Charlotte: Kyle Busch post-qualifying interview

KYLE BUSCH, NO. 15 SILVERADO, QUALIFIED 3RD: "I was wishing we could have gotten the pole because I think that would have made us the youngest driver in history to win a pole in all three of NASCAR's major touring series. It was a...


"I was wishing we could have gotten the pole because I think that would have made us the youngest driver in history to win a pole in all three of NASCAR's major touring series. It was a good lap for us, it is a shame we couldn't get the pole but the truck is awesome. This Chevrolet Silverado has been really really good all day. Ritchie (Wauters, crew chief) and the guys have done a tremendous job with it. We have made a lot of changes on it but everything seems to be coming together. We qualified third, the thing stuck really good. If we make a few changes to it like lowering our air pressures a little bit, I think we will be just as good on the long runs.

How did the deal come together for you to drive the No. 15:

"It is exciting to come over here and it is also a lot of fun to especially be associated with Billy Ballew Motorsports. jumped on board with us I think all the final details were finished on Tuesday morning. It came together awfully quick and everyone over there at Billy Ballew's with Ritchie Wauters as the crew chief and everybody else has been really supportive. We came out here and tested a few weeks ago and we were really really fast so I asked them what we had to do to get in the truck. They said if I could bring them a few dollars, they would put me in there. So we called and they were more than willing to do it. It is pretty cool to have a great sponsor like that associated with Hendrick Motorsports. It is going to be a lot of fun. We are just out here to have a good time and maybe learn something for the All Star race and see if we can't have a good, decent run. The levigating that has gone on here at Lowe's Motor Speedway has definitely added a new twist to the Speedway. It is going to be fun to see what all it does throughout a race, especially with the truck race. You know you have 134 laps to see exactly what it will do with a few pit stops in there. I know trucks are different than cars but still it is a good experience to get out there and learn what we can on the race track."

Have you had any communication issues working with a new team and crew chief?

"No, none whatsoever. I actually worked with Ritchie a few years ago in the late model ranks and the super late models. We went and ran the SnowBall Derby years ago and we were really fast there but we got caught up in an early wreck. We have had some decent success all around. It is fun to get back with Ritchie and of course Billy and everybody else that is involved. I have heard some talk about maybe going to Dover in a few weeks but I think Michigan in a couple more weeks is definitely going to be a set date for us to get back out there in the truck series."

How different is the track:

"It is different. When we were here testing, you could run a lot higher in to turn three, you could arc it a lot better then bring it down to the bottom. For some reason today, I think maybe from the heat the sun has put in the race track, you just can't do that. You kind of have to run it a little bit lower now. Overall, turn two, I think Humpy (Wheeler) forgot to grind a little bit over there, he threw in a little twist for us all. When you are heading through turn two, you get a little bit loose so you definitely got to make your truck handle over there. But you are really tight in three and four so you kind of have to compromise over there. We have done a good job of doing that. We had a really fast truck in practice. We were quickest in the second session. We thought we had the pole lap for a while there, we thought no one is going to beat that, then two trucks later Rick Crawford beat that and we were going 'What the heck was that all about?' (chuckles). Then Mike Skinner went out and laid down a heck of a lap, that was fast. But it is pretty cool that it is Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet right up front there as the top three."

How much do you expect to learn running in the truck race tomorrow?

"It is going to be a good benefit for us I think. Just being able to run out there and learn the track is good. It is not necessarily learn the technique of the trucks or anything like that, it is just to learn what the track is going to do over the long haul. To see if it is going to change, if it going to lose some grip with the more rubber that is going to be put down on it. It might be a little difficult to say that the fresh asphalt when it was just ground, isn't better than when it is with all the rubber packed on top of it. You aren't running on all those asphalt rocks and what not and everything else, so I think with more and more rubber that will get built up, you might see everybody moving higher and higher just trying to get a fresh line up there. Still it is tough, the trucks handle a little bit different overall, but seeing what goes on with the track."

Are you running only to find out the changes in the track or because you want more track time in general?

"I think it is both. I have been pretty successful here at Charlotte. Lowe's Motor Speedway is my favorite track. It is fun to come out here and race this place. You know I don't think there was anything wrong with it but obviously Humpy thought there wasn't enough side-by-side racing so he wanted to see more of it. Everybody was just starting to get up high using the softer tires is an advantage to run side-by-side. I think he is going to make it easier for us now. Everybody is going to be a lot braver, hopefully every body isn't going to make too many stupid moves (chuckles), and there might be a few of those. It is going to be a bunch of fun and I am looking forward to getting out there and racing with Rick (Crawford) here who had a good qualifying run and Mike Skinner as well. They definitely showed the 20 year-old up here a little bit this weekend in qualifying."

Were there any changes to the team for you?

"No it is the same team. DEI supplies the power plant and the pit stop sequence is yet to be determined. They have a gas man and a catch can man, so I think I am bringing over my carriers, my changers and my jackman from my Cup team so we might have some good pit stops. They need some practice anyway. (chuckles). I think it will have a good impact on those guys too."

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