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CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 11th) YOU LOST A NUMBER OF POSITIONS AT THE END OF THE RACE. DID THE HANDLING GO AWAY FROM YOU AT THE END? "We put that set of tires on and it went bad lose. It's just a little frustrating. ...

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 11th)

YOU LOST A NUMBER OF POSITIONS AT THE END OF THE RACE. DID THE HANDLING GO AWAY FROM YOU AT THE END? "We put that set of tires on and it went bad lose. It's just a little frustrating. Man, I could taste victory there for a while. That's all right because we didn't crash the truck. It was my first time at Bristol and we finished 11th, but it was so loose that I am wore out. The was a loose race car."

YOU SPENT A NUMBER OF LAPS STALKING HARVICK FOR THE LEAD. "That was a good feeling. To be honest with you, I didn't expect to be in that position, so I was a little surprised. I learned some stuff following those guys. It was neat when him and Travis went by the last lap. I think I had the best seat in the house. That was a wild Finnish. I'm just proud to be here and have Superchips on the truck. This is my first big sponsor, so this is cool and we're going to go the rest of the year and try to pick up some wins."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Finished 3rd)

"It was a great run tonight. Ray Stonkus had a good setup under the truck when we first got here. The driver had to get in the mode of learning how to drive Bristol again because we haven't been here in a couple of years. I kept wanting to drive too hard. It's tough to drive slower and be faster, but you can do that here and we learned a lot and picked up another position on that last lap. To be a veteran driver you look out for things like that. It's our kind of racing. You've just got to look out for it and we missed it tonight. We got a headlight knocked out, but we came home in one piece."

DID YOU SEE HARVICK HIT THE WALL? "I missed seeing the Harvick incident. I knew when it was two to go and then I saw Harvick's deal on the front straightaway and the caution was waving and I knew that the 16 had already gone under the caution. Brendan was waving his hand and backing off, but whatever you do you race back to the caution because you're too close. I raced him back and beat him to the line and then all of a sudden I saw the caution and the checkered waving. That's how you get those positions there at the end. I was trying not to make a cheap shot, but I think once he thought about it he realized he made a mistake. It was a great night for us, though. That's what we came here to do. I wish we could have won, but we probably would have needed 250 laps. It's a good truck. The is the truck that ran third a couple of weeks go in Nashville and it ran real good at Dover. It's our concrete truck and it looks like we still have it around."

YOU SAID THE TRUCK GOT LOOSE AT THEN END OF THE RACE. HOW BAD WAS IT? ""When I got to pressuring somebody and really getting behind them trying to make a move of the corner and started dipping the left-side tires off of the black. The old truck really wanted to stay in the concrete and it buzzed the tires a couple of times and it started getting loose. I told Ray just a few minutes ago after the race was over when I let them cool off a little and let a couple of car lengths get between us, I'd make another run on them. When I could come back on them, then we could make our move. It was probably my fault for pinching it off coming off of the corner but I was ready to make my move then and not waste any time. You can't waste any time at Bristol. She went on for us and it was another great run for us tonight; a great points night."

JON WOOD-50-Bob Graham for President Ford F-150 (Finished 8th)

"We came out of here in one piece tonight, so I guess we'll have to be happy with the result. Being our first time was definitely a disadvantage. There again us not getting any practice time today was certainly a big disadvantage. We knew going into this that we just had to finish because this was going to be our weak point and we made. It was a good big-picture day for us."

DID YOU FOLLOW ANY OF THE VETERANS ON THE TRACK TO TRY TO LEARN THE DRIVING LINE AROUND HERE? "I tried when I could, but what works for one person just won't work for another. This gets us some momentum going into the next night race in Richmond."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel/Oil Mate Ford F-150 (Finished 27th)

WHAT HAPPENED? "All three of the three cases put us out of the race. At the start of the race, Matt Crafton was underneath me by just a foot or so, and I didn't have my radio working right so I was kinda relying on myself as spotter. I turned got around there and raced our way back up through the pack. We did a good job on the restart, the spotter called the green and we got by a bunch of trucks. I tried to pass Paul Menard on the outside coming off of turn 4 there. I don't even think we came together. He just got me up a little bit out of the groove, and there was no rubber laid down up there yet. It was almost like an aero push, like you're at Daytona off of turn 2. I just got up into the wall and sucked you in in turn 4."


THIS WAS YOU BEST TRUCK SERIES FINISH HERE, ALTHOUGH YOU WON HERE IN THE ALL PRO SERIES IN 1996. "We were hoping we could repeat. I think we had a really nice truck. Ray Stonkus and all of the Circle Bar guys did a super job preparing the truck tonight. I have to mention a friend of mine from Mobile, Alabama. He's launching a CD. He's a funny guy, a nationally known comedian, the Killer Bees were on the truck tonight. Getting back to the race, we had a great truck tonight. I think I pressed a little too hard when I got behind people without giving them the bumper. As you look at my truck I think it's pretty much in one piece. I got my tires loose and that caution came out and after lap 100 that made us overrun our distance that we planned to stop. We pitted in our window and the guys did good, I came back out in fourth and we had a good run and finished third."


"I'll tell you what, at around the 100-lap mark I was getting nervous because I really thought that we could win this thing. It just got real loose at the end of that run and we thought it was the tires so we didn't make any changes in the pits, and we bolted on a new set of tires and it was terribly loose so we just went backwards. Hopefully we got some TV time running near the front for our new sponsor Superchips. That's pretty exciting. We're really excited to have the on board and we'll just on to Richmond."

WAS IT BETTER OR WORSE THAN YOU EXPECTED RACING HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME? "It was quite a bit worse. We were hoping to do a little bit better. Jack Roush told me I only had a 25 percent chance of finishing the race, and we did finish, so hopefully he'll pat me on the back. Otherwise, we'll just take this and go on. We were hoping to get three in a row, but we couldn't do it."

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