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A Total of 16 Silverado Race Trucks Set For Chevy Silverado HD 250 Friday Night Daytona International Speedway Team Chevy Silverado drivers went into tonight's qualifying for the Chevy Silverado HD 250 confident that all the preparation work they...

A Total of 16 Silverado Race Trucks Set For Chevy Silverado HD 250 Friday Night Daytona International Speedway Team Chevy Silverado drivers went into tonight's qualifying for the Chevy Silverado HD 250 confident that all the preparation work they did in race trim will pay dividends in the 100-lap/250-mile on Friday night.

With the limited practice time and the impound procedures utilized in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, every Chevy team in the garage made the decision not to place their emphasis on how they would qualify, but how they would race.

A total of 16 Silverado drivers will take the green flag at 8:00 p.m. EST and are looking forward to maximizing the tremendous handling characteristics and drafting qualify of the newly configured Silverado race truck.

Kevin Harvick, Inc. (KHI) rookie contender Cale Gale, No. 2 Camping World Silverado, clocked in the fasted time of the Bowtie Brigade, to secure the 14th starting position.

SPEED Channel, MRN Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio will bring race fans all the action live from Daytona International Speedway.



"That was the frist single truck stuff I have done all weekend. We worked mainly today on getting the thing to drive good in the draft. Unfortunately we lost a motor the first thing yesterday so we only got the hour and a half today to work on our truck at all. We knew about where we were going to be going in. We were pretty sporty in the draft and I am pretty happy with the GPS Store-Garmin Silverado for the race. See what happens when the green flag flies. These trucks down here at Daytona are pretty amazing. There is a big spread between the pole and the final starter, but a soon as they get in the draft, everybody is on more of a level playing field. We are on the lower end of the qualifying sheet but in practice today we proved we are on the top of that list."



"We didn't really expect the truck to go very fast in qualifying. These guys worked really hard over the winter. This isn't the same truck we tested, it is a brand new one. They actually built this truck after testing because the truck we brought to the test was so bad. They worked hard on it and we definitely picked up about four tenths from the truck we tested. This truck has had about two hours on the race track. I am really happy, we worked on it in the draft and we had no idea where it was going to run. The guys did a great job on it. It sucked up really good yesterday. So we should be good tomorrow night. Hopefully we will get a bunch of Chevy Silverados all lined up and go to the front."



"We knew the truck wasn't going to sit on the pole, but this Chevrolet Silverado really, really handles well. I feel really good about our chances of winning the race, top-five or top-10 at the worst. Hoping for a top-five or better. We knew it didn't have the speed in qualifying so we made it handle good. Eric Phillips and everyone at Morgan-Dollar Motorsports. We are realy happy to have DirecTV Hot Pass and Chevrolet Silverado on board.

"If it is cold, it is cold. It the same for everybody. You just have to be a little smarter the first lap or two. Daytona has a lot of grip normally at night anyway. There is so much wickerblade and all of that on them now, they seem to be very stable. Now we will end up spinning out because I said that. I don't think it is going to be any problem as long as everybody uses their head. The thing about these trucks, they have no brain. The only person that has a brain is the guy driving them. If you use your head, race smart, use the brakes, lift off the throttle when you need to, we can have a great race. I won the inaugural truck race here, we had a phenominal finish with a lot more power than we have now. So there is no reason to not have a great race tomorrow night."



"Our Chevrolet can win the race. We belive that, we have been great in drafting. All we did was drafting practice. We came here for the test and didn't like what we had, so we went back and cut the body off, re-did it and came back with something we really like. I have been happy all day long. My qualifying doesn't bother me one bit. I was hoping it would rain, because if it did, we would start 16th, not 27th. But we will go race to the front when we can. Everything was perfect, no problems, great motor just that all our Chevy had single truck, but just wait until the race.

"At Daytona you will get shuffled forward and back. It is nice to start up front because you cut down on the chances of being in something. Less problems to worry about, less people who can have an accident in front of you. In this series, rookies are all the way from the front to the back of the field and in the Craftsman Truck Series, we know we put on a good race at Daytona. We know we are always loose and bouncing around no matter if you are first or 30th, it is the same. We would like to be up front, so you don't have to work to get there."


DENNIS SETZER, NO. 75 SPEARS MANUFACTURING SILVERADO, QUALIFIED 31ST: "Our Spears Silverado has all of these trucks up front where we can see them and we are going to get them tomorrow night in the Chevy Silverado HD 250. Seriously, it doesn't hurt here to start good, but we are going to race a lot better that where we start. There are a lot of Chevrolets that are going to come up through this field but they aren't going to start very well. The Chervrolets are having a little trouble with qualifying but they are going to race a lot better than they qualify. "



"That is great that Cale (Gale) turned such a good lap. He is a heck of a good guy and Kevin and DeLana Harvick did great to bring him on board. He is what we needed for Kevin Harvick, Inc. I have thank AES, Chevrolet and Rick Ren (crew chief) who came on board to change stuff on this truck to make it drive so good. I was having a lot of fun and came down here for the race and we are still having fun. I just watched that race with James Hylton and I have another 24 years of racing. So Kevin, you have to keep a truck underneath me for another 24 years, he might go broke doing that by then. Great racing there, we will have a great race. Gotta thank NASCAR for these tires."



"You know, it felt real good, but the trucks always feel real good when you don't have other trucks around you. Hopefully it will feel pretty close to this good in the race. Yeah, it felt really good in drafting and we actually ran a little quicker lap when we did our mock qualifying run today in practice. We tried a really high line in practice and it was what we wanted and we had no reason not to do it again her tonight. But this is still a pretty good lap time and I am happy with it and looking forward to the race. Teammates are always really important out there in the race. I haven't had much of a chance to talk with Mike (Wallace) so far this week, but I am sure we'll talk before the race tomorrow night and put a plan together. He's got a lot of laps around here, several wins here, and he's a great drafter so I am happy to have him for a teammate."



"I definitely enjoyed it. We weren't as fast as we wanted to be, but just don't know exactly why. You know, when we had our practice session today this Silverado sucked-up (to the other trucks) like nobody's business. So I am hoping that will pay off for us in the No. 15 Billy Ballew Motorsports Silverado tomorrow night. We had a little issue with the engine in the first practice and had to change it out. So we've got to start in the back anyway, so we were hoping we could get a good pit spot with a good qualifying effort tonight. But I'm ready to race and know we've got good truck for tomorrow night."



"Yeah, not too bad. I think right now we are the fastest of all the Chevy's so that's good. I think we'll be towards the front and hopefully no worse than mid-pack. The most important thing is we got the Camping World Chevrolet Silverado in the race. You know, we were pretty good. We didn't do much drafting but when we did our Silverado seemed to handle pretty good. I think we'll be good and definitely a learning experience for me and I am real excited about it. My ultimate goal would obviously be to win the Silverado HD 250, but if all we end up doing is a top-ten, then I will be pretty happy with that too. The main thing for me and for the team is to finish the race. This is my first-ever superspeedway race so it will be definitely a learning deal for me, but in my heart I feel like I can do it. There's also a lot of people supporting me that think I can do it too."

-credit: gm racing

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