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LARRY GUNSELMAN-63-Waterloo Tool Storage Ford F-150 (Finished 31st) WHAT PUT YOU OUT OF THE RACE? "The motor started missing about 20 laps into the race. It just had a slight miss and it got progressively worse. This was a great truck, too. ...

LARRY GUNSELMAN-63-Waterloo Tool Storage Ford F-150 (Finished 31st)

WHAT PUT YOU OUT OF THE RACE? "The motor started missing about 20 laps into the race. It just had a slight miss and it got progressively worse. This was a great truck, too. I was only using three quarters of throttle for most of what we ran. I truly believe we had a shot to do something today. We were right up there in the top 10, just cruising, waiting to make our move at the end. I was just staying in line and tried to wait it out. It just starting missing, so we came in under caution and thought maybe it was a plug wire but it wasn't. Finally it just let go coming off of Turn 2."

DID THE RULE CHANGE THIS MORNING THAT REMOVED ONE OF THE AIR HOSES TO THE MOTOR LEAD TO THE PROBLEM WITH THE ENGINE? "I don't think so. I don't think that rule change made the slightest bit of difference. We kinda had some pushrod problems in practice, so we replaced everything and thought it was fixed, but the problem wasn't solved. We'll just have to go home and do some more homework. We thought we had something for those guys up front, but now we have to regroup and think about the next race we'll make it to."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

YOU WERE SITTING IN SECOND PLACE WITH TWO LAPS TO GO, BUT IT APPEARED THAT YOU WERE GANGED UP ON THE RESTART. "I know we had a great gear and transmission package for restarts, and I don't know if the Fords are pushing more air here or what, but it wouldn't accelerate by itself. I tucked up behind the 6 on the last restart and I thought we had something left to get a second or third-place finish. We just couldn't pass without some help. We had to bide our time all day just to make sure we were there at the finish and we brought it home sixth, although that's not what we wanted. We wanted to come here and win, and when you can't win, you want a top-five. We also understand that this is a championship race and this is a good way to start the season off and build momentum from here."

MECHANICAL PROBLEMS SEEMED TO SIDELINE A LOT OF COMPETITIVE TRUCKS TODAY. "You see a lot of banged up and blown up trucks here today and that was our main focus from the get-go - to finish and get the best finish we could out of the truck. We were struggling a little bit on all-out speed and we knew we needed some help, and I got looking around on those last two restarts and I sure didn't see any blue ovals anywhere near me, so I knew I was going to have to go it alone. I tried to work with that one Chevrolet, but it was a case of too little too late."

HOW FRUSTRATING IS IT TO GET GANGED UP BY ONE MANUFACTURER? "It's very frustrating because it's a situation that you can only pass if you get help. I don't know what the Dodges had underneath them today, but the red ones were stout. They could pass at will and we couldn't do that." YOU DID MAKE IT TO THE FRONT ON TWO OCCASIONS. "We led some laps, but we had to bump and grind to get up there. It wasn't a case of us pulling out of line and doing it ourselves. We just took what they would give us."

JON WOOD-50-U.S. Navy Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 21st)

"All of the work to come here, and all the time effort to get caught up in a mess on pit road is just aggravating. We had all of the Navy folks here today and we wanted to put on a good show, and we could have. We were going to have a good run today. We got up to fourth place real quick and I got kinda shuffled back because I was following Ted Musgrave and his line didn't go. We were still going to be just fine and then we had that problem in the pits and it just killed the nose. It was aero thing after that."

IN TERMS OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP, CAN YOU LOOK PAST THIS RACE? "Yeah, everyone has at least one bad one, but we can't afford to have any more."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Finished 24th)

HOW FRUSTRATING WAS YOUR DAY TODAY? "It wasn't frustrating. We had a bad call in the pits, but we have a good team and a great truck, and we should be in Victory Lane right now. We got in a couple of wrecks and still had a fast truck; it didn't matter. Ernie Elliott's motor was sitting under the hood there and it was flawless; it had super horsepower there. I think NASCAR's ruling this morning put us back in the game. Ray Stonkus made a heck of a call on the chassis to fix me up, and we were by far the fastest and we took the lead by ourselves a couple of times out there. We made the inside line work and got by them using the old slingshot maneuver. We just had a powerful truck. It's just a shame were not in Victory Lane."

YOU PASSED THE LEADERS LATE IN THE RACE EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE SEVEN LAPS DOWN. "I was out there to get as much camera time as we could. We need to get a sponsor on this truck and I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we weren't giving up, even with all the cosmetic damage on this truck. We've got Winston Cup sitting on the other side of the fence and that's where I want to be some day."

TIM FEDEWA-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 27th) - "This was unfortunate, but you'll have that in racing. I was looking for a better day. We had a good truck, it's just one of those things that sometimes happens. You have to be there at the end and today we weren't. "

WHAT HAPPENED TO CAUSE YOU TO SPIN COMING OFF OF TURN 4? "I had a little help. We were all pretty free, and I don't know who was behind me, but they were all over me and I got a little tap and that was it."

WAS THAT INEXPERIENCE BY ANOTHER DRIVER OR RACING AT DAYTONA? "It's racing. When the guy in front of you is loose, you don't need to be all over him. That's part of it. I don't blame anybody but myself; I'm the one driving it."

WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? "I'm not too sure. I'd like to keep this deal going, but that won't happen without some funding. I've got some things going and I'll have to do the best I can."

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