Daytona: GM teams race quotes, notes

After scoring top-10 qualifying efforts andconsidered favorites to contend for the victory in the Chevy Silverado 250, Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Jack Sprague, No. 2 American Commercial Lines Silverado and Matt Crafton, No. 88...

After scoring top-10 qualifying efforts andconsidered favorites to contend for the victory in the Chevy Silverado 250, Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Jack Sprague, No. 2 American Commercial Lines Silverado and Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards/Peak Silverado were victims of mechanical issues and early race incidents that dropped them in the finishing order.

Chad McCumbee, No. 8 MRD Silverado, finish seventh matching his best ever NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series career finish. Rookie Brian Scott finished ninth in the No. 16 Shark Energy Drink/Albertsons Silverado.

Race number one of theNCTS searon was won by Todd Bodine. Kyle Busch and Johnny Benson finished second and third.


Matt Crafton, No 8 Menards/Peak Silverado, Qualified 7th, Involved in multi-truck crash on lap 18, Finished 24th

ON WHAT HAPPENED: "I was following the No. 51 (Kyle Busch) and all of a sudden he came from the top groove to the bottom and then all of a sudden the No. 5 (Mike Skinner) went up and kind of met the No. 51. It got really wild after that pit stop; I mean, really wild. Nobody had any patience. And I was just honestly waiting for that. People were being way too stupid out there. All in all we had a decent truck. We were waiting to work on it and get our first pit stop so we could take some tires and start adjusting on the thing, on this Menards/Peak Chevy Silverado. It was tight, but we were going to be all right by the end of the night. That happens here."


Chad Chaffin, No. 40 Key Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 22nd, Involved in multi-truck crash on lap 18, Finished 36th

ON WHAT HAPPENED: "Well I don't know who caused it. I heard the No. 51 (Kyle Busch) started it all. I saw them all get loose and start bouncing off the outside wall and then I just ran into it. I had just caught the back of that pack but when I got there, there were just no holes. The track was blocked. I hit the No. 10 truck (Brendan Gaughan). He was sitting still. It's a shame when you see a wreck happening and you still can't miss it. I saw every bit of it but I still couldn't miss it. But I'm okay."


Mike Bliss, No. 71 TRG Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 26th, NOTE: Bliss was involved in a multi-truck incident on lap 24 and retired from competition, Qualified 26th, Finished 33rd

"I thought it was going to hurt. I was kinda expecting it to hurt and it didn't hurt. I am not disappointed; don't want to say that, I didn't want to get hurt.

"First I have to thank TRG and Mark Smith. The motor was excellent. You know, that truck was fast. I think that Chevrolet was going to win the race, I have never been in a truck that fast here at Daytona - ever. It was just haulin' butt.

"I am very upset-I am holding it in-but I am upset, we were sitting third and you wouldn't think stuff was going to happen there.

"I don't know what is going on. You never know here. I don't know why guys do this kind of stuff."


Andy Lally, No. 7 Line-X Silverado, Qualified 15th, Qualified 15th, Finished 11th:

"Our Chevy Silverado was actually flying out there. These guys gave me a good truck. And I played it a little conservative out there tonight. The goal was to get a good baseline run in here and I think we proved that TRG Motorsports can build a good truck and that's a real good deal for Line-X, the extra bed liners. And we could run with them at the front there. I was just waiting for a couple of mistakes. I had a few really close calls tonight. And it was exciting to say the absolute least. I'm proud to be running with these guys and running in this series and I'm looking forward to going to California next week."

WAS IT PRETTY WILD OUT THERE? "That was the wildest thing I've ever done in my life."

YOUR TEAMMATE, MIKE BLISS, SAID HE HAD THE FASTEST TRUCK HE'S EVER HAD HERE. "Yeah, he was cooking. And it's just a testament to what these guys can do in such a short amount of time and I'm looking forward to once we can catch up and this TRG Motorsports crew can get some time behind them and we can start pushing."


Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Qualified 5th, Finished 25th, 46 laps down: NOTE: Hornaday took his Silverado to the garage on lap 43 with mechanical issues:

"I was half throttle out there most of the time. We were just trying to stay out of trouble out there. This is unfortunate. We will try to get this thing running and go out there and help Jack Sprague. There was a lot of beating and banging going on out there. On that one restart that Skinner got crashed, Then they crashed in front of me and Crawford (Rick) got in to the back of me but luckily I saved it. I learned a lot about my new headrest, I got to cut it off cause I hit my funny bone and it wasn't funny. I have to thank Kevin and DeLana and Rick Ren. All these guys on the Camping World Chevrolet. This truck is so fun to come down and drive, something like this."


