Chicago Ford Racing race final notes and quotes

Cicero, IL (August 27, 2000) - Another outstanding run by series points leader Greg Biffle and second place Mike Wallace led them to second and third place finishes here in Chicago. Biffle led the most laps in the race, but overdrove turn one...

Cicero, IL (August 27, 2000) - Another outstanding run by series points leader Greg Biffle and second place Mike Wallace led them to second and third place finishes here in Chicago. Biffle led the most laps in the race, but overdrove turn one late in the race and gave Joe Ruttman just enough room to squeeze by and take the win under a green/white/checker finish.


#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Finished 2nd)-"It was a good run for the Grainger Ford F-150. The guys really gave me a great truck and worked hard to loosen it up all day. It was really tight and we tried all day to change that. I really had the race won and just overdrove turn one a little and Joe got by me. I think that we could have gotten back by him if it weren't for the caution flags there at the end of the race. I'm happy to get a second place finish. We finished ahead of Mike (Wallace) so we didn't loose any of our lead in points and that's what we're really racing for now. We are in a race for a championship. That doesn't mean that we aren't going to go out there and make a run at winning the race every weekend though, because we will. It's just that we have to be a little bit more cautions about the decision s we make as a team and I make as a driver."


#02 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Finished 3rd)-"The team ASE Ford F-150 really ran well. I think that if we had a 10 or 15 lap run there at the end I could have given Greg and Joe a good run for the win. The truck was a little tight all day and we were really never able to make it that much better. We gave up a little bit of track position on the last pit stop to put in a spring rubber and it made the truck better on longer runs. The cautions there at the end really hurt our chances. We have to go out there and really race for the win every weekend. I really don't even think about catching Greg anymore, but that doesn't mean that we are going to give up and not go out and race to win. I would like to get a couple of more wins this season just to make it interesting. This was a really good race today. I think that we gave the Chicago fans a really good taste of what the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is all about. After all, that is who we're racing for, the fans."


#46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150-(Finished 23rd)-"The truck was pretty good until we had some engine problems. After that we were just trying to get some laps and stay in the race. There were a lot of trucks that went out early, so we knew that just hanging in there would do us some good. It was kind of a disappointing race though, we were hoping to do a lot better here in front of all of the fans from Acxiom."


#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Finished 19th)-"After our deal with Sprague, our luck just went from really bad to worse. Jack got into the back of me and popped the right rear tire and spun the truck. After that I think that a little bit of frustration set in and we just made some mistakes. I really think that we had a truck that could have won the race or at least finished in the top three. The Exide Ford F-150 was really good today and I'm really disappointed about what happened."


#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Finished 28th)- "The Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150 was really making a steady move up through the field. The truck was really working well and had excellent power from the Roush engine. I was going through some lapped traffic and the 02 got into the right rear of me. I almost had it saved but then it snapped back and turned right into the wall and did a lot of damage to the right front. Mike Cheek and the boys really worked hard to get the truck back into shape and get me back out there to finish the race. I'm ready to get to Richmond and let a little bit of that fire that's burning in me out; I'm ready to go straight there."


#32 Sears/Kenmore/Craftsman Ford F-150- (Finished 22nd)---"I really had a great time out there today. These guys really like to get out there and bang around. I really didn't have any experience in the trucks but today was an experience all in itself. I really want to thank Billy Ballew, Kenmore, and Craftsman for giving me this opportunity to get in the truck and drive the race. Scott (Pruett) got here this morning and we talked about him not driving. He was in an accident last night in the Winston Cup race at Bristol and was still a little sore. The decision for me to drive the car was made about an hour before race time. I really didn't kick him in the shins like I eluded to yesterday!"

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