonight. I had a couple of shots there in the end, but just couldn't get anyone to stay with me and give me the push I needed to get back to the front,"...

Dennis Setzer, No 46, SILVERADO, Finished 6th

"Man we just could not get any help out there tonight. I had a couple of shots there in the end, but just couldn't get anyone to stay with me and give me the push I needed to get back to the front," stated a disappointed Dennis Setzer after the race. "I am really proud of the way our team prepared for this race and how well we performed tonight. I think we were able to show just how strong our team has gotten in the past few months. I am also very pleased with the power under the hood that Richard Childress Racing gave us all weekend. I am glad that we were able to put our American Revolution Chevrolet Silverado up front for a good bit of the night. Chevrolet has some really exciting things going on right now and we really wanted to put the right truck in victory lane tonight."

Shane Sieg, No. 07, Racing Finishes/ Auto Air Chevrolet, Finished 23rd

"It was fun out there, but man it's too bad I got caught up in the middle of that. All I saw was a bunch of smoke, I tried to make it through, almost made it through, then got caught by Andy Houston.

Nailed him then tore up the truck. It was a good learning experience in the draft. Drafting out there is something different then anywhere else. I hope we get to run here again."

Joey Clanton, No. 40, Curtis Key Plumbing Chevrolet, Finished 32nd

"We got loose out there, then somebody got into the back of us, turned us sideways, then we started sliding around in some oil. That was quite an experience these boys, they're a little wild out there.

They were ready to go right of the bat, you gotta go out there and save your equipment. I made a mistake getting into the pits, but we got our 'Lucky Dog' and got back up with a fast truck tonight. I want to thank Curtis Key and the whole team. We worked our tails off. We showed them that we were here."

Shane Hmiel, No. 15, Earl Small's Harley-Davidson Chevrolet, Finished 14th

"Chevrolet all the way, Baby. It felt good to push past a Toyota in the lead with this SILVERADO. If we could have just tightened it up a bit, we would have had something for them. With the Chevy truck and the DEI engine we had the power. We could either bring it home or beat it up for a couple spots. It turned too good. We were loose, loose, loose!"

Tina Gordon, No. 13, Vassarette/Microtel Chevrolet, Finished 24th

Tina on the radio right before the race: "Regardless of how this ends and how we finish, I'm proud of all of you guys and everything you have done for me this week. I'm so glad to be a part of this team. For a bunch of yankees, you guys can sure put a great truck together."

Tina after the race: "I'm not going to let tonight put a damper on a great week. I definitely wish things would have turned out better. We just had some unfortunate things happen out there. I was so proud of my guys. I couldn't ask for a better crew than Jerry Cook and these ThorSport Racing guys."

Superstitious??: "Im not going to give up on the No. 13. I still think it is a lucky number. We will just get ready to go after it again in Atlanta."

Jack Sprague, No. 16, IWX RACING CHEVY TRUCKS SILVERADO, Finished 25th

"We took off there after that yellow and the truck was really good -- probably the best it had been. I don't know what happened. Without looking, I'm not going to pass judgment. I was told 'clear'. I was just following Mike (Skinner) and the next thing I knew I was (turned) around. The Chevy Trucks Chevrolet was good. The Chris (Showalter) and Dave (Fuge) kept tweaking it and we really were getting stronger as the race went on. We were a little tight to begin with but every change the crew made we kept getting better and better.

"There was a lot of race left for us to keep moving to the front but just wasn't meant to be I guess. These Chevy Truck Silverado guys worked hard to get me a truck that was racing really good. Just before the wreck, I told them on the radio it was awesome.

"They thrashed to get the truck repaired so we could go back out and get as many points as we could. We improved a few positions by running it to the end.

"We will just come back strong at Atlanta. There are a lot of races left in this season, we will stay focused on our game plan and take this Chevy Trucks Silverado to the front."

