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DODGES WERE DICING POSITIONS AT DAYTONA Dodge Ram Notes & Quotes DAYTONA, Fla., February 18, 2000: After starting on the pole position, the Dodge Rams traded the lead and the top positions for much of the first half of the inaugural NASCAR ...


DAYTONA, Fla., February 18, 2000: After starting on the pole position, the Dodge Rams traded the lead and the top positions for much of the first half of the inaugural NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Daytona. A horrific crash halfway through the race caused a red flag condition for more than two hours.

Dennis Setzer finished eighth after starting 12th, after cutting four tires throughout the day

Steve Grissom finished 10th after starting 10h, after getting involved in an early race accident.

Mike Cope finished 12th after starting eighth and spinning due to a cut tire

Carlos Contreras finished 13th after starting 30th. Contreras broke a fuel pump halfway through the event.

Randy Tolsma finished 15th after starting 11th, and getting involved in a wreck on the track.

Joe Ruttman finished 19th after starting first and replacing the front nose of the race truck due to accident damage.

Bobby Hamilton finished 30th after starting fifth, and being part of an early accident.

Randy Renfrow finished 31 st after starting 18th, and also being involved in an early accident.

Dennis Setzer, #1 Mopar Dodge, finished eighth:

"We had four flat tires today on the Mopar Dodge and the last one came just as we were getting ready to make that last restart. That is what really hurt us here today. The Mopar Dodge was strong all day and the crew really did a great job ail afternoon. I guess we were the fastest truck in eighth place today."

Steve Grissom, #43 Dodge By Petty, finished 1Oth:

"It was a good day for the Dodge By Petty and we showed our strength early in the race. Then this Petty team really showed how good they are when we got involved in an accident and we were able to make repairs and make it all the way back to the front, But we just could not keep the luck on our side today. We are looking forward to running at Homestead next weekend."

Mike Cope, #86 RC Dodge, finished 12th:

"I cut a right-rear tire down on something and that got me turned around and the truck almost blew over, but luckily it stayed on the ground. And trying to stay on the lead lap, I drove the truck around to the pits and that tore a hole in the side of the truck. And once you tear the body at a speedway, it is just too difficult to race. I barely missed the first wreck and I just hope that everyone is all right that was involved in the second wreck. The trucks are very stable at Daytona and I think we put some incredible racing on for all of the race fans today. The two major wrecks could have been prevented if a few drivers screw their heads back on straight."

Carlos Contreras, #12 Hot Wheels Dodge, finished 13th:

"This was quite a day at Daytona. We had a good truck and broke a fuel pump during The race. We are happy with our first race at Daytona with a top-15 finish. We are looking forward to racing the Hot Wheels Dodge at Homestead."

Randy Tolsma, #25 Supergard Motor Oil Dodge, finished 15th:

"It was certainly not a great day for the Supergard Dodge and the crew did a great job all day. We were successful at most things we set out to accomplish today, but then we got mixed up in some bad luck on the race track. That took us out of contention to win. There was just so much attrition in the day that it was difficult just to hang on and finish the race. We are looking ahead to a championship and a manufacturers championship and the more trucks that Dodge has finish the race, the better. If everyone had used their heads, it could have been a real fun race, but a racer is a racer. Greed was apparent in the first ten laps because no one would give an inch, But we are looking forward to Homestead where we know we will run good."

Joe Ruttman, #18 Dana Dodge, finished 19th:

"The Dana Dodge was the truck to beat today and we proved it most of the day. When we banged up the nose of the truck, this team worked so hard to get the truck back together and able to race. But after the red flag period we had a problem with the truck over-heating. We know that we are going to win more poles this season and we are going to win races."

Bobby Hamilton, #4 Dana Dodge, finished 30th:

"Both of the Dana Dodges ran well and we ran real well together. Joe (Ruttman) and I were able to hook up and run all grooves in the track. When we got wrapped up in that first accident it just tore the truck up."

Randy Renfrow, #41 TKO Motorsports Dodge, finished 31st: "We just got tied up in the first accident in turn one. I thought that I had the wreck cleared, but then I got pinched down and sent right into the #4 truck. I hate it for the TKO Motorsports team and for Dodge. I feel like we had one of the fastest trucks and probably one of the trucks to beat. But we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

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