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Brendan Gaughan, No. 77 South Point Hotel Silverado, Started 2nd, Finished 2nd: "I tell you what, this is one hell of a Bristol. Bruton Smith should be dang proud of this place. If we had had some tires that would give us a little bit better...

Brendan Gaughan, No. 77 South Point Hotel Silverado, Started 2nd, Finished 2nd:

"I tell you what, this is one hell of a Bristol. Bruton Smith should be dang proud of this place. If we had had some tires that would give us a little bit better grip, you would see even more two-by-two racing. On the first start, I called my crew chief when the first caution came out and said 'Can you believe that? I have never seen anyone do side-by-side for the lead on the first lap at Bristol - that was pretty awesome. This place is magnificent. I ran all the way up to the wall. I saw Kyle Busch do it and thought maybe it was going to work and ran my way up to the wall. It worked, I couldn't believe it. Gave him a bonsai for the win in the end. My boys just built me one hellava Chevrolet and I love them to death. That is why I keep beating on this testing policy, because, man, every time this team gets to test, we end up doing fantastic and that is the diffe rence. We got to test our Chevrolet and we came back and did fantastic. It has definitely been a hectic week with the final planning then the wedding and then trying to get ready to come to the race track at the same time. But it has been a great week."

On the new Bristol track: "This new Bristol track probably isn't as bad as it used to be. Before you always had to bump and run at Bristol. You can still do that definitely if you want, but there is a lot of grooves out there. You saw me go to the outside of Johnny Benson on the restart, I went all the way to the wall hanging it out there and sticking. I don't think you have to bump and run anymore. It is still going to be used, because that is good old-fashioned Bristol. I think it is going to be a lot better racing back in the pack than it used to be. It is going to be a lot easier to pass."


Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Started 14th, Finished 6th

"We struggled tonight in our Camping World Chevrolet. We started out loose and Rick Ren (crew chief) and the guys did all they could with the adjustments but we couldn't get away from being loose. We were able to keep up in the top-10 and close to a top-five so we did ok in the points. I just want to thank Kevin and DeLana (Harvick), Camping World and everyone that works so hard to on our Silverado. We will just go on to Gateway."


Regan Smith, No. 47 Ginn Resorts Silverado, Started 3rd, Finished 14th

"We caved the nose in on one of those restarts. We pitted and took four tires under caution with everybody else, which I definitely think was the right call. We went back up to eighth or ninth after the pit stop there and I was pretty happy with the truck. We got jammed up on one of the restarts, just one of those chain reaction things and put a cut in the front of the nose. We got really tight after that and just couldn't get the truck back to where it was really good, so from that point on, fighting traffic and everything, it just wasn't our night.

"I am really proud of Eric Phillips (crew chief) and all the guys at Morgan Dollar. They brought me and keep bringing me really good trucks. We are going to get some top-fives and hopefully better than that before it is all said and done.

On the racing with the changes to the track: "I have kind of mixed opinions of it. You can pass. I think if our truck had been damaged for half the night, I would like it a lot better. You definitely can pass and race side-by-side competitively. It is a little tougher on the bottom to pass; you can't get a run up off if somebody is along side of you. If somebody is up on the high side and is halfway decent, you can't get a run on them without wrecking them. I think we saw plenty of that tonight. It is good, it is still Bristol - same rack 'em up, smash 'em up, everybody pissed off Bristol."


Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards/Turtle Wax Ice Silverado, Started 20th, Finished 12th

Your second straight twelfth-place finish. Your truck looked pretty loose out there tonight. "Yeah. I fought really, really loose the first three-quarters of the race. It kept slowly coming to me but I just fought a super-loose truck most of the night. Yesterday in the test our Menards Silverado was pretty good, but we lost the handle on it in practice today and never could get it back. But overall to start twentieth here and finish twelfth I guess we can't be too upset. Then at the end I ran over some debris and I felt a left front going down near the end of the race and the truck ran real tight."

You have run several Craftsman Truck races here in the past. How do you compare the old surface to the new one? "The surface is awesome, but Goodyear ought to be embarrassed about the tire. They are so hard that I ran two hundred laps on them and you could probably run three hundred laps on them. That's way too hard. I think you need a tire that will go and then fall off and put some strategy back in the race instead of running the whole night on them. So, I for one am not so high on the tire that they brought here tonight."

Willie Allen, No. 13 Pork Board/ThorSport Racing Silverado, Started 22nd, Finished 19th

You made up some points in the rookie battle tonight. What did you think of your first race at Bristol? "Oh, I loved it. It's probably my favorite track so far to race on. This place is really cool. I never thought it would have two or three grooves in it but man I was driving that Thorsport Silverado all over the place tonight, even right up against the wall sometimes when I had new tires. A nineteenth-place finish isn't as good as we wanted to get tonight but given all that happened - I will take it. We had radio problems, stopped on the front straightaway and the motor died, and then we lost a lap and went back to nineteenth but all in all we had a good night.

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