Jack Sprague, No. 2 American Commercial Lines Silverado, Qualified 6th, Finished 19th- 3 laps down - NOTE: Sprague came to pit road on lap 42 under green with a cut tire, losing three laps in the process:

"Just a tough night for our American Commercial Lines Silverado. I think the truck was actually better after we had all of our troubles. I was really loose to begin with; then I kept cutting left fronts from rubbing on the left front fender, that is where I lost all of my laps. I don't know, what do you do. Go on to California. I knew the way these things were driving, it was going to be a wreck fest, and it was. But we were fast and I know Ernie (Cope, crew chief) and the guys would have kept adjusting us to get it good at the end when we needed to be. Just wasn't meant to be for us."


Chad McCumbee, No. 8 MRD Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 10th, Finished 7th:

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE GOING TO GET A TOP-FIVE BUT YOU CAN'T BE DISSATISFIED WITH A TOP-SEVEN FINISH HERE. "Yeah, I tell you what it was a great performance from theMRD group tonight. They worked their butts off all winter long and I tell you what, we've got a lot better trucks coming this season. We just wanted to get through this race with a decent finish and man I thought I had it set up there for a minute. But three laps before the final pit stop the left front shock broke and I just didn't have a left front the rest of the race. We came in and looked at it everyone was just real disappointed. And I asked the guys, do we just want to go out there and just ride around or do we want to just go for it. And they looked at me and just said go for it so that's what we did, but I just couldn't get it pushing in because the nose was oscillating so bad through the center of the corner that we just lost so much ground through the corner with the sheer speed being knocked off that we just couldn't go anywhere. Down the straightaway it was fine, but our Silverado just kept knocking around so much in the corner that seventh was about all I could do. But I will take that because that was the best finish for these guys and I was really proud to give it to them."


Erin Crocker, No. 46 fone Gear Silverado, Qualified 23rd, Finished 14th:

Looked like you were going to get up there and get a top-five finish.Also looked like you had fun out there tonight how was the truck? "Oh, me too, I thought so too. I thought I was going to get my first top-five, I really did. We waited all race long to make our move and all we really needed to worry about was the end especially with allthe wrecks. And I thought I was going to have my first top-ten and my first top-five. It was so close and if we could have just made it one last lap, but it was great. I have to thank David Dollar and all these guys they worked really hard for me and I wish I could have got them the finish that they deserved but at least we showed them what we could do and the truck is in one piece and hopefully we can get a sponsor and keep going."


Brian Scott, No. 16 Shark Energy Drink/Albertsons Silverado, Qualified 18th, Finished 9th

WELL, YOU'RE FIRST TOP-TEN AND IN THE FIRST RACE OF THE YEAR, HOW DO YOU FEEL? "I feel pretty good, but I am a little disappointed that I couldn't give Chevrolet a win tonight, but its really hard to be any bit disappointed to make it out of Daytona in one piece and with a decent finish. Our Chevy Silverado Shark Energy Drink Albertson's Supermarkettruck was running great and um you know, we initiated and completed our game plan to a tee. We wanted to run around the back and let those wrecks happen and just be there at the end of the race and then in the end we were racing and trying to make it two and three wide and doing every thing we could to go for the win. I wish we could have finished a little higher but we'll take it."

DID YOU FIND ANY PARTNERS, ANYBODY HELPING YOU OUT THERE TONIGHT? "Yes, theNo. 18and the No. 4, Dennis Setzer and Stacey Compton. We worked together and we rode in the back and we were the fastest trucks when we were teamed up. When it got to the end of the race we were trying to initiate a plan to maybe run the three of us up on the high side because the No. 4 was really good up there. So we tried running up there up top and we were really close to each other there and I think I pushed them across the finish line, so yeah, I think I might have had a friend or two out there tonight."



Marc Mitchell, No. 13 Hyprene Ergon Silverado, Qualified 25th, Finished 13th

Shelby Howard, No. 13 ThorSport Silverado, Qualified 20th, Finished 15th

Wayne Edwards, No. 28 Kissin'Kuzzins Construction Silverado, Qualified 34th, Finished 17th

Justin Hobgood, No. 53 Georgia Beef Board Silverado, Qualified 32nd, Finished 20th

Shane Sieg, No. 07 ASI Limited Silverado, Qualified 24th, Finished 23rd

-credit: gm racing

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