Bristol: Winning team interview

Martin Wins from the Pole at Bristol MARK MARTIN -6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 1st) "It all started off being a great day as soon as I got here and started working with Mike Beam and the Scotts team. They really had that F-150 working...

Martin Wins from the Pole at Bristol

MARK MARTIN -6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 1st)

"It all started off being a great day as soon as I got here and started working with Mike Beam and the Scotts team. They really had that F-150 working today. We made a few adjustments on it during practice and I told them, 'Man, we're ready.' We quit practice early and the truck was spectacular. I knew it was today and it was tonight. Mike Beam made a great call and we had the truck that we needed to save tires and save gas till it came time to lower the hammer."


"Well, the truck enabled me to do that. I've been here a lot of times when we had to run as hard as you could and it still wasn't enough. When we pitted so early, there wasn't any need in getting in a big hurry to come through the pack because everyone in front of us had to pit yet. So, that's what I meant when we saved our tires. All we had to do was keep Johnny behind us because he was the first truck behind us on the same strategy. We were in a line kinda doing the same strategy and letting it play out, and then after everyone else that hadn't pitted made their pit stop, then it was time for us to try to sort it out. We just had one of those magical setups under that thing today. It was spectacular the whole time and it's just a lot of fun to race with Mike and all of those guys. They get so excited when we run good and that makes it so much fun. I want to thank Jack Roush for making that available to me. Such a great team, and I thought we had an incredible crowd here tonight, a big crowd and they were supportive of it. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more sparks yet this weekend. We're not done making sparks out there yet."


"Well, that means I've done a lot of racing. You know, this race track used to be a race track that I used to love. It hasn't been that kind to me in the last five years and I hope that we didn't use our good luck up tonight. I hope we can come here Saturday night and have a great run as well. It's Jack Roush's fault I've won all three series here. I'd just like to say that; that's his fault. He's put me in fast race cars in every division and it has come at Jack Roush's hands. We've been doing this together for 19 years and it still feels good to be doing it together."

JACK ROUSH , Owner-6-Scotts Ford F-150

"It's a pleasure one more time to come to Bristol Motor Speedway with Mark Martin, and, ion coursed, Mike Beam and all of the engineers and all of the guys that did such a great job on pit road. They only had that one stop, but they did a nice job for him. He had a great truck tonight. Mike made it clear to us, in fact, he told me that if we tore this truck up tonight it wouldn't be a terrible loss because it's one of our oldest trucks. The F-150 did a great job. Max Jones and all of the guys have continued to update the thing to things we've learned on the newer trucks. What a pleasure to be racing with Mark Martin still. Right after the checkered flag there, somebody put a microphone in my face and asked me what I thought, and I said, 'The thing that occurred to me was that I knew how big the grin was going to be on Mark's face when I go to him.' He's at the top of his game right now. He's never been healthier, he's never had more fun, and he's never been more able to do what he's doing. He told me when we talked about retirement from the Cup Series, he told me that he just felt like he needed to get his breath in order to get his life in order and get some things done he needed to personally. He's still got the enthusiasm to do this, and, boy, to watch him to do it tonight was a great pleasure. Mike Beam made a great call coming in on lap 30 there. I wouldn't have had the stamina or intestinal fortitude to be able to make that call. It was a great call and he got as many cautions as he needed. I'll be curious to know how much gas was left. Mark said he was saving him gas all night. They talked about it all night. I was hoping on that restart that the thing wouldn't get a gulp of air because if he would have, Todd Bodine was right on top of him, and even if it picked up fuel later it would have been too late. Mike Beam was perfect and Mark was the man of the hour, and I'm just glad to be riding with this Scotts team on this Ford equipment."

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