Daytona: GM teams qualifying quotes

DAVID STARR, NO. 75 SPEARS MANUFACTURING CHEVROLET SILVERADO -- QUALIFIED 25TH: "We were hoping to qualify a little better than this but we worked exclusively on our race setup for our Chevrolet Silverado. But we have the right truck so I am ...


"We were hoping to qualify a little better than this but we worked exclusively on our race setup for our Chevrolet Silverado. But we have the right truck so I am looking forward to tomorrow night's race. Our Silverado is really stable in the draft so I feel good that we can take our Spears Silverado to the front."


"Our ThorSports Silverado has been good since we unloaded. I am excited cause this is my best ever starting spot in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. We have drafted good in all of our practices so I am really looking forward to the race. We are looking for a sponsor for our truck so the faster we run, the better we look for our sponsors and the greater the chances we have to pickup a good partner for our team."


"Last year we missed the field by a fraction of a second, and this year we landed solidly in the top-25. I am so proud of this team. They put all they had into giving me a great truck, and it showed tonight. We're applying what we learned last year, and just know 2005 is going to be our year."


"The GM Goodwrench truck felt a little weird and we were a little tight. It felt like we weren't going anywhere. It is hard to tell exactly what we have only running two laps but after talking with Wally he isn't too concerned with speed. Our setup is nice and we plan on taking the Chevrolet Silverado to victory lane."


"I am so proud of everyone on this Xpress Motorsports Silverado team. We need to make it in on time and Doug (George) my crew chief and my crew gave me an almost perfect truck. Now I am really ready for the race. We need to finish all the laps and get to the checkered flag and gather points. Hopefully this will help bring us to the attention of a sponsor. I can't say enough about this Silverado. This is a great feeling for everyone on our team."

KERRY EARNHARDT, NO. 15 KRAFT FOODS/ALBERTSON CHEVROLET SILVERADO: Note: After a three-truck incident in Wednesday practice involving the No. 15 Silverado, No. 62 and No. 50, the backup truck was pulled out as a result of damage too serious to repair.

"This is a pretty awesome deal for our Billy Ballew Motorsports team. Ritchie (Wauters, crew chief) and the guys just gave me an awesome truck. This is my very first pole ever; this is just a great start for our season. I was a little down about not making the Daytona 500; we struggled in the Dual 150 qualified today. We had a little problem there at the start but we took care of it on our first pit stop and took four tires. Went back out there and worked our way back to the front, we had a good run going there on the highside and a car washed up in front of me a little bit and I had to get on the binders and that let the 00 car get by and take us out of the Daytona 500.

"But it was so awesome to come over here in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and put the No. 15 Billy Ballew Kraft/Albertson Chevrolet Silverado on the pole. The truck is really fast. We had that little problem yesterday when I got a little loose and washed up in front of Steve Park in practice and we both got wrecked. Unfortunately for him, it was my fault and I can't apologize enough for putting him in that position but Ritchie and the guys put such great equipment together that the backup was just as good as the primary truck. It is a little faster than the primary.

"I couldn't have picked a better track than Daytona to win my first pole. It was a bummer not to make the 500 but my philosophy is that if it is not meant to be, then it is not meant to be and when the time is right, it will happen. I always live by that, there are reasons I am not in the Daytona 500 but it will happen when it is supposed to.

"It is the hard work that Ritchie and all the guys do on these trucks that got us here. They work really hard on these trucks; this is a brand new truck that we pulled out as a backup truck. The one we had was awesome, this one is ever better because these guys work so hard. The primary was one we had last year. We are sitting there with 10 trucks. 10 brand new trucks, how hard of work is that? I had to redeem myself with those guys, this is what the crew did. I was just the lucky guy that got to mash the gas and turn left. It is easy when you have the equipment to do it with. I never ask for lap times, I never want to know but just before I went out, I asked my crew guy Steve to call me out a time after the first lap. He tells me the time for the first lap and I said "Wow, that's what I am talking about.".

"It just feels good to be on the pole anywhere. Robert (Huffman) has been there a lot and so has Dennis (Setzer). He and I go way back to Hickory Motor Speedway in late models. These two are guys I have raced against before so it is pretty cool to be up there in the middle of them."


"This was a great effort by this Morgan-Dollar Motorsports team today. The driver doesn't have much to put into this deal its a lot like interstate driving out there for us when its time to qualify. This is the same truck that we raced here last year and it drove really good for us.

It's pretty exciting for us to be on the front row in our Chevrolet Silverado here at Daytona. I really wanted to get that pole forall the guys on the team and with GM Racing because they have put so much effort into this race. Its good to see their efforts are starting to pay off."

How about coming from the back of the field?

"This track is one of those places where you can come from the back and go to the front and go to the back in a matter of laps. We are just going to have to be patient and pick our spots tomorrow night. The truck is really handling well in traffic and unfortunately if we are going to get to the front our Silverado is going to have to battle quite a bit of traffic."

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