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CARL EDWARDS-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 24th): "I think that's classic rookie idiocy there. It kept getting looser and looser, and it's no big deal to be loose, but I think it was chassis loose and Mike (Wallace) was coming around me...

CARL EDWARDS-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 24th):

"I think that's classic rookie idiocy there. It kept getting looser and looser, and it's no big deal to be loose, but I think it was chassis loose and Mike (Wallace) was coming around me and it just got the air so far off of it. There was no getting it back. I tried real hard initially, and then I thought, 'I'm gonna hit the wall with this thing.' That's just frustrating. Roush Racing is wonderful. Mike Mittler just checked on me. They say I still have a job, so we're going to Darlington, hopefully. Everyone who ran for the championship ran like crud in the Daytona race. The guys have just worked so hard, I feel terrible for them. That's just as loose as you could get."

"It was going great. Everything was going better than planned and it kept getting looser and looser. Mike got up there just right, and on a one to 10 scale, it was a five loose for the last 10 laps before that and it went straight to an 11. There was no getting it back. It was just inexperience on my part dealing with the air. It's so amazing what it does. I'm so frustrated; we were going to win this thing or at least get a top five. We were waiting. We stayed out to wait for a yellow, we just didn't plan on being the yellow."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Finished 1st):

TALK ABOUT THE MOVE YOU MADE ON THE LAST LAP. "I was protecting that yellow line. My spotter Milt Bishop said, 'Hey, stay on the yellow line and let them race for it.' We did. Then going down the back straightaway I saw the 59 Dodge on the outside and I knew he was strong. We drafted with him in practice and that's why we were 190 (mph). All of sudden, he went by himself and I followed him and got a little closer to him in 3 and 4 and then off of turn 4 he put a block on me on the high side and when he did that I dove low and it was all mine."

YOU HAVEN'T WON SINCE HOMESTEAD IN 1998. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING IN THE CLOSING LAPS? "When I saw the 59 go by me n the back straightaway I said, 'Well, it's just a good run here at Daytona.' I saw what happened the night before and I said, 'We are going to win the Daytona 250.' We're driving the Ford F-Series pickup and this happens to be a Dodge race, so now we're the Mayor of Truckville."

"I went on that trip to Bosnia the other day, and all I looked at was that ring with Mike Wallace had on when he won the 250. I asked him what it was for and he told me. When we flew into Sicily, there was a truck out there directing planes and it had 'follow me' on the back of it. I said, 'Boys, when we get to Daytona I'm driving that truck so follow me here.' It was a great job by Ray Stonkus and Tom Mitchell. I can't say enough about him. I can't believe it."

HOW DID YOU MAKE THE MOVE? "We went up into 3 and the 59 truck, we've been drafting together in practice. I got a good tow from him and getting off of the corner he went to go put on a block and I had the inside line and I knew the Allan Vigil Ford engine would pull up good on the bottom and we beat him to the tri-oval."

ANDY HOUSTON-15-Cooper Tools Ford F-150 (Finished 5th):

"It was a good day for Billy Ballew Motorsports and our sponsors Leftin Pro Series and Spondivits. We just never got into position to win the thing at the end. We were lined up fifth on the restart and we wound up fifth. I knew those guys were going to move to the outside to try to make something happen, but I tried that two or three times during the course of the race and never was able to make up any ground, matter of fact, I would lose ground. I decided to stay on the bottom and stick with Crawford and we wound up fifth. The draft really never got going there on that last restart. I knew those guys would get good lines on the outside, but we just fought as hard as we could back to the line. It was a good day for us. We got good points and we'll go to Darlington."

THE LATE-LAP CAUTIONS CAUSED FUEL CONCERNS FOR SOME TEAMS. WERE YOU ONE OF THEM? "I asked them before we went back to green, 'How far can we go?' My crew chief Gary Showalter said we were good for 10 to 12 more laps and that was reassuring because I saw Brendan get down on the apron and it looked he was out of fuel. The green-white-checkered restart is the greatest thing for this when, but when it comes down to fuel mileage it can hurt. The best of both worlds there."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 9th):

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE IN THE CATBIRD SEAT ON THE LAST RESTART. "I thought I was. We came out here to win the race and no one wants to run second. Knowing how the draft works here I thought I could get a push, and when we took the white flag and went down into Turn 1, I saw the 59 Dodge swing up top and it looked like he had a good run with some people behind him. I thought if I jumped in front of him that would give me the push up there, but unfortunately I tried to clear the 14 and I wasn't quite clear so I couldn't come down and had to stay up top and kinda got caught in the middle there and got shuffled way back."

DID YOU FEEL THAT YOU LOST YOUR DRAFTING PARTNER ON THE RESTART? "It was more of just not having a partner. When the 59 had a run, he was trying to drive by me too, so he went way to the top and was trying to drive by all of us and I was trying to get by the 14. I just about had him cleared, but there wasn't enough room down there. We came here to win the race and I guess a ninth-place finish at this point is a lot better than where we were this time last year, so we'll take this and go home."

JON WOOD-50-U.S. Navy Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 8th):

"We had a little altercation in the pits on the first pit stop which put me at the tail end of the field. Somehow I made it back to the front and then we knocked the left side in, which hurt us a lot. All in all, if I knew I was going to walk out of here finishing eight, I would have taken that before I even came."

YOU CAME INTO THE PITS DURING THE LAST CAUTION TO FIX SOME DAMAGE TO THE TRUCK. WERE YOU ALSO LOW ON FUEL? "I don't even know what caused the damage. I think I hit some debris from one of the wrecks. I'm not really sure what happened. I didn't hit anybody; it was just something on the track. We were fine on fuel. We just wanted to make sure we finished the race."

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