Charlotte: Cook post race interview

TERRY COOK -10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Finished 2nd) DID YOU THINK YOU HAD A SHOT AT BUSCH ON THE FINAL RESTART? "Yeah, we did. We were racing Ted hard there just trying to hold on to second and we were about five truck...

TERRY COOK -10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Finished 2nd)


"Yeah, we did. We were racing Ted hard there just trying to hold on to second and we were about five truck lengths back off of Kyle, and we probably weren't going to anything with him if we didn't have a green-white-checkered shootout or at least another restart. Anything can happen on the restart, so when the caution flew and we were still ahead of Ted for second, I was kind of glad to see that."

"We talked about it a few weeks and we were struggling to run in the top 10. The Power Stroke Diesel by International race team expects, obviously, higher things than that. We wanted to get back to running in the top 10 and we figured once we did we could start running top fives and so on, and here we come into Charlotte and 30 laps into the race we're leading the thing and got a shot at the win. Obviously our expectations are accelerated or on the fast track right now."

"It always helps. The biggest track that I've won on is Gateway and I think that's just over a mile. We've always run good at Daytona and we always seem to come up sort there or bridesmaids, but to run this good on a mile-and-a-half track bodes well for the entire team. Not only was this a new truck, the Roush-Yates engine shop really gave me a bullet tonight. When we were at Fontana, the second race of the season, they promised me by Charlotte that we would have some smoke under the hood, and my goodness we had it tonight; that thing was running."

"It was real close. One thing I know about Ted, and there's a lot of drivers that you know you can race side by side real close with, and Ted is one of those guys. He's going to race you clean and I would do the same for him and respect that. Our truck, when we were running down Skinner there for the lead got real tight there right through the center, so we were struggling. As people would get behind me, instead of making me looser they would actually make me tighter and slide me up the track, and that's what Ted was able to do. He was able to slide me up the track in one and two, but fortunately with the new ground surface here, there's so much grip from the middle of the track up that the fast top lane was working for us and we could just keep the momentum up and he couldn't quite finish the pass off and slide up in front of us. We were able to slingshot him off the corner lap after lap. We had a great side-by-side battle going there, but that was letting the 15 truck get away from us, so again, I was happy to see that green-white-checkered come out."

"From what I've experienced from last year to this year, the biggest difference is there is more grip higher in one and two. You're able to run up the track a lot further. All you have to do is look at the track and see where they ground it, and wherever they ground it there's grip. What they did to the track, I think they hurt it in three and four. I don't want to say they hurt it, but three and four used to have three grooves down there, and right now there is at least two to two and a half. You used to be able to ride against the fence in three and four and they didn't grind up that high, so the groove below riding against the fence has a lot of grip. I got up there once trying to get around a couple of guys running three wide and just about put it in the fence. The very top rim-riding line through three and four is basically gone, but there is so much grip a groove down from there. The biggest thing that I saw, the biggest difference is that there's a lot more grip up higher in one and two. Where we saw close side-by-side action in one and two, you might see almost three-side action and I think we put ourselves in that position a couple of times."

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