Atlanta II: Toyota teams race quotes, notes

Johnny Benson (third), Mike Skinner (fifth), Ted Musgrave (ninth) and Terry Cook (10th) all recorded top-10 finishes in Tundras at Atlanta. Other Tundra drivers in the field included Jacques Villeneuve (14th), Justin Marks (22nd), Todd Bodine ...

Johnny Benson (third), Mike Skinner (fifth), Ted Musgrave (ninth) and Terry Cook (10th) all recorded top-10 finishes in Tundras at Atlanta. Other Tundra drivers in the field included Jacques Villeneuve (14th), Justin Marks (22nd), Todd Bodine (24th), Jack Sprague (25th) and Josh Wise (35th). Skinner is unofficially listed as second in the NCTS point standings following today's race at Atlanta -- now four points behind Ron Hornaday.

Toyota clinched the 2007 NCTS Manufacturer's Championship last weekend at Martinsville Speedway. Tundra drivers have earned 11 wins, 15 poles, 53 top-five and 85 top-10 finishes in 32 of 35 races this season. This year, Skinner (Atlanta, Martinsville, Kansas, Charlotte, Mansfield, Dover, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Gateway), Bodine (Texas and Talladega), Brad Keselowski (Memphis), Ryan Mathews (Kentucky) and Sprague (Martinsville-2 and Daytona) have put Tundras on the pole.


MIKE SKINNER, No. 5 Toyota Tundra, Bill Davis Racing Finished: 5th

Did you ever get your truck the way you wanted it during the race? "We never really did get the truck fixed. The truck was really good yesterday, but I don't know what happened today. It was just a different day and a different race track, I guess. We struggled all day. We had some good pit strategy, though. We used up our right side tires early and used some used tires in the middle of the race so we had new tires for the end of the race. That's how we got back up to fifth."

What are your thoughts on the championship heading into the final few races? "We just keep trading this thing back and forth each week. They're just doesn't seem to be faltering any. They have some good luck on their side and they're doing a good job. My guys are doing a good job, but we just had a pretty bad truck today. We went from by far the best yesterday to a 10th-place truck today. We had a set of stickers late in the race that got us a decent finish."

What are your concerns heading into the season's homestretch? "I think my biggest disappointment is our lack of ability to fix a truck on pit road. I don't know if I'm telling them wrong or we're doing wrong, but we can't fix it. It is our biggest weakness, and it has been for two years. Hopefully, we can get better at that. We're going to have to get better at that to win a championship. We just haven't done well adjusting it when it's loose or tight. Once we figure that out, we're going to be tough."


TED MUSGRAVE, No. 9 Team ASE Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing Finished: 9th

How was your race today? "It was just an up and down day, but we got a top-10 finish. The truck was just out of balance on the aero part of it and I think we just had too much from down force. It made the thing so loose to start with and all we could do was try to tighten it up during the race, but it's too late by then. The guys did a good job -- our strategy was good and our pit stops were good. We had a good strategy on tires because we had another set of tires in the pits when nobody else had any. We were kind of playing cat and mouse -- let the guys with new tires get away and hang in the back and then we were waiting for the last stop. On that last caution it kind of messed up our strategy, but we were prepared with a new set of tires there at the end. We'll just head to Texas and see if we can get them down there."

What happened between you and Jack Sprague? "Jack's (Sprague) frustrated -- he's had a frustrating year and a frustrating week. He was a lap down -- I'm in the lead lap and I'm coming off the high side of turn two and he's coming off the bottom -- he slid up in front of me and I had momentum on the top line. I guess he wanted me to slam on the breaks, but I forgot where the brake pedal was."


TERRY COOK, No. 59 HT Motorsports Toyota Tundra, HT Motorsports Finished: 10th

How was your race and what happened to tear up the front of your truck? "We've been competitive since we unloaded off the trailer -- we haven't been quite as close to the front as we would have liked to, but the last six or eight races we have been racing really well and just haven't been able to get the results. Today we at least got a top-10 out of it. I thought we might have had a shot at a top-five finish, but the No. 30 truck (Todd Bodine) came up into me on the backstretch on the last restart and pushed me up the track. It cut his right-front tire down and just mangled the front of my truck. I don't know what he was doing -- I guess just racing there at the end of the race. But at least we can leave here with a top-10."


TODD BODINE, No. 30 Lumber Liquidators Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing Finished: 24th

What did you battle with your truck today? "We missed the set-up on the truck today -- we were just too loose. We kept adjusting on it and kept getting it better and better. There at the end the No. 59 (Terry Cook) got into me and cut the right-rear tire down. It's just racing.


JOSH WISE, No. 00 Aaron's Lucky Dog Toyota Tundra, Darrell Waltrip Motorsports Finished: 35th

What happened that took you out of the race? "I just put myself in a bad position -- the hole closed in on me, but I probably shouldn't have been there to start with. I just hate it for everyone on this team and everyone who has given me an opportunity this season. I really wanted to end my season better than this -- I'm pretty disappointed."

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