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DAVID STARR, No. 3 CHASCO CONTRACTING CHEVROLET: Local favorite finished third in the same truck that took Jim Sauter and Bryan Reffner to Chevy's only two victories at Texas Motor Speedway in the Craftsman Truck Series. This was his best career...

DAVID STARR, No. 3 CHASCO CONTRACTING CHEVROLET: Local favorite finished third in the same truck that took Jim Sauter and Bryan Reffner to Chevy's only two victories at Texas Motor Speedway in the Craftsman Truck Series. This was his best career finish in the series. Starr has driven 44 races, including today's, but had never finished higher than 11th:

"I would have loved to have won the race. I was trying as hard as I could. I'm excited for third, but really wanted to win. We just put this team together two and a half weeks ago. These guys really didn't have a pit stop. This was their first one. Everybody did an awesome job. I'm just excited to be back. It seems like we had to come through the field all night. We worked our way up to the front and then had to make a pit stop. We gained a lot of positions when we stayed out on a caution, but all night long we played catch-up. We started in the back. We were moving forward. Every time we moved forward we had to make a pit stop. We got out of sequence in the pit stops. We had a great Silverado; we just needed a break and we never got a break. We had a long run at the end. Our truck was awesome; we just came up a couple of spots short. I'm just glad to be back." WILL YOU RUN ANY MORE TRUCK RACES? "We will run five or six truck races and a couple of Busch races. I'm glad to finish third, but I wanted to win so bad. If you can't finish first you have to finish as close to that as possible."


"I feel like we really had a shot at winning the race and that's what really hurts. We were clearly fast, sometimes we were the fastest truck on the race track. We cost ourselves the win in the pits. We will go back to the shop and work through our mistakes, pick ourselves up and look forward to Memphis. The guys of Team GMAC work so hard; I just wanted more for them. We did everything we could. They got the No. 17 GMAC Silverado running much better than it was for practice or happy hour. We will take our fifth-place finish, but I wouldn't be a racer if I didn't want more. If you think you have a 12th-place truck and you finish fifth, it's great, but if you think you have a shot at the win or second, fifth place hurts. We moved up in the points and in rookie standings and we are very proud of that. We just wanted more. It was a great win for Jack. He was long overdue."

DENNIS SETZER, NO. 46 ACXIOM/COMPUTER ASSOCIATES SILVERADO (sixth, his best finish of the year and best finish on an oval for the Morgan-Dollar Motorsports team):


"Well, definitely so. We should have had a better finish than this before now, but we've had some driver errors and mechanical problems earlier in the season. Now we have something to build on because this is not as good as the team can be. The team has constantly been rebuilding all year and now we are starting to see the results of a team coming together. We are excited for Acxiom, Computer Associates and Chevrolet. It was an overall good day for us."


"We had a little tire deal. We messed up with the tires on the last run. It just didn't go the right way. It was my fault. I was just letting the pressures down too much. We're getting better. It was a good run, but we are a lot better than we were tonight. That's what frustrates me."



"Not as good as Jack's. It was a good finish for the Team Rensi Silverado. We had a good handling truck all day long. It was a little aero tight on older tires. We wanted a top 10 finish after two bad finishes for team morale and confidence. We have good tracks with Memphis and Milwaukee coming up and that should be good for us. It was a great race, and I'm real proud of the guys in the series. It was good to see a Chevrolet in the winner's circle. Jack drove a great race and he deserves the win."

TRAVIS KVAPIL, NO. 60 CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO (11th, led 19 laps after opting not to pit with other leaders on lap 103 but had to pit under green for fuel at lap 136):

"We honestly thought that we had good strategy going. We really didn't expect that anybody could make over 60 laps on fuel. They did. Once we pitted under green we were hoping it would go green the rest of the way and it did. We felt for sure everyone else would come in under green or stretch it out and run out of gas. I think the No. 1 and 29 ran out. We had a good truck, we led some laps, ran up front. We were a little disappointed with our finish. We thought we did what we wanted to do to win and the gamble just didn't pay off."


"Around lap 63 I felt the motor start to go. During our second pit stop of the night, we discovered we had a short in the plug wire. We had a good truck, the best we ever had. I wish we could have run on eight cylinders instead of seven. We look forward to coming back here."

-GM Racing

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