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KRAIG KINSER, #46 CENTRIX Auto Finance Silverado, Qualified 22nd:

"I think we probably had a pretty good lap going but it got real loose on us in three and four the first lap and killed both laps. It took the speed out of the straight aways but I was lucky enough to save it and we are starting the race so we will go from there."

DENNIS SETZER, #85 Shell ROTELLA T Silverado, Qualified 8th:

"Our Silverado was pretty good there. I got a little loose getting off in the corners but not bad. We had been a little better than that in practice but we didn't back that up but I think everybody slowed down. How is race is going to go is still an unknown. We have a new surface, new track, new tire. We are trying a few new and innovative things on our Silverado so we won't know much until after the race. I don't think we will have any tire wear at all. The might even go the whole race. I know we will change cause my guys can put tires on as fast as they can fill the fuel during the race. There won't be many stops for tires unless someone has a flat."

RON HORNADAY, #33 Kevin Harvick, Inc. Silverado, Qualified 4th:

"My guys have worked so hard all weekend and I am very happy with my Silverado crew for what they have done. With the new track surface, the new tires and all the support from Chevrolet, this is just awesome. I tried so hard the second lap, that is put us where we are but it was a great lap and a great weekend so far and for a good cause, Cystic Fibrosis. I am happy to have them on the side of our Silverado."

MATT CRAFTON, #88 Menards/Energizer Silverado, Qualified 17th:

How did your laps feel? "Really, really loose. We saw how everyone was so loose earlier in the day, so we made some adjustments and just didn't go far enough. It will be interesting to see what the track does tonight; the track always seems to tighten up at night, so hopefully that will happen. I think that we have a pretty good truck for the race tonight. How did the truck perform in practice? We were really bad for about the first hour and a half of the two hours that we got. We finally made some progress at the end of practice, and all-in-all I think that we will be alright for tonight's race."

MIKE BLISS, #16 IWX Motor Freight Silverado, Qualified 14th:

Describe your laps. "Horrible. Very loose. Compared to earlier today, we were extremely loose. We slowed down a bunch, but no one knows what to expect during qualifying, and I just got loose in Turn 2 and it kind of took the wind out of my sail for the other lap. I think our IWX Silverado should be alright tonight, but we'll just have to see."

KERRY EARNHARDT, #13 National Pork Board Silverado, Qualified 11th:

What did your qualifying laps feel like? "The truck was pretty steady. The guys have worked really hard on this truck, basically brand new, and #13 Silverado has been fast the whole time that we have been here, and I am really looking forward to the race tonight. I am hoping to have a top five finish or maybe even take a shot at the win tonight."

ARIC ALMIROLA, #75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado, Qualified 16th:

What happened on your qualifying lap? "Very eventful. Really loose. The sun came out, and this place is so temperamental, so sensitive, and we thought we had gotten the truck tight enough, I just got loose. I am just thankful that I did not cost these guys anything, or mess the truck up at all. We looked over the tires really well after we spun, and Goodyear came over and checked everything over and everything was fine, thankfully. I am just so proud of how hard this Spears team has worked, and I can't wait for the race. I think we might have something for these guys tonight."

KYLE BUSCH, #51 National Land Liquidations/B&G Silverado, Qualified 20th:

"The #51 National Land Liquidators/Manheim Auto Auction QS&L Silverado was very, very loose. It was all over the place. My goal was to bring it back in one piece and have a strong starting spot. We have a good race truck and I think we'll be good in the race if we can get the truck back to where we were when we practiced."

KYLE KRISILOFF, #15 Kutters Silverado, Qualified 34th:

"We were just way too loose out there. I about wrecked the truck coming off of Turn two, but was able to save it. The guys on this Billy Ballew Motorsports team are hustling to get the #15 Kutter Chevrolet back in race condition. We'll see how it all shakes out when we take the green."

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