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Chicago, Ill. - Joe Ruttman picked up his eighth pole of the 2000 season giving Dodge the most pole positions ever in a season with 11 to date at the inaugural event at the Chicago Motor Speedway. Ruttman beat the second place time by only seven...

Chicago, Ill. - Joe Ruttman picked up his eighth pole of the 2000 season giving Dodge the most pole positions ever in a season with 11 to date at the inaugural event at the Chicago Motor Speedway. Ruttman beat the second place time by only seven hundredths of a second at a time of 30.609 seconds at 117.612 mph.

Joe Ruttman, driver, #18 Dana Dodge, starting first:

“The boys just worked really hard on the old Dana Dodge and we’re still not really great, but there is one little thing that we are going to change and I think that will make the difference that we are looking for. This one little tweak should make the truck a rocket ship, and if it doesn’t I’m going to call Bobby in Bristol and ask him what to do. To have won eight poles this season just shows how good this Bobby Hamilton Racing team really is and this is an entire team effort. Fred (Wanke) came on board and that has really made a difference in the team and these guys just keep digging no matter what.”

Randy Tolsma, driver, #25 Citgo Supergard Motor Oil Dodge, starting sixth:

“It was a good day for the CITGO SUPERGARD Dodge and I really thought that we had a shot at the pole, but the track conditions changed pretty dramatically. We missed it just a little bit, but Joe Ruttman picked up the pole for Dodge and that is great for them. This is a brand new truck and this is a track that really fits my driving style. And with the momentum that the team has coming off the win, I think we will accomplish some good things tomorrow.”

Chad Chaffin, driver, #4 Dodge, starting tenth:

“We are pretty disappointed with that lap because we ran about five tenths faster during practice this morning. But I’m new to the truck racing and I chose to scuff my tires before I went out to qualify and I think that ended up taking time off what I might have been able to qualify at. This Bobby Hamilton Racing team has prepared a good truck and I’m just thankful to Bobby for giving me the chance to drive the truck this weekend and get more experience under my belt. We think that this Dodge is a little better than we qualified, but its not about the qualifying, its about the racing.”

Dennis Setzer, driver, #1 Mopar Dodge, starting 11th:

“We’ve gained a lot this weekend from where we were when we tested yesterday, but I think we still have farther to take the Mopar Dodge this weekend. The truck is fast and I think we could have qualified better, but the track conditions have changed since practice and the truck drifted a bit in the middle of both corners and that shaved some of the speed off the lap.”

Steve Grissom, driver, #43 Dodge By Petty, starting 16th:

“That lap wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped for after practice this morning, but I guess we’ll just have to lineup and see where we can go. This track is a lot like Martinsville and you kind of have to approach it in that way. There may not be that many places to pass once you get all of us on the track, but it will be interesting.”

Carlos Contreras, driver, #12 Hot Wheels Dodge, starting 17th:

“I was a little tight on the entry into turn one. I was a little better in practice this morning and the track just changed from where we were in testing and in practice. But qualifying is not the part that I am the most concerned with, I need to succeed during the race and run competitively. I think we found a good setup for the race tomorrow.”

Jamie McMurray, driver, #41 TKO Motorsports Dodge, starting 20th:

“I’m a little disappointed with our qualifying run because we were so much better than that yesterday. I think we are going to race really good and I think we will find more in happy hour today. We just missed it in qualifying and that probably hurts a little more because of the success that we have had in recent weeks with the two poles. I screwed up because we were a little late to get to the line and had to rush to get in a usually I like to sit in the truck a few minutes and gather my thoughts. But I ended up missing a shift on my lap and that really hurt the time. But we will just have to work even harder to get to the front tomorrow.”

Mark Petty, driver, #44 Dodge By Petty, starting 23rd:

“Well this will be my third start in this truck and this was probably the one that I was most nervous about making. We felt pretty confident at the short tracks, but this mile track with the tight corners was a whole different animal. I have gotten a lot of help from Grissom and Setzer and that has made a world of difference as well.”

Scott Riggs, driver, #86 RC Cola Dodge, starting 26th:

“We didn’t qualify anywhere near where we know this truck can run. We were pretty good in testing here yesterday, then we changed almost everything today and that just hurt the RC Cola Dodge when we went out for qualifying. So I’m going to have to fight my way to the front of the pack tomorrow and I’m sure it will be an interesting day.”

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