Daytona: Circle Bar Racing SAC paint scheme

Circle Bar Racing honors Strategic Air Command in Daytona. Daytona Beach, FL -- The ...

Circle Bar Racing honors Strategic Air Command in Daytona.

Daytona Beach, FL -- The #14 Circle Bar Racing Ford F-150 driven by Rick Crawford in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series will display a patriotic look for the season opening Florida Dodge Dealers 250 Friday at the Daytona International Speedway.

The Stars and Stripes Ford will feature a special insignia dedicated to the honor of the Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) and B-36 Peacemaker that Circle bar Racing owner Tom Mitchell served upon.

The mission of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) was to maintain a global nuclear deterrent force. SAC maintained an everyday capability to carry out conclusive long-range aerial bombardment against any target in the world. SAC conducted strategic air operations on a world-wide basis and was ready to support area commanders by attacks on suitable tactical targets.

The B-36 was the largest American bomber ever produced and for the first time allowed SAC the capability for trans-Atlantic flights. The 230-foot wingspan's signature was the six rear massive engines that mounted with the propellers facing the rear of the aircraft, the only bomber of its kind. During its eight years of service, the B-36 Peacemaker was one of America's major deterrents to aggression by a potential enemy.

Circle Bar Racing owner Tom Mitchell served as a Sen. Mechanic in the early fifties with the 42 BW at Loring Air Force Base in Maine in the 75th BS. Mr. Mitchell's service was under the command of famed Strategic Air Command leader General George LeMay who led SAC from 1948 until 1957. It was General LeMay's driving force that made "SAC" into a household word and the most potent military force in history.

"Mr. Mitchell wanted to honor the command of Gen. LeMay and those that served in the Strategic Air Command," stated Crawford. "Daytona is the center of the racing world and this was a perfect place to show our support for Mr. Mitchell and SAC's service to the freedoms we enjoy today."

The truck will feature a silver and white paint scheme with the SAC shield and famed star bar on the hood. The team will continue its patriotic theme displaying the American Flag on the quarter panels. Another addition of American pride is the Bald Eagle displaying the Circle Bar Motel and RV Park logo threw its talons on the trucks bed top.

"The entire truck is a display of patriotism towards America," explained Crawford. "The reality of war is here and we wanted to show our support for America's past and present military initiatives."

Making the scheme special to Crawford is the fact that he and fellow truck series driver Brendan Gaughan spent five-days visiting troops throughout Europe in January. The duo had the opportunity to visit troops in Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Spain on a tour sponsored by NASCAR and the Department of Defense Employers Support for the Guard and Reserve.

"We knew prior to the trip that we would be displaying the SAC logo on the Daytona truck," Crawford said. "When the opportunity to visit Europe presented itself I was quick to say yes. It's hard to explain the feeling when visiting all our service men and women in their given rolls. Without their dedication and support we would not have the freedoms to do what we do each weekend at the racetrack, it was an amazing experience.

Rick Crawford is set to drive the #14 Strategic Air Command Stars and Stripes Ford Friday, February 14th as the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series begins its 2003 season at the Daytona International Speedway. Live coverage of the series can be found on the Speed Channel beginning at 12:30 pm, with a live radio broadcast on MRN affiliates starting at 12:45 pm.


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