Daytona: Ford teams qualifying quotes

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Qualified 12th) "We knew what we had and we backed up exactly what we ran in practice. You come down here to Speed Weeks with a new format, and half of the people are drafting, two people...

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Qualified 12th)

"We knew what we had and we backed up exactly what we ran in practice. You come down here to Speed Weeks with a new format, and half of the people are drafting, two people are doing single-truck runs, and it's kind of all over the board. We knew exactly what we had and we backed it up exactly. We're happy with that; maybe we would have liked to pick up a little bit, but we're pleased with that lap time. We worked on race trim. We actually worked the entire time on race trim. We made one single-truck run just to see what kind of tape configuration we needed, and everything did its job. I hit a little bit of a headwind on backstretch on the first lap, and I think it maybe hurt a little bit, but overall I'm still pleased with the effort."

ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITH THE IMPOUND RULE HERE AT DAYTONA? "I am comfortable with it, but the only thing that concerns me is exactly what happened in testing down here and exactly what's happened twice since we've been here, and that's the wrecks. Unfortunately you get out there and some people don't want to draft, some do, some are making single-truck runs, and you've got 36-plus trucks scattered all over the track in different modes, and unfortunately we've had some wrecks. Maybe that wasn't attributed to that, but when you spend most of your time down here in drafting trim, you can't draft at half-speed or quarter-speed. If you're going to draft you have to draft like you're in race simulation, and when you do that you put yourself in some positions you shouldn't be in. There are a lot of drivers that are smart enough not to do that, but there are a lot that aren't, and that's what's causing the wrecks."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Qualified 19th)

"We had a little bit of headwind down the back straightway, and the way that we've got the Circle Bar Ford geared, we actually lost a little bit of RPMs going down the back straightaway and that hurts your speed. I'd like to be four or five spots ahead of where we are, but we'll be fine."

ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITH THE NEW POST-QUALIFYING PROCEDURES HERE? "We've had enough practice here. People started right off the bat drafting because they wanted to see what they were in race trim and we did the same thing. This morning we ran by ourselves and saw what we had for qualifying, so we were basically ready for the race. You need to come down here and test when testing is available by NASCAR, and we did that and worked on race trim. We're ready for tomorrow."

BRAD Ford F-150 (Qualified 13th)

YOU WENT WITH A DIFFERENT STRATEGY FOR QUALIFYING AND RODE THE HIGH LINE ON YOUR FIRST TIMED LAP TO GO FOR A QUICKER SECOND LAP. "I had a theory on that today. I was going to check my water temp down the backstretch while running the high line coming off four, and if I had good water temp, which I did, so that's why the first lap wasn't so fast. I kind of killed that as a driver, but if you run the high side on the end of your first lap you can get a good run down the frontstretch and it's worth about a mile an hour. There's a little bit of compromise there, but in the end it looks like it's going to stack up pretty well."

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR FIRST TRUCK SERIES START AT DAYTONA TOMORROW? "Oh yeah. We've been here testing for days and days, and Talladega, so it's about time to go and race."

TODD KLUEVER-50-Shell Rotella T Ford F-150 (Qualified 11th)

THAT WAS A GOOD QUALIFYING RUN FOR YOUR BACKUP TRUCK. "I guess I'm happy with that. It's a backup truck and we didn't have much time on it. We were a little bit faster than that I think. I was really excited and thought we had a shot at the pole, but we had to change gears to make the truck good in race trim instead of qualifying trim."

IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF TEAMS HAD TO SACRIFICE A CHANCE AT THE POLE TO GET THE TRUCK READY FOR THE RACE. DO YOU EXPECT TO SEE SOME OF THE TRUCKS STARTING UP FRONT FALL BACK AT THE START OF THE RACE? "I really don't know, but I'd like to hope so. We had a gear in the truck earlier today that I think we would have had a really good shot a wining the pole. When you get in the draft these things are going so fast and you pick up so much RPM being unrestricted. We had to worry about tomorrow and not today."

HAVE YOU DISCUSSED ANY TEAM STRATEGY BETWEEN YOU AND CRAVEN? "A little bit. We've talked about a little bit of stuff, but I'm sure we'll talk more about it tonight and tomorrow morning. Me and Ricky have done a lot of work together already, so hopefully we can do it again."

RICKY CRAVEN-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Qualified 27th)

"I'm a little disappointed with that, but you really never know what you're going to get because we spend so much time in race trim. We'll see what we get."

THIS IS THE SAME TRUCK THAT EDWARDS DROVE TO VICTORY HERE LAST YEAR. IS IT BETTER IN RACE TRIM? "The truck has run good in race trim, but it's a mystery to me right now because I expected it to run faster than that."

DID YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE ON YOUR GEARING IN QUALIFYING FOR THE RACE? "It's a compromise. The new rules have certainly made it a compromise, but what you lose in qualifying you probably get back in the race. I think we paid the price a lot, but I think we'll get it back in the race."

DRIVERS HAVE TALKED ABOUT SEEING THE AIR AT THE SUPERSPEEDWAYS. HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO EXPERIENCE THAT IN YOUR CAREER? "Not at all. I've been doing this long enough, so I have a pretty good idea of the positions I want to be in and don't want to be in, but as far as seeing the air, I'd like to experience that."


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