Atlanta II: Race winner interview

Kyle Busch, No. 51 Red Top Auto Auction Silverado, Started 3rd, Finished 1st: ON HOW ARE IT WAS TO DRIVE HOLDING WINDOW NET UP WITH ONE HAND: "I was about done. I was on about my last couple of laps of being able to hold it up, really. It was...

Kyle Busch, No. 51 Red Top Auto Auction Silverado, Started 3rd, Finished 1st:


"I was about done. I was on about my last couple of laps of being able to hold it up, really. It was pretty difficult to do. Of course it busted loose and I tried pinning it back up and when I tried that, I lost the back of it so the whole thing was out. I was sitting there trying to hold the whole thing up with my left hand. I was trying to hold it up so nobody could really tell, but I wasn't doing a very good job of that cause it flew out a couple of times. I was trying to keep it in the right position to where the wind wouldn't take it and blow it out from where the window was; I kept trying to keep it inside the pane of the windshield there. I was falling back a little bit. I was just too worried about wrecking the truck and too worried about the window net at the same time, so I had a little bit of a challenge there, but my arm was starting to get sore and I couldn't move my hand after I was done with, as soon as that caution came out, I said Thank Gosh and I just dropped the window net, I didn't care. We were able to then come down pit road and get it back up. I wish I had able to get it clipped, cause if I could have done that, we would have probably been ok. Luckily the caution came out and we were able to save our race.

"I don't know why it came lose but we are going to work on our system there a little bit. There are these little balls that are in the piece that squeeze together the lever that goes through there and they are just getting a little worn out. The truck is four or five years old so it has seen its better days but we will get it fixed and get it back out there."


"He and I haven't chatted, no, but we have been helping out each other with setup tips and what each other is running. He had a better truck than we did at Loudon so we took some of his notes and used those. Here he took some of ours and used those. The two trucks is definitely helping our program out a little bit and speeding up the learning curve, getting us closer to the rest of the competitors. We are still pretty close to what we ran two years ago so not being able to learn has been a hindrance and maybe why we haven't been able to run up front as much and finish better and get the wins."


"It is great racing and it is fun to be able to go out there and run with these guys. We put on a great race for the fans there before that last caution came out. And it is fun anytime you can do that. There are certain programs that are trying to bring it along and anytime I can race with Billy Ballew, he is a lot of fun. So to be able to go out there and have fun and race for no points, just for fun and for wins, we race to try to win of course every time we come out. We are limited on funds so we are trying to get back going and back to up where we need to be. It is just a good time, nothing anything special. The track time is good, any time you can get out there and see what the trucks do on the long run and see what I might be able to learn for the Cup race, run the top a little bit. And then run the bottom a little bit and see what is going to go on.

"All the guys on this team work so hard, they work for seven in the morning until eleven at night every day, I swear. It is unbelievable the dedication they put in.

"The No. 15 team and the No. 51 team with Doug George and everybody over there on the No. 15, they have done a great job of helping us out. Richie (Wauters, crew chief) and I have taken over the No. 51 deal, kind of a start up thing, it has been good. It is kind of a start up deal. All the trucks are the same. We share trucks, there are different truck numbers, you just never know who is going to get which one. I picked two of them for myself and Billy is ok with that. I have picked No. 11 and No. 24, those are my babies. We don't know which one we are going to run next week, but we will figure it out. I told Richie I would have to think about it."


"Sure, yes. But am I going to come down pit road to fix a window net that I feel like I can hold up and lose track position. Heck, I am not going to come down pit road and try and fix it. If I do that, I lose the race and I am not out there to lose the race. If we would have had to come down pit road under green, we would have just parked it because we would have lost our chance at winning the race, so it was pointless for us to do that. We were just holding on to see if I couldn't get it latched or we couldn't get a caution."


"I always drive a loose truck. I feel like that is the only way I can get my trucks to turn is to just let the rear end do some of the steering. There is so much side force on these things you can let them hang it out there a little bit and they will straighten themselves out. I don't have a problem letting it get out somewhat; it is fun to do that a little bit. It scares the guys behind you out of the throttle so I think it is a good thing."


"I don't have any plans to do this in the near future. I still want to see what NASCAR has going for the truck series and see bigger and better things come out of it and more sponsors jump in and stuff like that. It is just too much of situation now where there just isn't a lot of big name sponsors and it is tough for guys to get sponsors every week and come to the race track, I know it is tough on Billy and the rest of the truck owners, unless you are fully funded by a great sponsor, it is really hard to break even or try to make somewhat of a profit. If I had a sponsor come to me and tell me they had four or five million dollars, I would do it for maybe two or three years. But it is hard to do something for just a year and then not have anything for the following year."


"I just went to the high side and held it wide open to get by them. I was trying to pass Johnny (Benson) there on the bottom and I just couldn't get by him. We kept side drafting each other on the straightaway, slowing each other down. We were actually staying pace with Hornaday so I was kind of proud of that fact, but we just couldn't get clear because we were messing around with each other too much. Finally on that restart, I decided I would go to the top and see what I could get worked out of there. Luckily Johnny gave me some room down the back straightaway, enough along side of him so I could get even with him and I held it wide open three and four and was able to get on the outside of Hornaday, pass him and go on for the win. It was pretty cool. I was how I won the last race I won here was going to the high side and being able to get by the guys. They guys who can hold it to the wood is the man."


"Things are going real good right now, I am kind of proud of that. It has been a lot of hard work. It just seems like things are just falling in the right place, things are in order, I am glad to have that, it has been good. I am not sure exactly what has changed, but things are going the right way. I guess it good to be Kyle Busch and I am kind of proud of it."


"I didn't see him all day, so he much have been doing a pretty good job. I don't know, I didn't spend enough time around it. For not coming up and lapping him at a place like this that is really really fast and there isn't a lot of grip and you are sliding around is good. If he was racing around other guys and he was racing around them, you can go ask their opinion. To me, I didn't hear anything about him. I didn't watch the race yet, but it seemed fine. Congratulations to them for having a clean day today. He was doing a good job at Martinsville too, he just got dumped. Maybe he will have better luck the rest of the year."

-credit: gm racing

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