Charlotte: Ford teams qualifying quotes

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Qualified 19th) "I think the qualifying draw didn't play in our favor today. We got out there a little quick, but you never know when some speed shows up. We ended up in the top five in...

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Qualified 19th)

"I think the qualifying draw didn't play in our favor today. We got out there a little quick, but you never know when some speed shows up. We ended up in the top five in practice, so I know we have a good truck and we'll put it in the show no matter where it starts and we'll bring it to the front because we have a nice piece."

THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND TRUCK SERIES RACE HERE, BUT DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE A GOOD HANDLE ON THE TRACK? "I think so. Gene Nead, our crew chief, won here last year with Musgrave and the Circle Bar Ford finished third. With him, the crew that we have and myself with the desire to win, I think we'll be fine."

WITH THE RACE BEING HELD AT NIGHT, HOW MUCH INFORMATION CAN YOU USE FROM THIS AFTERNOON'S PRACTICE SESSION? "That's the reason this afternoon that we went out a couple of times to shake the truck down and then we went to qualifying mode really quick because we knew we were going to qualify in the heat, and then tonight we'll work back on the race package again."

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Qualified 35th)

"The trouble for us started early today and whenever you have a problem it's hard to overcome that and recover, but we will. We prepared a great back-up truck to go out and qualify, but unfortunately I think the battery was going dead and the motor was laying down the entire time we were out there. It's a little disappointing because the truck drove extremely well. I thought we were going to have a decent lap. I was coming around and you could tell the motor wasn't pulling like it should and we came in and checked and the battery was down. We had so much to do, I guess that was overlooked."

YOU WENT TO YOUR BACK-UP TRUCK AFTER AN INCIDENT IN PRACTICE. WHAT HAPPENED? "We were chasing the setup back and forth; we kept losing the balance. Wow freed it up a ton. We just dropped off some rear springs and freed it up a bunch, but it just went into the corner with no warning at all, and we called it a combination of all of the planets lining up, I got off the throttle a little bit and hit the bump in three and the weight transferred up in the front tires and the back end came around, and we just went for a ride. Had it happened in the race I think we would have been fine because the top track would have been clear. There was a lot of dust up there because everyone is running the bottom groove in qualifying mode right now. I had it saved and got up there in the dust and it just kept going into the SAFER barrier."

ARE THREE AND FOUR GOING TO BE THE TROUBLE SPOTS IN THE RACE TOMORROW? "It will be. I think it is every time we come here. It's definitely a lot more difficult in three and four than one and two. I'm not sure where we're starting but we started 34th last week and we finished third, so I'm not too concerned where we're starting."

BRANDON WHITT-38-Cure Autism Now/McMillin Homes Ford F-150 (Qualified 17th)

"We picked up from practice quite a bit. I know that the track got faster, but we adjusted the truck so it handled a lot better than it did in practice. We made a move forward and we'll adjust on it in Happy Hour and see how we can do. It's my first time being here, so I'm getting used the track and the different bumps out there, which was kinda hard at first, but we're getting the truck pretty close and we'll see how it goes. The two ends of the track seem to be different. We seem to struggle more in three and four than we do in one and two. We're quite a bit tighter than we are in three and four, but we're getting a closer handle on it now. It's looking like three and four is where the action will be tomorrow night."

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Qualified 2nd)

YOU WERE SECOND FASTEST IN PRACTICE THIS AFTERNOON, BUT YOU HAD AN EARLY QUALIFYING DRAW. WAS YOUR QUALIFYING DRAW THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE FOR YOU TODAY? "It's probably going to hurt us a little bit, but not so much as it's just a tricky race track. I feel that lap was best that I could drive it. I don't feel like I left anything on the table. I just felt that we could have freed the truck up more and a lot of that decision rests on my shoulders, so I'm a little frustrated because I feel like we could have been another two tenths faster. Man, this is a tricky place. We were super-free in one and two and it won't turn in three and four. I turned right all the way through one and two and I can't get to the throttle in three and four, so that's tough to set up for."

ARE THE BUMPS IN THREE AND FOUR DISRUPTING THE HANDLING OF THE TRUCK? "There are bumps down there, but I don't think it disrupted the truck; it's something about the grip level down there. If I knew then I'd be a in a different situation. Hopefully it doesn't sprinkle here tonight and we get qualifying in and get a full practice in tonight."

TODD BODINE-67-Fiddle Back Racing Ford F-150 (Qualified 16th)

"We struggled just a little bit in practice. Gary (Showalter) made a couple of changes for qualifying and it worked; it was really good. It would have been a little faster, but the truck just got a little loose off of four and I had to pedal a little bit. All in all, everybody is happy and we're ready to go racing."

ARE THE TRUCKS MORE COMFORTABLE ON THIS TRACK COMPARED TO THE CUP AND BUSCH CARS? "They are. The trucks have so much drag that in one and two we're running wide open and three and four we're just lifting to go over the bump. They drive good and they have good downforce. It may be a different t story in the race, but we'll just have to wait and learn."

ARE HERE YOU IN A DEVELOPMENTAL ROLE THIS WEEKEND? "I am. We went to Milwaukee and tested with the kids (Kevin Love and David Regan). We went to Chicago and tested basically for me, but we had a truck for the kids to run and get used to the thing. Kevin is going to run Dover and he's already said he wants to get a lesson. I'm going to teach him everything I know. It's definitely part of my job to help the kids."

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