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Kyle Busch Wins Second Consecutive NCTS Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway for Silverado KYLE BUSCH , ...

Kyle Busch Wins Second Consecutive NCTS Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway for Silverado

KYLE BUSCH , #51 National Land Liquidations/B&G Silverado, Qualified 20th, Finished 1st - Post Race Press Conference:

Kyle, talk about your championship effort out there tonight.

"It was a great effort for Billy Ballew Motorsports, Ritchie Wauters (crew chief), and all the guys on this team. I want to thank Hendrick Motorsports and Rick Hendrick for letting me have this opportunity to be able to go out and race some extra races. I really enjoy running here at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, it is a really neat race track. Tonight we had a great race truck, and it seems like there was nothing that we could do wrong to the truck.

What would the margin of victory have been if you had your primary truck?

I am not sure. You know, there are no bad trucks that come out of the Ritchie Wauters (crew chief) stable, and he has always taken pride in his work and his equipment, and he put them all together, and they are prepared just the same. The Silverado brand stuck out tonight and we are glad that we could bring it into Victory Lane.

Would you have run this race with anyone besides Ritchie Wauters as your crew chief?

Probably not. There are not very many opportunities out there that have open seats, that have good race trucks. Morgan-Dollar Motorsports, which I ran with a couple of years ago with Randy Goss, who is a very dear friend of mine, I have a lot of respect for what he has been able to do in the Truck Series as well as the Busch Series, and the same goes for Ritchie. He has kind of let me do my thing with these trucks, I get to pick whatever one I want to race, and he would give me a title to one of these things if I wanted it, but I am not interested in owning a truck, I just want to drive.

Who was the pit crew that serviced the truck during the race tonight?

The #66 Haas crew pitted us tonight and they did a great job tonight, we came in leading both times and they got me out leading as well. The guys just did a great job on pit road, they made a couple of adjustments to the truck and all in all, it was a pretty clean, forgiving night.

Did you have any tire chatter issues?

Yesterday we had a little bit of an issue with that testing, but we were able to cure that problem, and we didn't have any since then. I had a small issue today in my Cup car, but the truck was handling great, we had 20 laps on the tires in the first practice, and went out and ran ten more laps on them in the second session and right then we knew that we had a great race truck. We didn't qualify very well, we qualified 20th and it was so loose that we could barely handle it, we probably should have left all the tape off of it and made a race run. We ran a 30.08 during the race, so that would have qualified us on the pole or pretty close to that, so hindsight is 20/20 but the race is what really matters and so qualifying wasn't really a matter for us. So no tire chatter problems during the race.

How would you rate the new surface, and talk about the type of racing that it provided.

I would rate the new surface as great, there are a few little ripples going into Turn 3, and then the hill going into Turn 1, all in all, the pavement job was good, Humpy (Wheeler, Track Owner) did a good job with that. Goodyear wanted to come here and be safe, and come here with no tire problems, but they are just so hard that they do not wear, it seems like you could run 600 miles on one set of tires, but the lap times wouldn't last. The racing is a little difficult when you get side-by-side, you just have to slow down so much because you are on the ragged edge so much, you just don't want to slip and wreck somebody, so there were a lot of times when I was following Mike Skinner, and he was trying to pass some lap traffic and he had to slow down so he didn't get into them, so you know, I had to do the same thing. The pace slows down when you get two trucks side-by-side, so you want to pass somebody as quickly as you can, so I hope that the racing is good tomorrow night.

Did you notice any difference in the tire from day to night?

I think what it is that the track tightens up and cools off, so it kind of adds more grip as you go along. Any place that you go to that happens, you go to Martinsville during the day and you are slipping and sliding, you go to Martinsville at night you are gripping when you are going around the corners, so it is pretty much anywhere we go at night the tires seem to pick up a lot more. They are so hard, they wanted to be safe. They may have gone too far, but we are not faulting them quite yet. I am actually hoping that they come here and do another tire test in before we race here in the fall, so we don't have to talk about tire issues again.

I can't count the number of times that I have watched that movie. I have come home from school, and had something happened during the day that happened during Days of Thunder, and I just had to go home and watch that movie again. Rowdy Busch was back again tonight, and I told Billy Ballew (team owner) that if we win tonight, we are going to make a t-shirt that says: "Rowdy's Back", so coming to a store near you soon. I know Colt took over for him and everything, but I don't think the truck would look good with green numbers and Mello Yellow all over it, I just like it the way it is."

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