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RICK CRAWFORD - No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 - (finished 5th, qualified 19th) "That Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 was always performing and fun to drive. We got a little bit of damage over...

RICK CRAWFORD - No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 - (finished 5th, qualified 19th)

"That Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 was always performing and fun to drive. We got a little bit of damage over there. I was trying to push Hornaday through the wreck over there in turns three and four. We missed the other one. It looks like a missile went through our spoiler and our nose is sort of crippled. But Fancy [the truck's name] didn't let me down tonight. She took care of me and I took care of her. I followed my old teammate [David Starr] to a top-five finish, but I sure wish there was more Fords up here because we could of got together and those guys were flying. My hat is off to Roush Yates engines. I was really strong getting through the tri-oval and into turn three. I thought we had a shot to win."


ERIK DARNELL - No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 - (finished 21st, qualified 1st)

THERE WAS A REPORT THAT THERE MIGHT HAVE BEEN A VIBRATION BEFORE THE INCIDENT. "Yea, we came down for our final pit stop there and took right side tires and had a vibration in the lap up to speed out there. So I was trying to wave the 9 truck off and waved him off the backstretch and came off high in the middle of turns three and four and he just got into the back of me and turned us around. It was pretty unfortunate. Our Northern Tool + Equipment Ford was awesome tonight. I can't thank Matt Puccia and all these guys on crew tonight enough for giving me a great truck and all the guys in the shop that worked. They did a really good job getting this thing quick and fast. We were fast tonight. We were there and I think we had a real good shot at the win. It's unfortunate what happened to the other trucks early on to some of the quicker guys, I would have like to race with them as well. I think that was our race to lose tonight and I think we lost." WHAT IS THE RACING LIKE OUT THERE TONIGHT? "It was definitely a bit wild at the beginning of the race there. We were fortunate enough to be up front and kind of get in line and ride. You could kind of see in the mirror what was going on. Those guys were two and three wide and a little bit too early in the race for that to be happening. We were going to have a shot to win. It came down to the last couple of laps and unfortunately we didn't make it there."


SCOTT LAGASSE JR. - No. 20 JTG Racing Ford F-150 - (finished 26th, qualified 33rd)

"We cut a right front tire, I'm sure after all the debris that is out there. I'm sure we ran over something. My crew did an awesome job. We had a game plan when we came here and that was to race good. We were racing good. Gary [Cogswell, crew chief] and the guys put together a heck of a truck. I don't know about a victory, but we were going to run in the top 10. We were just biding our time there. That's racing and you hate it [a damaged truck] because these guys here work so hard and the guys back at the shop, too. We're going to get as many points as we can and we're going to go to California. As a group we made huge gains here this weekend. For the first time working together, I am extremely excited about this year because we had a truck capable of running in the top 10. These Roush Yates motors are awesome. I've got to thank those guys for making such great equipment."


JON WOOD - No. 21 The Barnhill Group Ford F-150 - (finished 27th, qualified 31st)

"I'm not real sure what happened. Somebody got sideways. I couldn't see where I was going and got drilled from the back and that was pretty much it. It was a matter that the truck was pretty much flat and I couldn't see."


COLIN BRAUN - No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150 - (finished 31st, qualified 9th)

"Well, it was just one of those deals there where we were running up there at the front and we were just trying to stay out of trouble. We had a great truck. Mike Beam [crew chief] and Bobby Hudson did a great job. They worked so hard back in the shop. I really feel bummed out for them because we've got to bring back another tore-up truck. I guess that's what happens when you have a couple of team trucks running up front that's what happens. Odds are that you are going to wreck and unfortunately it happened twice in a row."


JOEY CLANTON - No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 - (finished 32nd, qualified 11th)

"The 9 [Justin Marks] truck spun the tires or something like that and I tried to be defensive and turn left to get under him and not run into the back of him. Nobody has done that before or here, to spin the tires on the restart. And that doesn't happen like that. I just turned left to get under him and he fell off 10 car links or whatever and I just got a good run down the back straightaway. I got a better run than I thought I did and I had to pull out of line otherwise I would have run into the 71 [Mike Bliss]. When I pulled out, the 60 [Terry Cook] truck pulled out and he went way by me at the exit of turn three. He kind of turned my truck down a little bit and I got right on the 71's bumper. I tried to get up and back out of it to get on the brakes and back in line behind him and he just stepped out and up the race track he came. He collected us and then got the 60 truck. It wasn't a good night. It was frustrating. We had a good truck. I'm still excited about being over here [Roush Fenway Racing]. We've just got to finish the races. I'm looking forward to getting back to California next week. The guys are all down. They're all enthused, but they're down a little bit because they expected better. I've got to apologize to the 6 [Colin Braun] truck for getting into it. I really hate it for them because all the guys there and the guys at the shop are trying to get us good trucks here and we had 'em and we just didn't bring 'em home."


