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KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Traxxas Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports Finishing Position: 1st Did you enjoy racing out there tonight? "It was really fun out there tonight. This Toyota Tundra was awesome tonight. It was so fun racing Todd...

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Traxxas Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports
Finishing Position: 1st

Did you enjoy racing out there tonight?

"It was really fun out there tonight.  This Toyota Tundra was awesome tonight.  It was so fun racing Todd (Bodine) like that.
He had enough to hang with us, he just didn't have enough to get by us there.  It was awesome to race with those guys.  Eric
(Phillips, crew chief) and Rick Ren did a great job for us tonight as well.  It's just real fun to drive these trucks.  I love coming
to Chicago.  It's kind of like a second home for me.  I look forward to coming back here next year."

How concerned were you when the last caution came out?

"I was concerned. I remember last year it was real tough to get away from side-by-side. This year, I got clear on him (Todd Bodine) just going down the front straightaway getting into turn one there. From there on out I was worried that he would get a draft on me. These trucks, man, they draft so easy. That's how I ran him down and got to him the first time. He just didn't quite have enough to pass us. He had enough to hang with us all night and it was fun man. Really cool to be out here. I've got to thank the fans, thank Camping World and of course I don't have my Electric sunglasses on but I'd like to thank those guys too. We're going for five in Kentucky next week so watch out."

What is your explanation for winning all of these races?

"It comes down to a great team and great equipment and stuff like that. I've really been fortunate to be put in some of these situations and it's a lot of fun to do it. I can't thank Traxxas, the fastest name in radio control, this weekend for coming onboard this weekend and helping us with our program. I'm really proud of the effort to be able to come out here for their first race and put them in victory lane. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck at the dirt track the past couple of nights. But, here on our side with Kyle Busch Motorsports we got everything put together thanks to a great crew led by Eric Phillips (crew chief) and Rick Ren and those guys. They do a phenomenal job. It was a fun night racing with Todd (Bodine). I was a little worried there a couple of times he got to me and we got racing down the backstretch into turn three and I was like, 'Man, I've just got to get a big run through three and four and try to hold him off here.' I guess he slipped or something like that, but my truck really went good through the outside. I probably should've stayed there, but when you hold the inside lane open like that they can just close right back up on you. So, you've kind of got to take their air a little bit. We played a little bit of that game tonight, but all in all it was a good, fun race."

What is your confidence level when you lose spots on pit road?

"You never know what can really happen ultimately in a race. When we got back in traffic there a little bit I was just kind of playing it out where alright who is starting in front of me and where are they starting. I started on the inside, I think it was fifth, and so I just wanted to make sure I didn't get sucked around or somebody in front of me didn't spin or get loose or anything. You're always kind of worried about guys getting a little bit loose and kind of bottling up and then getting hit from behind. There's always something that can happen, but fortunately for us everything turned out alright. On the next caution and pit stop period, some guys took two and forced us back all the way to sixth and I was like, 'Well, hopefully track position isn't that big of a deal and tires will prevail for us, in which they did. Todd (Bodine) and I got right to the front. Fun racing out there with those guys."

Is it nice to keep the momentum going after last week's sweep at Bristol?

"It certainly is. Especially with my own team. It's great to go out and win in your own equipment. It just makes you feel a little bit better. The hard work and the blood, sweat and tears you pour into it with all of your guys. And how much dedication they have for myself and for this race team. We're really looking hard at next year at what we're doing and trying to sell something sponsorships for that in order to keep this program continuing. I feel like these guys are really, really good at what they do. They deserve to be here and to race in this series. For myself to carry the momentum from last week means a lot, but now we'd like to carry it on into next weekend going to Kentucky. We know that will be a tough race for us. (Ron) Hornaday (Jr.) is really, really strong there. I know (Mike) Skinner has been fast there before with Eric (Phillips) being his crew chief. I'm sure (Todd) Bodine will be tough to beat. It should be fun and hopefully we can go for five in a row before we head to Atlanta."

ERIC PHILLIPS, crew chief, No. 18 Traxxas Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

What made you decide to take four tires on the final pit stop?

"Me and Rick (Ren) talked about it and if it stayed green that last run we may have put on two (tires). We had a big enough lead. We knew everybody was probably going to try to do what we didn't do. So, if we took four they were going to take two or if we took two they would probably take four. Todd (Bodine) was really the only one that we were racing there at the end. We had such a big lead on third and fourth. We knew they were going to do what we didn't do. Once the caution came out it was a pretty easy decision to take four tires. Our truck had been really good all night on four. We lost a little bit of track position, but knew there was enough laps left to get it back."

What happened on a previous pit stop with the gas can?

"We use a different fueling system than the Nationwide and the Cup cars do and it's a lot harder to engage. You have to be absolutely perfect when it engages. He got a little cocked and panic sets in a little bit and he just panicked a little bit and we recovered so we'll go on to next week."

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