Charlotte: Ford teams post race quotes

MARK MARTIN -- No. 21 Bubba Burgers Ford F-150 (Finished 4th) We've got the stuff to get it done, but we just aren't quite there. We had a pretty fast truck. I got it in the wall early and pushed the fender in a little bit, so we had to take...

MARK MARTIN -- No. 21 Bubba Burgers Ford F-150 (Finished 4th)

We've got the stuff to get it done, but we just aren't quite there. We had a pretty fast truck. I got it in the wall early and pushed the fender in a little bit, so we had to take the time to get it back out. We came from the back of the pack and not many folks have done that, but we kind of stalled out when we got there to fourth. We just needed another adjustment."

YOU MUST FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE POTENTIAL OF THIS GROUP. "The stuff is here to get it done with, I just haven't closed the deal yet. We're close. We'll keep working on it and we'll get us one."


T.J. BELL -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 (Finished 9th)

"Those guys (his team) deserve it more than I do. We fought all night. It was a long night. We went from tight to loose to tight, but these guys never gave up. We finally finished one where we needed to."

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO FINISH TOP 10 HERE AT CHARLOTTE? "Any top 10 anywhere is great, but to do it here at Charlotte, our home track and just about everybody's home track, is unbelievable. It's a big boost for me and it's a big boost for the team. Everything is coming together and I wish it was next week already."

WHAT WAS THE KEY TO YOUR NIGHT? "The whole Roush Fenway organization. They've really worked on these F-150s in the wind tunnel and really got us better at these mile-and-a-halves. Aerodynamics and the engine department -- everybody came together as one instead of just pieces like we had before."


TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 6 K&N Engineering Ford F-150 (Finished 13th)

"We'd like to know what really happened. We had a great truck all weekend and all test. I don't know. We knew we had one set of tires that we had to put on in the race that were really old left side tires and we knew the truck probably wouldn't perform as well on those tires. When we put them on under that first stop the truck really backed up and we had a hard time keeping up with it. We thought once we got back in and put another set of tires on we'd be just fine and the truck would come right back, but after that it just got way too loose. I think the truck just got too free for us as it cooled off and it just started turning a lot better than it had all test or all weekend and we just didn't keep up with it. It's disappointing. Kansas was the same way. We had a great truck and here we had a great truck and we weren't able to capitalize and get the result, so we've just got to do a better job. We'll get there. It's good to know we have good equipment, we've just got to bring it home."


JOEY CLANTON -- No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 (Finished 31st)

"I just moved up on him. I didn't know he was there. By the time my spotter said, 'Outside,' I was already moving to the outside. I was just trying to get momentum back. The lapped cars, everytime they'd go to restart they wouldn't stay on the bottom or stay on the top, they were all over the race track and they would run you all the way to the top. They just about ran me into the wall and we got a run back, but Darnell had a better run there. He rolled to the outside of me and I just didn't know he was out there. I hate it for Zaxby's and I hate it for Erik and those guys too, but it's part of racing."


Erik Darnell -- No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 (Finished 30th)

"It was just kind of frustrating for the Northern Tool + Equipment Ford. It was really good early on and we got behind on a pit stop penalty and had to go to the back; we were just kind of fighting from there. The 09 truck, I got on the outside of him a couple of times and the third [he] just drove me right up into the wall; it's pretty unfortunate for this whole team. We had a lot of momentum coming here after Kansas. We went back out just trying to ride around and we broke something in the right front, blew a tire and ended up in the wall."


Mike Bliss -- No. 16 Xpress Motorsports Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

"It went well. I guess it was a little tight and a little soft but we were real good in the long runs, I thought. All in all it was fun. Fuge needs something and this was good for them. We all had a good time - it was fun."


Rick Crawford -- No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 (Finished 10th)

"It started out extremely fast for the Ford F-150 and it ran good all night. We finally got a handle on it with about 50 laps to go in the Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International. We came back in the top 10, that's the way to win a championship and that's what we're doing and what we're in it for. We just have to build on tonight and get this truck back ready for Texas and a couple of short tracks in between so we'll be ready to go. I feel real good about it; glad we had a top 10 finish for Ford Motor Company and especially in the F-150."

WHAT HAPPENED EARLY IN THE RACE? "It took off like a rocket! I mean, we went from 10th to third on the first lap and I'm like 'we've got a rocketship under us' we were passing people as if they were sitting still, then all of a sudden it turned loose and it stayed loose for the first 30 laps and we had to make chassis adjustments on it. We got it to respond the second time and we came back in the top 10. the second time. We had about a fifth or sixth place truck but we had a top 10 tonight and we just got to build on that."

-credit: ford racing

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