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JIMMY SMITH (Team Owner, Ultra Motorsports) "Tonight I saw a lot of back runners that are capable of running in the draft. These trucks blow such a large hole in the air that you become Superman. Musgrave, he went up, led his lap then he went...

JIMMY SMITH (Team Owner, Ultra Motorsports)

"Tonight I saw a lot of back runners that are capable of running in the draft. These trucks blow such a large hole in the air that you become Superman. Musgrave, he went up, led his lap then he went back and rode around to just play it out. But the problem is you don't ever know where the wreck is going to be. It could be in the front. It could be in the back. I don't know. It's just a shame, you know? We've got two torn up racetrucks. There's, what, 15 or more torn up racetrucks right now? It's just these younger drivers need to know how to be patient.

"I think it's just the fact that we've got some drivers out there that have better trucks and they're up there running. They're getting a chance to run up front and they make stupid decisions. These trucks are a little bit unstable. They're guided missiles, is what they are, and you've got to know how to control that."

STEVE PARK (No. 62 The Orleans Hotel Dodge Ram)

"I don't know who drives the No. 08 truck, but we got alongside on the frontstretch and he decided, I guess, that he'd just knock me into the wall on the backstretch. I think it was Ken Weaver. I'm not really sure who he is, but maybe he was watching Dale Jr. bump-draft and he figured he could do it too. Maybe he needs a little bit more experience.

"The start of this race is really a good indication of how good this team is and how fast this truck can be, especially compared to how we were yesterday. Johnny Allen, Steve Hibbard and the guys made changes. I had confidence in the truck. It really boosted my confidence. I was taking what they were giving me early on. I wasn't really even pushing it, yet. It was too early to push it. The Orleans Dodge is a fast race truck, and it is a shame it ended up sitting in the garage. This is a shame for the Orleans Dodge. We had a fast, fast truck tonight. We knew we had a good race truck. We knew we probably wouldn't qualify well, but we knew we had a good race truck. We had no radio communication. We were using hand signals to communicate. I kept coming in putting my thumb up telling them to just put tires on it."

"We went three wide and David Reutimann who I think drives Darrell Waltrip's truck went low. Maybe Darrell needs to give him a driving lesson because he is probably not too impressed with what he did there. He took me out, and he took Bobby Hamilton out, which I feel bad about because Bobby had a good truck. I have to remember where I am. The Craftsman Truck Series has a lot of regulars and a lot of rookies, too. I learned a big lesson tonight.

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Performance Dodge Ram)

"I saw a lot of things tonight that I wish I hadn't seen. I guess Friday the 13th brought out all the idiots. I've never seen anybody drive like this before. It's a fun race and a neat deal, but there are a lot of people out there without much experience in the draft and they're learning it the hard way. We were running really good and we weren't even halfway into the race. I wanted to lead a lap and then we were going to try to hold on until it was time to show our hand.

"There were about six trucks involved, and they're just running crazy out there tonight. It was a little bit of everybody, veterans and rookies. I saw a lot of stuff out there I'd never seen before, and I'm not sure why. It just seemed like they were a little wilder than usual. I'm not sure what started it all, but I did see a lot of wrecks that were unnecessary.

"I think our Dodge Ram could have won tonight. We just wanted to lead a lap and get those bonus points and settle in. I believe I had a truck that could have won, but we can't show it or prove it now. I feel bad for the guys because the truck was able to win, but it isn't now."


"I don't really know if the No. 16 came down or if the No. 88 went up, but they spun. I turned hard right, trying to avoid the No. 16 and he came up hard in front of me. He pinned me up against the outside wall. Then when I spun off the wall somebody else cleaned me out. I'm just glad this weekend is over. It's been bad.

"It's a bad thing because you're at the mercy of everybody else. You can try to be patient yourself, but if not everybody is driving that way there's no point in it. You've got some guys that are trying to be a little bit more cautious and some that are all out. The ones that are all out, most of them are on the hook. It is a long race, and even when you get down to 20 laps to go people don't realize how much time that is at a place like this. It's a lot of racing left."

CHAD CHAFFIN (No. 18 Dickies Racing Dodge Ram)

"It was wild. That's all I can say. It was just as wild as could be. We were sliding all over the place. I was being hit. I was hitting people. It's great racing, I guess. It's just kind of pot luck whether you're going to come out of this thing alive or not. I drove pretty conservative until right there at the end. . We didn't have a great run by any means. I'm not really satisfied with it, but it's a whole lot better than a crash. At least we're not starting the season down in a hole."

CHASE MONTGOMERY (No. 8 Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram)

"We got in the back early, and we got to work on the truck. LaJoie and I got to work back to the front. We were passing trucks quickly. I was running high, and a couple of trucks got together. It's been really tight all night. I'm sure what happened is somebody got pushed up into him.

"The trucks move around a lot more than the cars, but they suck up so well that you get to a truck and you fell like you're about to run over 'em. You've got to make your move, and it makes for a lot of hairy situations -- three and four-wide racing. But this is Daytona, and this is the truck series, so it's always exciting."

RANDY LaJOIE (No. 59 Melling Engine/Harris Trucking Dodge Ram)

"I had seen a lot of smoke, and I listened to my spotter, 'Go high. Go low. Go high. Go low.' We dodged, we digged and we dodged again. I thought I had it missed, and the guy came across the racetrack and took us out. It was way ahead of me, but they've been trying to do this all night. That's what happens."

HULK HOGAN (Grand Marshal of the Florida Dodge Dealers 250 NCTS race)

"Back to the high school days I was a Mopar guy. Back in 1968-1969 when I was going to high school I started out on one of the old Road Runners. (After that) I ended up driving a 1968 Charger, which I have one of now. At 50-years-old I went back to my high school days and rebuilt a Charger and put a 528 Hemi-Crate motor in it. I've been having fun with it. I still have a 1994 Viper at the house. I'm a Mopar guy from way back. It was 1988 or 1989 when I was in the WWF -- I came here for the Daytona 500. I was the Grand Marshal back then. Being here with my daughter, who is 15-years-old, she's going to sing the National Anthem. I'm more nervous than being in the Pontiac Silverdome fighting Andre the Giant. When I was doing my thing I had a certain level of comfort with my business. Seeing my daughter jump into the entertainment business -- she performed a couple of weeks ago in front of 60,000 people at Raymond James Stadium (in Tampa) and I was just a nervous wreck. Tonight is bigger. To see her out here in front of this type of crowd I'm really excited.

On if he'd ever want to be a racecar driver:

"I don't know. My son Nick -- he's way into it. He wants to go to Skip Barber Racing school. He's been driving me crazy to go to the racing school. They just took him for a run in the Viper and the Viper Truck (Ram SRT-10, at Dodge City). He's all excited about getting hooked up. He's into all kinds of cars now. He's got an import at home and he works on my Charger every once in awhile for me. He's the motor guy at the house."

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