BRENDAN GAUGHAN - No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 - (finished 34th, qualified 28th)

We're perfectly fine. The Circle Bar Racing team builds great Ford pick up trucks. I feel bad for the International MAXX Force guys. Anybody that was watching that understands anything about racing can understand that Kyle [Busch] just will say 'I'll race tomorrow' he doesn't care about this. This is his fun time. [Mike] Skinner was loose and he's one of the best drivers we got. I was on the outside of him and knew he was loose so [I] was making room and Kyle [Busch] had all the outside and decided to stay right down the center and cut right in front of him. Skinner had nowhere, tapped him and I tapped Skinner and the whole thing happens and he'll just come tomorrow. Of course, his truck is still running and my Ford's in the pits. It's a [bad] day and International had a ton of people here and had an International truck tow my International truck in, so I'm not happy about that. You could see we not only had one of the best Fords, we had one of the best trucks. I don't know if we were the top Ford in that first run, but we got from 28th to seventh and I sat in the bottom groove and thought 'cool, I found a spot.' My guys did a great pit stop with four tires and we got out and were sitting there. It's just a shame that a guy that will get out of the race at the end of the day and doesn't care how many cars he wrecks and says, 'hey, I'll get 'em tomorrow' because this isn't his job for a living. Those of us who race the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series for a living full time have sponsors to take care of. This is where our money is paid for. That's not they way we want it again. If you watch the tape, Kyle just didn't feel like going up to where he was clear. He stayed down and was tight on the nose and I came up on Skinner. Me and Skinner had no place to go. He [Skinner] is one of the best drivers out there, I'd race against him any second of any day. We had one of the best trucks out there. I think International could have one the Daytona 250."

YOU DID MAKE CONTACT WITH SKINNER, BECAUSE HE DIDN'T THINK YOU DID? "I made contact with him after he got pushed. I was right on his outside rear corner and I'm watching the whole thing and watching him as Kyle drives across, Skinner gets moved and as he wiggled up it was right into my nose. It wasn't like I hit him because I hit him, it was after the aftermath and then both of us went to the wall. Fortunately, Circle Bar builds good trucks and Skinner's team builds great race trucks. He's already walked out [of the infield care center] and I've walked out, everybody's okay. Once again, a guy that's still in the race, he'll come out and say 'I'll get them tomorrow' while the rest of us that do this full time are sitting with trucks destroyed." DID THE RACE GET ROUGH AS IT WENT ALONG? "No, it didn't get any rougher than the start of the race. I went from 28th to seventh and followed Mike Bliss and he did a great job. The trucks move around a lot and that's what makes the Craftsman Truck race so fun. But after the pit stop, guys made some adjustments. Some guys made adjustments and moved a couple spots. Guys were stuck in the middle. It didn't get any rougher than it had been. It was a great Craftsman Truck series race, I just wish we weren't towed into the garage."


P.J. JONES - No. 63 Diversified Ford Partners Ford F-150 - (finished 35th, qualified 29th)

"I was just riding along and my truck was awesome. We started on the last row and I moved up to 16th or 12th or something like that. I was really trying to stay two wide and not try to get in the middle of this three-wide stuff. The only option I had was to stay to the right and the guys started to stack up. I must have broke a full line or something because there were a lot of frames in the cockpit a little bit. It probably wasn't as bad as it looked. I guess we need to thank Bill Simpson and Impact Racing for that one [a burned firesuit, with no harm to the driver]. The truck was handling real well. I was just trying to be patient and be up there. I was okay with two wide but then they started three wide and I was like 'uh-oh', but then it's like what are you going to do or you get run into. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened they started stacking-up and we were in the middle of it. Mike Mittler is awesome. He brought this truck down here. He's been in the truck series since day one. I won the very first truck race together and to come back here tonight it was awesome. I hope to get out there again; it was awesome."

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING DRIVING DOWN THE BACK STRETCH IN FLAMES? "I was thinking, 'boy, I hope this thing stops pretty soon' because there were so many flames that I couldn't tell when I was stopped. I already had my hands on the seatbelt thinking 'do I release now? Are they going to slide into me?' That was kind the thing of where were we going to stop because I didn't want anyone to run into me. There was a lot of flames - it was pretty incredible. I don't know if we broke a fuel line or oil line but it instantly went up into flames. I just want to thank Diversified Partners and Mike Mittler, Dave Porter and all the guys that helped us get down here, it was awesome. They did a great job."

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