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"READY TO RUMBLE" AT DAYTONA; TOYOTA DRIVER HOPES TO EXTEND NCWTS HOT STREAK MOORESVILLE, NC (February 9, 2009) -- For all the teams in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series the time for talk is clearly over, the chassis have been carefully ...


MOORESVILLE, NC (February 9, 2009) -- For all the teams in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series the time for talk is clearly over, the chassis have been carefully constructed and the engines have been finely tuned. The pit crews have been trained, the rules have been made, the sponsor decals have been applied and the team transporters have been loaded. Months of meticulous preparation have fallen way to days of anticipation.

The competitors are, as famed boxing announcer Michael Buffer says, "Ready to Rumble" in the first NCWTS event of the year, the NextEra Energy Resources 250 at the famed Daytona International Speedway. Friday night's race offers a chance for Xpress Motorsports driver Brian Scott and his No. 16 Albertsons Toyota Tundra to kick off their pursuit of the 2009 NCWTS championship in style.

"Winning at Daytona would be like nothing else," Scott said from his team's facility in Mooresville, NC. "It would be total euphoria. It would be exciting. It would be awesome. I think it would be huge for everybody in this Xpress Motorsports organization. Our crew chief Jeff Hensley has never won at Daytona and I'm pretty sure about 99% of the people here have never won at Daytona. It's not something that people are a part of very often, it's a pretty rare occurrence and to be able to bring that to this team would be very special in a lot of ways."

Scott is making only his second start at the historic 2.5 mile high banked oval at Daytona. Scott posted a ninth place finish in his first foray there last year. He heads to Daytona with a full head of steam -- at the end of the 2008 NCWTS season Scott was one of the hottest drivers on the tour, posting an average finish of 8.5 in the circuit's final eight events. He recorded five top-10s capped by a fourth place finish at Phoenix International Raceway and a second-place run in the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. That positive experience has made Scott a totally different driver than the one that showed up at Daytona last year.

"I have a lot more experience heading into Daytona this year," Scott said. "I am more confident. I feel like I'm a different driver than I was a year ago. It would be hard to say it's even more exciting, but I'm more excited to know the capabilities we have this year compared to last year. I have a lot of confidence in our equipment and how it is prepared this year. Equipment is just a product of the people that we have working here. I believe the best people in the truck garage are putting these trucks together. They have all the resources they need, they have all the latest and greatest Triad equipment, new chassis, new bodies, and all the tools hopefully in the shop that they need to be able to capitalize on their own knowledge and their own experience. So really it is a tribute to our employees and how hard everybody has worked to build these trucks."

Crew chief Jeff Hensley has seen Scott's ability grow by leaps and bounds. He was paired with Scott over the last 7 races of the NCWTS season. One of those races was at Talladega where Scott made a valiant charge to the top spot and was a force to be reckoned with at the end of the event. Hensley says his 21 year-old driver surprised him a bit with his ability on a superspeedway.

"Brian scared me to death beca use he's definitely not afraid to run three deep in the middle of the corner," Hensley said as he prepared the team's trucks for Daytona. "He did an excellent job. I like what I see with Brian and his ability to look a lap or two ahead, and he had everything set up just exactly like it needed to be coming to the checkered flag at Talladega. Had Kyle Busch not put a block job on him from three lanes up, we probably would have won that race. Brian had himself in the right spot with the right drafting partner. We were 200 yards away from the start finish line and Kyle Busch cut across the nose and we hit him in the back and instead of winning we finished 7th. Everybody was happy for finishing 7th, but I was upset because we should have won the race. Brian had done everything he needed to do all day to get himself in that position. He has an uncanny ability for a young kid, I mean he really does, and that's what I'm so excited about."

"I don't feel like I put myself in stupid situations when I'm drafting," Scott adds."That's about the number one thing to making it to the end. And then too, a little luck, picking the right lines, and being a good drafter for 99 laps so you build a reputation for the 100th lap, and hopefully you have someone who wants to help you or go with you. The whole time is like a chess match or a body building competition. You are flexing your muscles the whole time and showing that you can make a run from 10th and be side by side with the leader, so other drivers, when you pull out, they want to go with you. If you look at Talladega, it didn't matter where Colin Braun was. When he pulled out, everybody knew he had a good truck, everybody knew he had a fast truck and everybody knew he could go to the front. He could get the four other best trucks out there to draft with him and he was to the front in no time. You have to show that you have a good truck and that you are not going to put people that help you, or push you, or draft with you in peril, and come the end of the race people tend to remember that and you will have a better shot at it."

The NextEra Energy Resources 250 at the famed Daytona International Speedway is slated for Friday February 13th.

Chassis for Daytona: Brian Scott will be driving Xpress Motorsports chassis number 94 on its maiden voyage. This Toyota Tundra is a brand new Triad Racing Technologies superspeedway chassis.

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