Mike Wallace, No. 52 Federated Auto Parts Silverado, Finished 3rd

"Carl (Edwards) and I were lined up there with Travis (Kvapil) behind us. If we had gotten two-wide, which we could have, we would have had to race the whole field. And that wasn't going to be good because I've been in those circumstances and all of a sudden you can be in the back of the pack. Some of the other guys wouldn't give me any help on the restart of the race, so I wasn't in any mood to help them at this particular point, but the Federated Auto Parts guys did a wonderful job. I got a little behind on one of the pit stops, but the truck ran extremely well all night long. Travis just got a run on us but hey, it was a good race. I think truck racing is great. I wanted to beat Carl and I thought I had a shot at him -- I did have a shot at him if I didn't have to race that whole field. But we did great."

WITH THREE (TOP 10'S LAST YEAR IN THREE DIFFERENT DIVISIONS, WHAT IS IT ABOUT DAYTONA THAT MAKES YOU RUN SO GREAT HERE? "I like it. I like it a lot. I think I understand the draft and when you need to be patient."

DO THE MANUFACTURER'S HELP EACH OTHER? "Anymore, I don't think you have any buddies out there at the end. I was leading on the restart and asked for a little help from a few guys and I got drilled down there in Turn 1. I knew all those bets were off. I think we kind of all run the same race at the end. I know I didn't want to have to race the whole field. I'm sure Travis didn't either. He probably had a run that he could have made on me. We were dragging the brake and rolling out of the throttle and just trying to put ourselves in the best position. We're in the business for our teams and ourselves and that's what we're trying to do."

David Starr, No. 75, SPEARS Silverado, Finished 12th

"We're happy with a Top-12 finish. My Spears Chevrolet team did a great job. We definitely got the right truck. At the end there, I was surprised how fast we were even with the front end banged up. We kept coming in and working on it.

"It would run real good for about 8 laps with fresh tires, but when the tires went away, it was a real handful. We couldn't get anyone to run with us on that final lap. I can't really blame anyone for that. The aerodynamics are so important here at Daytona and I don't think I would've lined up with us at the end. This race sets the tone for the entire season, so we feel pretty good. We'll take 12th place and look forward to starting our own American Revolution in Atlanta."

Matt Crafton, No. 6, GM GOODWRENCH SILVERADO, Finished 19th

"Our plan was to stay out of trouble and we were doing that and running our plan. Sometimes, though, you just can't stay out of someone else's trouble or somebody else's mistakes. I hear that one truck turned somebody and they turned Steve Park into me... I don't know exactly what happened, but everybody was just way too aggressive at the beginning of the race.

"The GM Goodwrench Chevy was real, real good. The handling, the chassis and the RCR motor were really strong. We going to have some wins to come and we're going to be good all year. All we were doing is what Kevin (Harvick) told me to do 'just ride and save your stuff 'til the end.' That's what we were trying to do - but it just didn't work that way tonight.

"We are going to get some wins and I promise that."


"Apparently when someone got into us it shoved the radiator and ductwork backwards. The radiator got up against the oil filter and punched a hole in the oil filter. Matt goes by and we noticed all the smoke and thought it was a tire rub and it was pushin' every drop of oil out on the race track.

"He goes all the way around the racetrack to turn three and he tells us there's zero oil pressure. We told him to cut the engine and coast back to the pits. There was not a drop of oil in it.

"We put 10 quarts of oil in it and the motor finished the race. We run a sixteen or eighteen quart system so it was four or five quarts short. I'm gonna take the crankshaft out of that thing and out it on the mantelpiece ay home. That was one tough motor!


"It was a long evening but we had a good truck. You can only worry about things that you can control and unfortunately an accident like that was out of our control.

"I guess on my side, I need to make sure that we're prepared a bit better in the pits next time. If someone would have told me that I'd need an oil filter on pit road I'da told them they were crazy. I guess you live and learn. This is a whole new crew and we're starting from scratch; this was the first time that had worked a race together. Our pit stops were pretty good tonight and that's going to do nothing but improve as we work together. They are a good bunch of guys and I think this Kevin Harvick GM Goodwrench team will be a force to deal with. We'll get our act together and get the little things fixed and be ready for Atlanta.

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