Atlanta: Race winner's press conference

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Square D Dodge Ram) -- Atlanta Winner "Mike (Skinner) and I call each other rednecks all the time. He's a great competitor. He'll bring a lot of finishes like that to the table, him and Jack Sprague. I was a little bit ...

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Square D Dodge Ram) -- Atlanta Winner

"Mike (Skinner) and I call each other rednecks all the time. He's a great competitor. He'll bring a lot of finishes like that to the table, him and Jack Sprague. I was a little bit worried about a green-white-checkered finish because I've only done one of them my whole life until today. That was the second one, but it was a pretty cool deal."


"I told Ed (Clark) that I hope he'll have us back. I don't know what it was like outside the driver's seat, but it was exciting on the inside. It took awhile for the fans to leave, so I figured it must have been good for them, too. Hopefully the Cup guys can do the same thing for them tomorrow. These people spend a lot of money to come and watch this stuff. I've always loved this racetrack. It's a good market area for the corporate people."


"I tell my other driver, Chad Chaffin, he wants to focus on one or two guys. I tell him if he'll just look at everything out here as a different color, no makes, no drivers or anything, you'll usually fare a whole lot better. The Toyota hype is big and great for our sport, but I said from the beginning, but as far as I'm concerned Dodge had already put the ante up there where it needed to be. We just hadn't been able to pull off the championship. We won a ton of races and a ton of poles. I felt like when Toyota came in, they're spending money and they're going to be the stuff to beat, that's pretty obvious. Still, I feel like Dodge has got a great program. What happened between the changeover, Chevy and Ford had to up the ante quite a bit and get more teams and put out more money. We might not have won the race today, but we had the best truck. They've got to go back and do some more work. I didn't really pay any attention to it. I have a ton of respect for Mike Skinner and his ability. I have a ton of respect for Travis Kvapil and his ability. The 17 truck, I have a ton of respect for the race team. He gets a little nutty out there sometimes. He'll get better as he goes, but I do watch out for him a little bit. I picked them two Toyotas out and I knew if it came down to the green-white-checkered it was going to come down to me and Mike."


"He does a good job. You've got to give the kid a little break. He drives for Darrell Waltrip, and Darrell Waltrip is my hero. I can't imagine what it'd be like to drive for him. I'm sure he's easy to get along with, but you can tell Davis is on the edge sometimes. He's got a great crew chief behind him, but I'm not comfortable around him yet. It's just his second race. I got in a wreck because of him in Daytona. I almost killed Brett Bodine when I was a rookie at Daytona, so I don't harp on it. The truck series is so competitive now. I'd say 12 teams could win every week."


"I don't know how to answer that. All I know is it didn't hurt anything. I knew what it was going to do at the start, and I was the first one up against the fence. That made it possible for me to get up there and lead the race. That was from experience, but halfway through the race I saw the track turning black, and I knew I wasn't doing all that. They were catching on pretty quick. I think experienced just helps the first half of the race."


"We actually got let down a little bit last year. We thought we'd have a lot better year. It's got so competitive, even if you have a good sponsor and manufacturer, when you throw a bunch of people together it has to gel. The biggest thing we saw last year was our people gelling. We trimmed the fat and got rid of the stuff we thought was holding us back. I look for big things this year. It never surprised me last year. We were picked to win the championshiphead over heels over everybody. We led until Milwaukee, had a parts failure and we struggled because we were grasping at straws."


"I'm like Bobby Jr. He says when he pits the caution is going to come out. That's just the way it is. I think it's attached to our name or something. Any time you want a caution just let me need gas. We were so good when that happened, I knew Skinner was going to be the leader and I'd be on the tail end of the lead lap. I knew I could pass him back because I was so much better on older tires. I knew going in. It's just a little easier when you can plan the race out, but it's not like that every time. It's just fortunate we had a good truck."


"He turned me left. When he turned left, I decided to stay with him. I'd rather go through the grass with him and take a chance on crossing the line first. I haven't seen the film, but I was on the outside and I'm sure he came up and we hit. I didn't want to pull off of him. I feel like I would have beat him across the line if he hadn't turned because it was so close, but I guess with him turning he had to correct. That's what I felt like happened. If he thought it was something intentional he would have come and talked to me. He's a pretty serious competitor."


"Yes, it was, but I get tired of hearing the hype. It's cool. I'm glad they're here. As an owner, it sells stuff. They're the big story, so it was cool to stop the story. I know they're coming. That's their second race and look at them. I would expect them not to be (happy about losing) because I wouldn't have been, either. The bottom line is, they had a potential winning truck today. They were involved in one of the best finishes in NASCAR racing so they need to take that, go get some good PR on it and go try to win Martinsville, which I don't think they can do that, either."

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